Dreams Related To Fire

Saving someone from a fire

Dreaming of saving someone from a fire coming from a burning building means you are going to use the experience from a tragic event that was once draining a lot of energy out of you and transform it into achieving that long awaited inner balance and peace you've been looking for.

Putting out a fire

Dreams of containing or extinguishing a fire can be a powerful symbol of victory and personal capability. This dream suggests that you possess the skills and resources to effectively manage and resolve any forthcoming challenges or problems that may come your way. It serves as a positive sign, affirming your competence and resilience. It encourages you to face obstacles with confidence, knowing that you have the means to overcome them and achieve success. Embrace this dream as a reminder of your inner strength and adaptability in navigating life's complexities.

Starting a fire

To see yourself or someone else starting a fire in your dreams with the purpose of destroying some piece of property means you may receive unexpected news. It can also mean you are about to receive a visit from a long lost friend who was once very close to you.

Fire in your kitchen

Seeing a fire in your kitchen in your dreams is a sign of being concerned about some urgent matters that require your immediate attention. This means you are going to have to prioritize and let other obligations go in order to take care of those things that require more immediate attention.

Cooking on an open fire

To dream of seeing yourself cooking on an open fire is a good sign. It means you are about to start a successful romance, or you will meet an interesting person who proves to be an enlightening friend.

Saving your belongings during a fire

Dreaming about trying to protect or save your belongings during a fire outbreak indicates you are a highly sensitive person who is easily offended. Because of this sensitive nature, you often tend to focus on remembering all the negative things that have happened in your life.

For you, each trifling comment or conversation you experience has to have some hidden or more serious meaning to it to the point where you tend to obsess and preoccupy yourself with analyzing the remarks, which makes you come across as being paranoid about other people's opinions directed at you.

Someone engulfed in fire flames

Experiencing a vivid dream where someone familiar becomes consumed by fiery flames right before your eyes can carry significant meaning, suggesting an ominous omen that foretells an impending loss of that individual. Such dreams possess a deep symbolic nature and are often associated with the imminent departure of the person in question. Understanding the potential implications of these unsettling visions can provide valuable insights into the intricate world of dreams and their connections to real-life events. If you have recently encountered such a haunting dream, it is essential to acknowledge its significance and explore its potential implications for a more profound understanding of the subconscious mind and its mysterious ways.

Saving animals from a fire

Female, horses and pigs were engulfed in a fire. I only managed to save a few piglets. I heard a man in the background saying it's meant to be and another ask about if the bees were safe.

Fire can convey a message about transformation and renewal. Combined with horses and pigs, this reveals your resolve to leave bad habits behind. Your hedonism and sexual proclivities are likely distracting you from realizing your full potential. You want to turn over a new leaf by ending your irresponsible ways in favor of a more disciplined lifestyle. The bees, meanwhile, suggest professionalism and drive. Once you focus on improving yourself, better work opportunities will present themselves. You would be busy attending to matters which would further your career.

Your house on fire

If you dream your house is on fire and eventually burns up, then it means you will gain more faithful friends. If you have children, this dream can also mean you will experience more obedience and good behavior coming from them.

Fire in the neighborhood

Dreaming about seeing a big fire in the neighborhood that doesn't affect your house in any way is a sign that your skills and talents will be appreciated by others, and this appreciation will result in you achieving greater goals in your professional life.

Fire at the stall with horses

I dreamt that I went to a horse stable to help out. The place had just got 6 new dark foals. And I could see them in a stall together, lying down enjoying the sun. As I clean other stalls, fire just starts up everywhere, on the tree and road. In a panic, I release some of the horses. The fires don't last very long. The last of it, I watched a tree branch catch fire, burn and then extinguish. It was now night time, and I'm at the barn. I see the six foals cuddling each other and sleeping.

The scenery of the horse stable is considered symbolic of prosperity and happiness, both current and potential. You have likely been blessed with many good things in life, as both the stable and horses point toward an abundance of love, energy and contentment in your surroundings. The sudden fire, despite causing you to panic and worry, is actually a sign associated with success and achievement. This, combined with the dark foals sleeping peacefully at the end of the vision, portends domestic bliss and serenity in your household for the foreseeable future. The atmosphere of your household would be most pleasant and agreeable, bringing you much happiness and satisfaction.

