Dreams Related To Fingers

Fingers partially cut off

A partially cut off finger in dreams denotes death. This is an ominous message that someone in your social circles may pass away soon. The person may be someone close to you, like a friend or a loved one, but it can also refer to a colleague or part of your staff. Some signs in reality may have alerted you about the impending death of this individual and these worries have been projected into your subconscious through this dream. Perhaps you have noticed them looking sickly or tired all the time. It is also possible that someone is exhibiting risky and careless behavior which could put them in threatening and dangerous situations.

A missing finger

Dreaming of looking down at your hand and then noticing a missing finger is indicative of an impending personal crisis. Various factors could lead you to a path of loneliness and depression. You could be cut off from most of your friends and family, hence you would have to take care of your own needs. Unfortunately, previous experiences of rejection and failure could have negatively affected your mental state. As such, you may have difficulties standing on your own two feet. Ultimately, your lack of confidence in your abilities may hinder your personal growth.

Having no fingers

Dreaming of seeing your own hands without fingers, whether they were cut off or mysteriously absent, is a very bad omen. The lack of fingers points to significant financial or material losses which could plunge you into depression due to mounting stress. Alternatively, your children could be in grave danger. Perhaps they are being bullied in school and you have no idea that it has been happening. There is also a possibility that they would get involved in illegal activities. If you do not do something about it, things could go terribly wrong and the consequences may have lasting impact on their psychological well-being.

An injured finger

An injured finger is actually a positive symbol in dreams. It symbolizes your loves ones' love and respect for you. Whenever you get into trouble or put on a tight spot, you can always rely on your friends and family to help you out. The injury in your vision may be a cut or a broken bone due to an accident. In a sense, the injured finger represents times of weakness or your own shortcomings. No one is perfect and so your loved ones are there to prop you up and support you when needed. They are also there to keep you grounded and sometimes point out your weaknesses and flaws so you can become a better version of yourself.

An extra finger

Seeing an extra finger on your hand is an auspicious symbol in dreams. It means you would soon be blessed with wealth and augment your assets. Perhaps a relative would leave you some inheritance which would significantly improve your financial standing. The additional finger symbolizes improved capabilities and lifestyle. It could also mean that you would be extra motivated to achieve your goals because of a recently acquired skill. You may have been working on improving a certain qualification and you are close to mastering this area which would open up new opportunities for you.

A chopped off finger

Getting your finger chopped off in a dream alludes to conflict between you and your loved ones. If someone else chops off your finger or it happens due to an accident, then it is likely that the issue would come out of nowhere and probably out of your control. There could be a misunderstanding or a disagreement which would leave you hurt. On the other hand, if the cause of the chopped finger was not shown in the vision, then perhaps you may distance yourself from your loved ones due to differences in opinion. Unfortunately, cutting them off could potentially make them turn their backs on you for good.

Losing a finger

Dreaming that you lost a finger, probably because it was chopped off or you got into an accident which severed your finger, alludes to legal issues in reality. You may have to participate in court litigations in order to resolve legal disputes. For instance, certain relatives may file claims about properties or assets which would force you to hire a lawyer or reach an amicable resolution through a settlement. It would take a lot of your time and effort, yet you have no choice in the matter if you want to defend or keep what is rightfully yours.

An index finger

The index finger often represents a warning in dreams. You could be in serious danger or facing a threat in reality if you see this image in a dream vision. Specifically, if the index finger is pointing at someone, this could be an indication that this person it out to get you. Be careful of betrayal because a trusted individual could turn his or her back on you. Alternatively, if the index finger is not pointing to anything in particular or you are merely just looking at it in isolation, it means that there is an unknown threat around you. Perhaps you have been sensing impending trouble and this concern has been projected into your subconscious so you can keep your guards up.

A broken finger

Having a broken finger in a dream reveals your insecurities and low self-esteem. Perhaps you have been trying and failing to achieve your personal goals in a long time, as a result you are starting to doubt your own skills and capabilities. This lack of self-confidence could mean further failures if you give in to this negative view of yourself. This dream may be the sign you need to take a step back and reassess your strengths and weakness. Having a clearer and more complete view of who you are could help you plan out strategies on how you can attain your aspirations. This way, you can work on improving your weaknesses while also using your strengths for personal and professional growth.

Pointing with your finger

Dreaming of pointing your finger at somebody or to a location, especially when someone asks for direction, often portends to impending change. The object or direction you are pointing would determine more specific interpretations or hints about this change happening in your future. For instance, pointing to a specific location could mean that you would be moving, perhaps changing residence or traveling. On the other hand, if you are pointing at someone, then your relationship with this individual would change. Maybe there would be a rift between the two of you due to misunderstandings or disagreements.

