Dreams Related To Firefly

Glowing bugs and fish floating in the air

Hi there. I am a 47-year old female. I dreamt about glowing bugs in my children's bedroom while we were trying to sleep. They would just appear, normally I am afraid of insects, but welcomed the sight of these glowing bugs, but they looked like fluffs of dandelions on the screen window where there were moths and dragonflies. After they left there were fish floating and coming in the room. Then I was frightened and swatted two of them with my hand, but they kept coming back. I was with my children but they were younger.

Seeing glowing bugs in your children's bedroom in this dream means something about your children is bothering you. You could be overthinking it and making it worse than it really is. Perhaps you have noticed certain changes in their behavior or you heard something troubling about their daily activities, which triggered alarms in your head. Alternatively, if the glowing bugs were actually fireflies, then they symbolize fresh ideas. Your children may spark an idea for a project which could potentially become successful. Similarly, the floating fishes denote insights. Try to clear your mind, perhaps a lucrative idea gleaned from your interactions with your children would start to solidify and take form. This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.