Fire with smoke

Dreaming of witnessing fire accompanied by smoke and sparks flying within the smoke serves as a cautionary sign. It indicates that you may soon face imminent danger or potential risks in your life. This dream is a reminder to stay vigilant and be prepared for challenges that may arise. It is important to assess your surroundings and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety and well-being. Use this dream as a signal to be proactive in identifying and addressing any potential threats or obstacles that may come your way. By being alert and taking appropriate action, you can navigate through difficult situations and protect yourself from harm.

Forest on fire

Dreams of witnessing a forest on fire can symbolize potential disruptions to your planned trip or vacation, suggesting that it may not unfold as expected and could end up being a disappointment, leading to a perceived waste of your financial resources. While dreams can offer insights, they are not definitive predictions. It's important to approach such situations with flexibility and adaptability and to make the best of your circumstances, even if they don't align perfectly with your expectations.

Your own place of business on fire

Seeing your own place of business catch on fire in a dream is a good sign. It means that all your current plans or projects you have implemented will be very profitable and produce successful outcomes.

Fire outside of the house

I saw a small fire on the porch, I ran out, and grabbed my son and removed him from danger, but he was stubborn. He is actually an adult now. We ran back inside. Inside my bedroom I would see the fire was getting bigger. I ran to my closet to get pictures and rings so they wouldn't burn. The fire was getting larger, it did not break through to the inside during the dream but was right at the windows ready to. I had time to grab a few things from closet and get out.

A fire outside your house is not necessarily a bad sign, although it may be alarming. In most cases, this symbol is associated with improved relationships with children, in this case your son. The ring and pictures you went to gather also hold special significance based on this first symbol. The rings and their circular shape allude to unfinished business or an issue that has been resolved. Referring back to the first symbol, it seems some past disagreement or event would be forgiven or resolved. The picture, then, suggests all will turnout "picture perfect" in the end. So even if things get a little tense or rocky at first, they are likely to turn out for the best when all is said and done.

A car on fire

I dreamt I was passing through a place and I saw a car burning, then me and my uncle were trying to put the fire out only to find the car was not there anymore and what was left was just a small fire.

The burning car you saw in your vision represents a conflict you are witnessing from the outside. You may have a friend or family member who is fighting with someone in reality. You may be wanting to help but are unsure what to do or say in this situation. Trying to extinguish the fire suggests you would be faced with difficulties if you interfere with something that is not your business. You may earn the ire of both sides by trying to calm them down at the height of their anger. The last symbol, seeing that there was no trace of the car in the small fire predicts that everything would boil over on its own and without your meddling.

Watching a fire burn

Dreaming of watching a fire burn without having the desire to do anything about it is a sign of hopeless dreams. It means you will have plans that prove to be unfruitful and will have problems coping with disappointments or insecurities you experience in your personal life.

Fire starting out of nowhere

Dreaming about having a fire starting out of nowhere in front of you such as having a candle light in front of you without you physically lighting it is a sign of acquiring new things. It can also mean you will have an increase in the family household by becoming pregnant or adopting a child.

Witnessing a house fire

Dreaming of witnessing a house fire, particularly when the house isn't your own, serves as a cautionary signal. This dream is indicative of an elevated risk of potential burglary or break-in at your residence. It's a symbolic message that prompts you to be vigilant and take precautions to safeguard your home and belongings. This imagery underscores the importance of reinforcing security measures and staying alert to potential threats. By heeding this warning from your subconscious, you can better prepare yourself to prevent or address any potential security breaches that might impact your living environment.

Aftermath of a fire

Seeing the aftermath of a fire, such as the smoldering remains, is a sign you are about to move to a new residence, or you are going to build a new house for yourself or for your family.

A tree on fire

This dream may reflect concerns or anxieties related to your sexual stamina. Dreaming of seeing a tree on fire means you are becoming worried about your sexual stamina and the problems either your sex partners are pointing out or you are discovering yourself. The mention of problems pointed out by sex partners suggests a need for communication and understanding in your intimate relationships. Alternatively, it may represent a desire for passion or a fear of losing vitality.

Harmless fire

Dreaming of a harmless fire symbolizes abundance and prosperity in your life. It signifies the potential for financial growth and material success. This intriguing vision suggests that you are on the path to experiencing a lifestyle of wealth and abundance. Embrace the opportunities that come your way and seize them with confidence. Keep your ambitions alive and work towards your goals, as this dream indicates that your efforts will be rewarded. Nurture your financial well-being and cultivate a mindset of abundance. Stay focused, determined, and open to new possibilities, as they can lead you to a life of prosperity and fulfillment. Trust in your ability to create wealth and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Fire and smoke

The presence of fire and smoke in your dream, perhaps made during a campfire or a barbecue in your backyard, signifies a transition. Hinduism interprets fire as a sign of life as well as a rite of passage, while smoke can indicate bad habits or a bad omen. Taken together, these symbols mean something bad will happen during a momentous occasion like a wedding or the birth of a child. Take extra precautions or perhaps think about rescheduling an important event if you want things to go smoothly.