Being pointed at with a finger

If you dream that someone is pointing a finger at you, then you should be extra careful in reality. This particular dream symbol usually portends an imminent threat that could get you in trouble. In extreme cases, you could find yourself incarcerated. There is a possibility that you would get framed for something you did not do. Alternatively, someone may be out to get you. The motive for the attack is unclear, but perhaps the context and environment of this dream vision could provide further clues. For instance, if you are inside your house, then it means a family member or relative may end up betraying you or get you involved in questionable activities.

One finger missing

An odd dream imagery involving a missing finger oftentimes reveals the dreamer's guilt. Perhaps you are guilty of wrongdoing and now you are afraid of retaliation. You could be dwelling too much in this fear and worrying about the consequences of your action that it has seeped into your subconscious and is manifesting in this dream vision. The guilt is probably more pronounced because the victim of your misdeed is unaware of what you did. Maybe you are still on good terms, hence this is making you feel more uncomfortable since it seems you may have betrayed his or her trust and friendship.

Pain in your fingers

To dream of experiencing pain in your fingers usually points to bad luck. The dream scenario could involve injuring your fingers thereby causing the pain or it could also come out of nowhere. For these types of dream visions, the pain is often associated with failures which could result in financial losses. You could fail to complete a project successfully or certain business plans may fall through. The immediate aftermath of those failures could put a serious dent in your finances which would subsequently force you to cut back on certain expenditures. In addition, your own self-esteem and self-worth could also suffer a blow.

Deformed fingers

Dreaming that you have deformed fingers conveys a message of warning. You could be surrounded by insincere personalities. They could be ingratiating themselves on you and your loved ones for their personal gain. Unfortunately, their offer of friendship has strings attached. Perhaps deep inside they envy your social status or your overall achievements. Your subconscious may be telling you not to be too trusting or unscrupulous personalities may end up taking advantage of your good graces. Those deformed fingers serve as a reminder that relationships are not as straightforward as they seem.

A thumb up

Seeing the image of a thumb held up in dreams, whether it is your hand or someone else's, indicates a break up in reality. You may have sensed that you and your significant other have been drifting apart for various reasons and so your subconscious is warning you about the eventual falling out that would occur. However, this also depends on your reaction when you saw the thumb pointing up. If you were not concerned or in any way sad during this dream scenario, then it means the break up would not last long and you could still patch things up. On the other hand, if you were apprehensive or worried upon seeing this dream symbol, then it means you would be separated for good.

Nagging pain in fingers

To dream of being bothered by stabbing or nagging pain in your fingers conveys a warning related to past transgressions. As a young and possibly less responsible version of yourself, you may have committed mistakes which you did not think twice about. Perhaps you got involved with troubled individuals and they may have influenced you to participate in illegal or questionable activities. This dream vision, therefore, means old and forgotten bad deeds could come haunting you in the present. Details of those misguided actions could resurface and you would have to face the consequences.

A finger cut off and bleeding

The image of a cut off and bleeding finger in dreams is an ominous symbol of loss and severed bond. The cut off finger means you could lose a loved one in reality. The loss does not necessarily mean death, rather it can mean distance and detachment. Disagreements and conflict may have been going on for years and the last straw would happen soon which would ultimately cut your connection. Alternatively, this can also refer to your complicated relationship with your mother-in-law who perhaps did not wholeheartedly welcome you into the family. The strained relationship and growing resentment may eventually put one of the you over the edge.

Your thumb without other fingers

Looking at your thumb and then realizing that your other fingers are missing, or perhaps you are merely focusing on your thumb, is a warning sign in dreams. It means that somebody in your inner social circle is trying to take advantage of your trust and generosity. This individual may try to manipulate you into getting involved in questionable activities. For instance, you could get roped into investing in an illegal operation or business venture. You could also develop unhealthy and destructive habits or hobbies because of this person.

Fingers in general

Seeing images of fingers in dreams generally reveals the dreamer's pragmatic personality in the waking world. You may be the type who prioritizes practicality over frivolous needs. You find it easy to manage your day-to-day tasks because you know your responsibilities. Instead of daydreaming or thinking too far into the future, you are quite rooted in reality and focused on resolving everyday tasks, problems and concerns. This is not to say that you do not plan, you do. You are just more interested in achievable goals instead of fixating on unrealistic dreams and expectations.

Hairy fingers

Hairy fingers in dreams convey an auspicious message. There is an unexpected reward in store for you in the waking world. It could be an inheritance or a work-related bonus. Whatever it is, you certainly earned it because of the investment you put in. More specifically, if you have been working on a project or a business venture, then the blessing could manifest in the form of significant profits or a promotion which would entail a boost in compensation and benefits. It may seem like you are not getting the reward you deserve, but perhaps your bosses or superiors are merely polishing the package they would eventually offer to you.

Inspecting your fingers

Looking at and inspecting your fingers in a dream alludes to financial concerns. You could be worrying about your finances in reality, hence this is being projected into your subconscious through this dream vision. Perhaps you or a family member has been spending way beyond your means or some unexpected expenses would force you to dip into your savings. As such, you may have to be more strict with your budget in the coming weeks or months so you would not accumulate debt. Fortunately, inspecting your fingers means you are still in control of your finances which is why you are looking for ways to remain financially stable.

Beautiful fingers

Inspecting your fingers in a dream and finding them perfectly-shaped and beautiful reveals your innate goodness. You may like helping people and you do it with sincerity. Altruism comes naturally to you and your consistent generosity would eventually win over even the most cynical personalities in your community. Some may initially find your selfless ways suspicious, but this dream vision tells you that your efforts would gain their respect. Moreover, you would also have the opportunity to influence others into becoming more altruistic.

Fingers bigger than normal

Having your fingers appear huge or bigger than normal in your dream vision is an allusion to a fast rise to success. You would soon experience a golden period where you would quickly and easily achieve your goals. You may become extra-motivated to accomplish your targets. Fortunately, fate is aligning to your advantage as more individuals would be more accommodating and supportive of your ventures. While you may have always been driven, this time your hard work and dedication would finally pay off in spades as you start ascending on the corporate ladder or getting recognized in your chosen field.

Absence of a ring finger

Realizing that one or both of your hands in your dream is missing a ring finger means you would face some financial issues in reality. You could lose a huge amount of money or assets which would cause a serious blow to your finances. For instance, you could go into debt because your business may go bankrupt, or perhaps a shady deal may force you to got through litigation and settle with aggrieved parties. On the other hand, it is also possible that the financial loss would stem from resolving a loved one's problem, like paying off their debt or paying for medications due to a serious illness or an accident.

A burnt finger

If you have a burnt finger in a dream, such as from a fire or a similar accident, then you may have to deal with a difficult situation in reality. This personal dilemma may involve someone close to you. It may be a matter of personal happiness and integrity over someone else's reputation. Someone may be involved in illicit activities and it is up to you to cover up their actions or stand up for what is right. In the same context, the same vision could also point to a second marriage. Perhaps your current relationship is no longer working. Your partner or the both of you may have committed indiscretions and betrayed the trust you have for each other. As a result, you may have to ultimately end things in order to have a brand new start and avoid making each other more miserable.

An itching finger

An itching finger or fingers in dreams is a reference to wealth. Luck is on your side, especially when it comes to your finances. You can expect a pleasantly surprising boost in your financial state. Perhaps you would get an increase in your income which you did not expect or your investments could pay off in spades. If you are a business owner, then you could get an increase in activity which would augment profit significantly. It is also possible that you would come across a valuable item which you could sell for a lot of money.

Right hand without fingers

If you see your right hand without any of its fingers, then you should probably practice caution and vigilance in reality. The interpretation of this dream symbol is often associated with the death of a loved one. A close relative or even your own child could meet an untimely death or get involved in a serious, fatal accident. Perhaps you have been feeling some foreboding in reality and this gut instinct is being projected into your subconscious through this vision. While the circumstances may be out of your control, you do have the capacity to remind them to take extra care of their well-being and perhaps also dissuade them from doing anything risky.

Fingers gathered in a fist

Making a fist in dreams or gathering your fingers into a tight ball alludes to family issues. The tension in your hand and fingers represents challenges and problems in your household or involving members of your family. This also pertains to your difficulty in trying to find a resolution to your family problems because there could be other distractions or glitches that are keeping you from arriving to an amicable solution. Maybe not everyone gets along in your family or there are legalities that need to be considered. Either way, you seem to be stressed out about all the hoops you need to jump through before everything returns back to normal.

A finger cut off and warts

Last two days ago I dream that my index finger was cut off the 1 inch and on the second day, I dream that I have warts on my buttocks. What is the meaning of this all about?

Dreaming about finger being cut off is a sign of experiencing material or financial losses. The vision of warts on your body is usually interpreted as gaining or receiving some kind of profit or incentive. Possibly, you will be able to deal successfully with something that might prevent you from these losses.

More fingers than usual

I'm in my bed and I count my fingers and there are 12, so I know I'm dreaming. So, I scream until I "wake up", which I'm still dreaming and I keep doing it, but the more I do it seems like I'm just trying to get my parents to come and help me in my room and sometimes I wake up on the floor. Then, at some point, I actually do wake up, but not screaming and that's when I actually wake up.