Fire flames

Dreaming of witnessing large fire flames can be interpreted as a promising omen of success in your endeavors. Such dreams may symbolize your involvement in a significant project or venture that is destined for a triumphant outcome. The powerful imagery of blazing fire signifies the intensity and passion with which you will approach your work, leading to a highly successful completion of your undertaking.

Running from a fire

To dream of seeing yourself running from a fire that is raging wildly and approaching you is a warning that you need to be more careful when you are acting and expressing your opinions around other people in order to not cause an offense or make them uncomfortable around you. If you do not hurry to correct this problem, then you may face situations later that will negatively affect your life.

Brightly burning fire

To dream about seeing a brightly burning fire is a sign of good luck and success. It means favorable events or situations are coming your way. However, if the fire is burning too bright, it can mean unexpected or unwanted things will emerge in your life.

A river on fire

Dreaming of witnessing a river ablaze can be interpreted as a positive omen, symbolizing the potential for leading a fruitful and fulfilling life. This dream may suggest that you are on the path to experiencing longevity, prosperity, and a strong sense of personal satisfaction. Just as the image of a river on fire signifies an unusual and striking sight, your journey in life might also be marked by unique and memorable experiences. This dream encourages you to embrace the opportunities and challenges that come your way, as they contribute to the richness and depth of your life's journey.

Driving in a fire truck in response to a fire

Dreaming of being a firefighter and driving in a firetruck in response to a fire being reported is a bad sign. It could mean you are about to receive some unpleasant or unfavorable news or information.

Fire burning building

Witnessing a house getting engulfed by fire is a positive prediction about a joyful occasion on your horizon. Despite the destructive dream imagery, in Biblical terms fire can also refer to passion and transformation. Therefore, the burning of the house depicts catharsis. Perhaps your resolve to leave behind personal baggage will allow you to be more receptive to other people's affection and attend more events. During one of those parties or get-togethers, you may meet a potential partner who will help you grow into a better version of yourself.

Being set on fire

Being set on fire in the dream realm can be a reflection of extreme anger or a burning feeling towards someone or something in your waking life. Generally, this dream indicates that you feel like a person is trying to harm you or that you're facing a challenging situation that is causing you a lot of stress. It is essential to examine your current emotional state and work on resolving any underlying issues to avoid being consumed by negative feelings in your sleep and waking life.


If you see yourself or someone you know fighting with fire in a dream it is a bad sign. It means you are about to undertake a job that will prove to be highly stressful and demanding.

A huge fire

Seeing a huge fire in your dreams that engulfs more than one piece of property at the same time means you are about to experience success like you've never experienced before when it comes to your business or other projects you are working on.

A small fire flick

Dreaming of seeing a small fire flick like from a lighter or a candle is a good sign. It means your state of mind creates a perception that allows you to experience peace and personal fulfillment, which in turn makes you a very happy person.

Forest fires on the news

Encountering visions or learning about forest fires through dream experiences can be interpreted as a positive omen. This dream signifies a promising trajectory in your career endeavors, potentially leading to recognition and fame. The imagery of forest fires in your dream is symbolic of transformative and powerful energies. Just as a forest fire can clear away the old to make way for new growth, this dream suggests that your hard work and dedication are paving the way for significant advancements in your professional journey. It's an encouragement to embrace change, take calculated risks, and continue pursuing your goals with enthusiasm, as the potential for success and recognition is on the horizon.

Running away from fire

If you see yourself run away from a raging fire in the dreamscape, it means you will face a stressful situation. Tempers could flare and rouse your emotions. Unfortunately, if you succumb to your emotions, you could say something offensive or hurt others. Hence, this dream symbol is a word of warning. Instead of stoking the fire, it is better to distance yourself from the situation and collect your thoughts before you say something you will regret.

Yourself on fire

Seeing yourself on fire in your dream is a warning to examine your current perspective about your life. You tend to look at your life as being filled with dangers, and this perception of your life as threatening is preventing you from pursuing your goals and achieving things you would normally achieve if you had a more positive outlook on life.

Fire in the sky

Dreaming of a fire burning in the sky can indeed evoke a sense of impending disaster or negativity. It may symbolize a warning or premonition of challenging times ahead. This dream serves as a reminder to stay prepared and cautious in the face of potential difficulties. It encourages you to be proactive in seeking solutions and taking necessary precautions to mitigate any adverse circumstances that may arise. While the dream may carry a sense of foreboding, it also offers an opportunity for personal growth and resilience.

Carrying fire in your hands

Dreams of holding fire, whether it's a torch or a candle, can be an encouraging sign of impending professional advancements. This dream often hints at the potential for a promotion in your current job or a career shift to a new and more fulfilling role. The fire you hold symbolizes your energy, passion, and drive to excel in your work. It signifies that you are ready to take on increased responsibilities and challenges, leading to career growth and positive changes in your professional life. This dream serves as a motivating reminder of your potential for success and your readiness to embrace new opportunities.

Fire caused by a lightning

To dream of seeing a fire caused by a lightning strike means you are about to encounter someone who will become a major part of your life as you both go through some unusual or unanticipated circumstances together.

Informing firefighters about a fire

Dreaming of calling the local fire department and informing firefighters about a fire in your neighborhood or in some other location you have knowledge of is a sign you have knowledge or information that will prove to be very helpful in achieving business goals and successfully competing with other businesses. It could also mean you are about to eliminate people who stand in the way of you having a successful love life.

Watching firefighters work

Dreaming of watching firefighters work hard to put out a raging fire is a sign of your constant conflicts with other people that can often be blamed on your outgoing personality. This outgoing characteristic is causing your friends and family members to suffer indignation or ignorance from your behaviors or from things you say.

It is recommended you use more caution when dealing with and socializing with other people and learn how to express more tolerance and compassion towards others in order to overcome this negative side of your personality and attitude.

A firefighter in front of you

Dreaming of seeing a firefighter in front of you trying to put out a fire is a sign you are able to control your negative emotions, such as anger, jealousy, or other hateful feelings that advance your personal motives.

Escaping fire

Escaping a fire, such as running out of a burning building, is an allusion to your complacency. You feel comfortable and satisfied with the way your life is going, so you prefer to avoid risks or getting out of your comfort zone. Alternatively, this may be a projection of your fear of intimacy and reluctance to make connections with others. Past rejections may have made you overly cautious when people express romantic interest.

A person set on fire

Hi, I am a female. I had a terrible dream I don't remember everything, all I remember is that two people were on my porch and I opened the door and set one of them on fire with a lighter and I closed the door, locked it and looked through the window on the door and watched the person burn alive, but my house and nothing else didn't catch on fire, just the person was. I don't know who the person was, I don't remember seeing a face. I got depressed about going to jail afterwards. Crazy dream.

A house in the dream world represents the dreamer's personality as well as social connections. As such, having intruders on your home's premises suggests there is instability in one of your relationships. A secret or some surprising information about someone close to you may come to light, which would inevitably affect your dynamic. For instance, setting fire to this intruder may reflect your tendency to lash out or have an emotional outburst due to disagreements or differences in opinion. Consequently, finding yourself in jail predicts a negative turn of events as a result of your careless actions. You could end up severing ties with loved ones or keeping yourself isolated because of pride or self-loathing.

Fire breaking out of wire

Witnessing a fire breaking out of a wire or a cord is speculation of favorable things ahead of you. This dream suggests that you would acquire skills or any tangible objects that be highly beneficial for you. In addition, for a married couple, this dream means that you would soon expect an addition to your family, more specifically a child, whether by childbirth or adoption.

Putting out a fire with water

If you put out fire with a bucket of water, it is a sign of peace and tranquility that you will soon attain. If you are trying to stop your house from burning, then perhaps you are faced with an escalating conflict which is tearing your family apart. Your role may be to become the mediator to avoid further damage to relationships within your household. Your level-headed nature and diplomatic ways will help you intervene and find solutions to seemingly irreconcilable differences.

Fire at workplace

Seeing or smelling a fire in your workplace is often considered a positive or fortunate image to perceive. The fire itself represents passion and a spark of creativity, likely leading you to produce good work and improving your relationships with your co-workers. Furthermore, this symbol suggests your actual work would contribute significantly to what is happening in your field. And example of this might include the words you use when writing an article about your office. Your oratory prowess would surely impress everyone and put you in the good graces of your superiors.

Out-of-control fire

Dreaming of seeing an out-of-control fire in your stove or fireplace is a warning that you will actually have a fire hazard issue in your household that will need addressing. You must use caution when operating electrical appliances until you discover which one will potentially cause the fire hazard.

Being burned by a fire

To see your body being burned by a fire in your dreams is a sign you will be the subject of unfavorable rumors and have an unwanted public image developed about you because of your recent lifestyle activities.

Fire under control

Dreaming about you or someone else being able to keep a raging fire under control represents how you waste time and energy pursuing projects or activities that will not provide you with any benefit or increase your wealth in any way.

Feeling fire with no pain

Dreaming of feeling fire on your hands or fingers without pain can be a symbol of great success and achievement in your upcoming projects or endeavors. Just as fire can be both destructive and transformative, this dream suggests that your efforts will not only bring positive outcomes but also help you transform and grow. The absence of pain indicates that you'll be able to navigate challenges and obstacles with ease, and your hard work will lead to remarkable results.

Hell fire

Dreaming of seeing hell fire directed at you and hurting you represents returning to the basics in order to successfully cope with life's realities. It also means realizing and learning about things you either accidentally or intentionally left behind.

Fire in your house

Jungian sources of dream interpretation reveal that seeing your home on fire while you are sleeping is actually symbolic of gaining faithful, loyal friends in the future. You would be able to rely on these trustworthy individuals through thick and thin. Furthermore, those with children may also notice an improvement in behavior through the use of routines and positive reinforcement.

Being burnt alive

I dreamt that I was being chased by familiar people because of something I did. And my younger brother tried to help me escape. But the people eventually found me and delivered me to be burnt alive.. My bigger sister was standing by to comfort me. And I took sleeping pills to get me dozed so that I won't feel the pain.. I burnt without feeling anything.. But I did not see end results.

Envisioning people you recognize or know in the dream world suggests you are worried about or suspicious of them in reality. Perhaps you wonder if they have your best interest at heart or if they are using you for their own gain. Being burned alive, then, is a warning that if you delve deeper you are probably not going to like what you find. This does not necessarily mean your friends and family are out to betray you, however. It just means there is more to this situation than meets the eye. If you want to know the truth, be prepared to ask the tough questions and do not be surprised if what you find is more sad, shocking or terrifying than you originally thought.

Getting warm by a fire

Dreaming of getting warm by a fire is a sign of good fortune. It means you are a very lucky person, and no matter what comes your way in life, you will always have people around you that care about you and will support you. Because your luck is a rare find, you tend to appreciate those you have in your inner circle.

Feeling of being burned by a fire

If you have the feeling of being burned by a fire in your dream, then it means you are about to receive unpleasant news. It can also mean you will be starting a new romantic relationship with someone you just met recently.

Dying fire

Dreaming of seeing a slowly dying fire is a negative sign. It means you are about to experience a monetary shortage, lose your business or current job, lose your home, or be affected by some type of illness or disease.

Preparing to start a fire

Seeing yourself gathering wood and a lighter in preparation of starting a fire in your dreams means you will be able to communicate better and possibly on a completely different or new level with you family members which will enrich the relationship you have with them.

Fatalities as a result of fire

Dreaming of the aftermath of a bad fire and seeing fatalities as a result is a warning against being preoccupied with a trivial plan or project that you once had high hopes about. This plan or project will turn out to produce unexpected outcomes and results.

Not only will spending an excessive amount of time and energy on a trivial project or activity produce completely different and negative results from what you expected, you will also gain some unexpected and unwanted enemies while in pursuit of this trivial endeavor.

Fire accident

A fire accident, caused by anything from a burning candle to faulty electrical wiring, is usually an indication of upcoming metamorphosis or a radical change. Since this is an accidental fire, it means you would be caught by surprise by a sudden switch in your routine or even your personality. A big policy or rule could be implemented in your neighborhood or your workplace which would require everyone involved to adjust and behave accordingly. On the other hand, fire can also mean anger and aggression. So watch out for incendiary comments which could bring out your violent side.

Setting someone and a house on fire

Setting someone and the house on fire. Then exiting the house to note that it's somewhere in the cemetery.

Setting someone on fire usually reveals the dreamer's pent up anger and aggression. You could get extremely angry at someone, yet the rules of social conduct and decency are keeping you from fully expressing the extent of your rage. Maybe you do not even tell anyone about your feelings or even admit it to yourself because you dislike entertaining negative thoughts. Unfortunately, this could end in a violent altercation when you reach your limit and you snap. As a counterpoint to this negative dream symbol, setting your house on fire is actually a positive dream symbol pertaining to transformation and possibly gaining new and loyal friends. It means you have a good support group who can help you through difficult times and keep you from doing anything harmful to yourself and others. Similarly, a cemetery denotes the end of a bad habit, attitude or unhealthy relationships. You are finally strong enough to cut ties with bad influences and surround yourself with supportive and positive people.

Smoldering walls after a fire

To dream of seeing the smoldering walls of your house or place of business due to a fire is a sign you will soon be facing some complicated situations or hardships that will make your life seem like it's a nightmare.

Bad smell from a fire

Encountering a bad or lingering smell from a nearby fire in your dreams is a sign you are about to discover there are bad rumors or ill gossip spreading around about you in an attempt to discredit you and damage your reputation.

In order to successfully handle this situation of people talking behind your back, it is recommended you put some extra effort into redeeming your reputation and proving to people that those rumors are not worthy of being compared to your true nature.

Fire burning steadily

Seeing a fire steadily burning in your dreams is a sign that you are about to embark on a romantic journey that will cause you to fall in love soon. Your choice in a mate will be the right person, and you two will enjoy complete harmony and mutual understanding in the relationship.

Your belongings on fire

Dreams involving your belongings or cherished items on fire can be symbolic of various emotions and situations. Dreaming of your belongings on fire might indicate an underlying fear or anxiety related to loss or vulnerability. It could be a reflection of your emotional attachment to these items or a fear of losing something important to you. Alternatively, it might suggest a desire for transformation or a need to let go of certain attachments. Fire is often associated with change and purification, so this dream could signify a subconscious urge to release or move beyond something in your life. Consider what these belongings represent to you and whether there are any real-life situations or emotions that parallel the dream's symbolism.

Ground on fire

Dreaming of seeing the ground on fire in front of your house, place of business, or some other location is a warning you will contract a disease unexpectedly and the surprise will make you concerned about your well-being.

Many people around fire

Encountering a dream where numerous individuals gather around a fire bears a powerful symbol, hinting at the manifestation of stability. Just as people congregate around the fire in your dream, it signifies the presence of harmony and balance that you're cultivating. By interpreting this symbol, you're encouraged to embrace the newfound sense of stability, recognizing that your efforts are yielding an environment of cohesion and tranquility.

Walking through a wall of fire

To see yourself safely walking through a wall of fire in your dreams without any injuries is a sign of freedom. It means you will be breaking free of those negative things that would normally bother you or take up a lot of your time to deal with.

Blinking or fading fire

Dreaming of seeing a blinking or fading fire is a sign you will soon get to experience a new and challenging opportunity, or you will face a hardship that will require your immediate attention.

Fire painted on the wall

Seeing an image of a fire painted on the wall in your dreams is a sign you are preoccupied with dreaming about and living in a fantasy world that will not lead to any great achievements or accomplishments in your actual life.

Fire and water

Fire and water are opposing elements suggesting inner balance. Specifically, these dreamscape symbols reveal your well-adjusted nature. You temper emotions with wisdom and pragmatism. Furthermore, the presence of these powerful elements indicates a spiritual journey. This journey will help you find your center of delicate balance by managing your rebellious streak or superficial desires.

Being saved from a building on fire

My ex-boyfriend saved me from a burning building. He was in the dream along with the guy I used to like. After getting out of the building, everyone was rushed to the hospital with severe burn wounds and at the hospital, doctors found out that I had cancer. What does it mean?

Being saved from a burning building is an auspicious symbol associated with the idea of overcoming some difficulty or obstacle that stands in your way to success. Despite this positive connotation, being rushed to the hospital in the same dream suggests you have some fears, at least subconsciously, that something is not right or that something is about to go wrong. Your instinct is likely to be spot on, as getting cancer in a dream vision is not a sign to be taken lightly. It means you may get some terrible illnesses, including cancer, which may be difficult to cure without early detection and aggressive intervention.

People getting hurt in a fire during graduation

My dream was about me walking to my college graduation. Then a fire appears around me in the arena. Yet, it doesn't hurt me but hurts those who try to help me. I saw someone get burned and I run vowing revenge for an unknown reason. I saw someone holding a book and smiling evilly.

Graduation symbolizes success and achievements. You may be close to achieving your goals and successfully entering a higher level in your aspirations. The fire that surrounds you, burning those who try to save or help you, refers to your inner fire and passion. The new phase in your journey may lead to an internal transformation arising from your drive and motivations. While these fiery characteristics may lead to your ultimate success, your loved ones could end up getting neglected or possibly hurt in your desire to chase your dreams. You may end up sacrificing them for the sake of your ambitions. The one holding the book could be that part of you willing to shove off anyone who gets in the way of your success. This vision cautions you against being blinded by worldly ambitions.

Surrounded by fire while in the woods

Gender: Male. This girl whom I like a lot, and we were in the woods somewhere alone together. We were talking, and having a good time when she left to go do something in the woods. While walking away she didn't notice flames coming toward her, but I did. I went after her running yelling out "Fire!", and grabbing her arm and together we ran in the opposite direction. We barely made it out alive, but we continued to run away on this path. Later on, we ran into a small child which she picked up.

To dream of being in the woods with someone, you like hints at a possible change in your interpersonal dynamics with the person. If you are mere acquaintances, this could level up into a friendship or more. The flames or the fire that you and the girl were running from alluding to passion or overwhelming emotions. Romantic feelings developing too fast and too soon could spell a doomed bond between the two of you. Instead of letting things develop in a natural way, certain impulses and feelings could destroy the foundation you have built. Hence, it may be necessary to keep emotions in check lest you end up damaging your friendship.

A person in black surrounded by fire

There was person in all black clothes and fire around them.

If you dreamed of seeing someone wearing black clothes and surrounded by a wall of fire, take heed because it is a warning. It means that some time in the near future you could suffer losses which you will not be able to avoid. This can affect your business or be related to your material possessions. It can also happen in your personal life, maybe in your love affairs, therefore it could be emotional in its nature. Whatever the loss you are about to go through, be prepared when you experience this vision in your dream.

Things and a person on fire

Dreamt of a wild fire, then a room on fire, then a person on fire, I felt so sad and creeped out because I couldn't help... Feeling so strong that it woke me up, I remember the feeling.

Symbolic visions of fire could have different meanings. Seeing a wild fire in your dreams means that you could be experiencing great success and prosperity, especially in regards to big projects or goals you have been working on. The specific room you saw burning is also a positive sign which predicts growing your circle of friends along with improving your material wealth and physical well-being. However, all this happiness unfortunately must be counterbalanced, and the image of the person whom you could not save from the fire suggests that someone close to you may pass away, putting a damper on the joy you are experiencing.

Convinced the town is on fire

Female. My dream consisted of watching the town I reside in, burn from a wildfire that came from a northern city (flames like the northern lights). No one in the town seems bothered by this. While I am trying to get my family to evacuate, each member calmly tells me they will and not to worry. My husband especially is very laid back about the fire that seems to be closer to our home. Also, my best friend lectures me on taking food with us, takes it out of my hands then eats it.

Dreaming about a town burning, despite the morbid imagery, has positive connotations. It marks an event or joyful occurrence which is surprising. Since this is unanticipated, it is going to give you great pleasure and happiness. This denotes a time in your life when you would be contented with whatever you have and become blessed with more than you thought. This is further reinforced by your family members unperturbed by the fire. It could mean that things would eventually fall into place and harmony inside your family would remain balanced. However, the image of your friend eating up your food reveals the jealousy a friend might feel at hearing about your good fortune. Make sure you keep yourself guarded against such people and do not reveal too much to those who may be envious.

People setting things on fire

In my dream I was staying with friends whom I haven't seen in a long time, it was night and I was in my town and went to look at a black horse statue, while there two strangers who owned it started talking to me. We have seen a group of people, someone walking up the street with broken wood in his hand, he set fire to it, then a car pulled up, and the person threw the wood under the car and the man in the car (another stranger) started the car and started driving, the car made an explosion which woke me up.

Dreaming about staying with a past friend predicts meeting someone very similar to them in the future. There may be a gap in your heart that would be filled by this new individual's presence. This is likely to bring you much joy and happiness. The cause of this auspicious meeting, however, may not be so pleasant, as the broken wood being set on fire and then causing an explosion may suggest an upcoming medical condition or declining health. With this in mind, it would seem to reveal that this newcomer would either be someone who is helping you or someone impacted by these developments. While the circumstances are not ideal, it would be better to focus on the silver lining and enjoy your blossoming friendship.

Family perishing in fire

Dreams started at age 4. I'm in a big house I've never seen before and it's on fire, inside it my family is surrounded by a ring of fire and I'm on the other side. They do not make it out alive but I however do. The dream is still recurring and I am now age 26.

In general, seeing a ring of fire in the dream world points to changes and transitions about to occur in reality. It marks a significant moment or turning point in your personal journey. For instance, as a child, this dream may have manifested because of a change of residence, school, or perhaps there is a family-related event that affected everyone. It could also reveal your reluctance to embrace change. Perhaps you like comfort and familiarity. Until now, you may still be dwelling on your past which is preventing you from moving forward and becoming fully independent.

Trying to save children and belongings from fire

The house was on fire and I couldn't get my three girls out, then, once I had managed to do that I couldn't get the dogs or the lizard out and I ended up losing all girls' memorabilia that I have from when they were all babies and all my pictures of my eldest who doesn't live with me and lives with her grandparents who haven't let me see her since 2012. This dream has come having had a good day out with my other three children and best friend and her little girl.

A fire at your house could symbolically refer to some urgent, time-sensitive matters you are dealing with in reality. You may have to shuffle your priorities in order to successfully finish whatever you are trying to do at the moment. Trying to save your daughters and pets from the fire and failing at first could indicate that your past negative experiences, perhaps related to the separation from your first daughter, are getting in the way of your daily life and activities. However, the notion that you were able to be safe again and enjoy the day at the end of the vision, even after the loss of sentimentally valuable possessions, suggests you would be able to turn your past tragedies and hardship into the fuel that drives your future victories.

A dark figure setting things on fire

Poltergeist activity in my home. I was scared, then this huge figure appeared and started setting fire to all my precious belongings, he was laughing and taunting me. I assumed it was the Devil, the dream was very traumatic and has really shaken me.

Your dream could point to the presence of someone close to you who may be plotting to lead you astray in your current situation, possibly alluring you with the idea of an alternative lifestyle you may be aspiring to, but who could actually destroy the relationships you have with the people you love or ruin you financially. You should be aware of the people you are surrounding yourself with and be suspicious of any lofty promises of happiness from someone you cannot trust completely.

Family members engulfed in fire

A burning fire surrounding my family, not me. They were all quiet including my 2-year old family member.

Dreaming that your family is surrounded by fire can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good in the sense that burning can be associated with renewal and transformation. Your loved ones may be on the cusp of a big change or a crossroad. This change would affect all members of the family. Perhaps you are moving somewhere new or your parents are taking on new responsibilities. The bad aspect of this is that this change may be happening to your family with you excluded. Maybe you feel left out or left behind during this crucial period or transition. It may be up to you to share your concerns with other members of the family so you can support each other during this time of change.

A playhouse on fire

A child's playhouse catches fire from my friend's blanket and is burning it down. I pulled a child off the top just before the slide to safety and the palms of her hands were burnt from the fire. I fought hard to put out the fire with the extinguisher but had trouble, eventually putting it out. My best friend's blanket he gave me was burnt to nothing as was my umbrella that was somehow there too. The fire was caused by a burning barrel several feet away that raged out of control.

The playhouse in your dream refers to your inner child, innocence or your youth. Meanwhile, the child you saved represents an aspect of yourself that is child-like, such as curiosity and a carefree nature. When combined with the fire, those two dream symbols point to an inevitable and major shift in your way of life. Fire can mean transformation and passion, but it can also signify destruction. So it looks like in your quest to pursue your passions and chase after your dreams, a part of you has to be quashed or contained. In your case, it seems a happy-go-lucky attitude and perhaps some immaturity would have to be tempered, if not entirely extinguished, so you can have a fighting chance at achieving your goals. Finally, both the blanket and umbrella refer to security and comfort. You need to stop being dependent on others and get out of your comfort zone to be fully committed to the next chapter of your life which is filled with adult responsibilities. Your parents or sources of financial support could cut you off and you would be forced to learn how to support yourself.

Surrounded by a wall of fire

Surrounded with a wall of fire.

Dreaming that you are surrounded or trapped by a wall of fire refers to change and transformation. Despite the ominous imagery, this can be a good phase of growth for you. People and the world around you are quickly changing. Despite your resistance, you can feel yourself changing, too. Even though fire is associated with destruction, something new always rises from the ashes. Ultimately, you have a choice whether to let these forces destroy you or give you the illumination and enlightenment to steer yourself into the right direction.