Counting your fingers and realizing that there are too many could represent an unusual preoccupation with a particular goal or hobby you currently have. You could be dedicating more time than you should to this one particular area of your life, causing other areas, like chores, studies, or familial relationships, to suffer. Trying to force yourself to wake from this dream could suggest you are aware of this growing problem but are not yet ready to take measures to turn the situation around. This vision could be a warning, then, that time is of the essence.

Dirty fingers with scratches

The hand symbolizes your ability to make things happen or to turn your dreams and desires into reality. As such, dreaming of dirty fingers with scratches or superficial wounds denote misfortune. You could be looking at your own filthy fingers or seeing the image from a third-person perspective, the message remains disheartening. Both the dirt and the scratches are allusions to the suffering you would have to endure in your efforts to realize your ambitions. If you are looking at your own hands, then perhaps you are making things difficult for yourself. On the other hand, if the fingers belong to someone else, then the obstacles may be out of your control and you would have to deal with them as they come.

Scratched up and filthy fingers can also reveal the dreamer's pleasure-seeking tendencies. You would likely engage in pleasurable activities which would satisfy your urges. The blissful feeling and the high that you get may keep you coming back for more, verging on addiction. While it goes against your values, the temptation may be too strong. You may have to strengthen your resolve and reflect on your priorities to avoid giving in to destructive habits.

A finger with a wedding ring

To see a finger with a wedding ring can be a good or bad symbol in dreams. The negative interpretation has to do with a possible affair in reality. You may get involved with a married person due to repeated instances which could make you be closer to one another. On the other hand, if you were looking closely and examining the ring on the finger, then this may point to your own upcoming wedding. It means you are contemplating marriage and this would likely happen soon for you and your significant other. If you are single, then there is a possibility that you would soon meet the one you would eventually marry.

Fingers of two people attached to each other

I had a dream where I was doing a report or revising a report about fingers. After revising some of it, I saw two people with one of their fingers attached to one of the other person's fingers.

Fingers in dreams denote expertise and skill. Specific meanings depend on which finger was in your dream. The ring finger refers to commitment, while the index finger alludes to authority. The report on fingers in your dream possibly points to your hard work towards your specialization. Perhaps you are polishing your skills and continuously improving your craft or career path. The individuals with fingers attached to another person may mean that they share a special bond, possibly of a romantic nature. About you personally, perhaps this vision is telling you that your excessive focus on work and career may be leaving no room for romance.

A finger bitten by a strange animal

I dreamed an animal bit my middle finger, I couldn't see the face of the animal, but it looked like a big rat, but it wasn't.

Seeing a strange animal bite your middle finger and being unable to identify it represents a big surprise in your future. There may certain circumstances that would lead to a big revelation or discovery which would end up shocking and surprising you. The nature of this surprise is unclear, but it would have a strong impact on you.

Fingers smaller than normal

Having a dream wherein your fingers appear smaller than their normal size in reality is an auspicious vision. There is a brief window of opportunity which would open up, sending good luck on your way. You could receive favorable news or information that would give you a moment of happiness. Perhaps you would meet up with a long-lost friend or your work would be praised and given recognition by your superiors. It would not last long, but you would be satisfied with the outcome or the feeling you would get from this pleasant surprise.

A finger with a band-aid

Dreaming of a finger with a band aid, to cover a cut or a fresh wound, alludes to minor health issues in reality. There is a possibility that you or a loved one would contract an illness, like a flu or an infection. While it is not serious and can easily be treated, the earlier you have it checked, the faster it would heal. In a way, this could also be your subconscious reminding you to lead a healthier lifestyle and not just act once your body is already deteriorating or feeling the strain from unhealthy habits. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

More than five fingers on the hand

Seeing extra fingers on your hand is a very auspicious symbol in dreams. The extra finger or fingers is a sign of good luck especially when it comes to your finances. There is a possibility that you would meet new personalities who would open up lucrative opportunities for you. With your focus and skills, you can easily turn those opportunities into a great chance to significantly improve your state of life. It is also possible that you would be named heir to a wealthy relative or a rich benefactor. If you manage your finances well, you could live off the profits or interest for a long and comfortable existence.

Slashing a finger

Envisioning yourself slashing a finger with a knife or a blade points to upcoming issues between you and someone close to you. You may end up causing inconvenience or put a friend or loved one in a compromising position. Maybe you did not mean to cause trouble, however just a bit of care and sensitivity to others could help you avert this unfortunate situation. Alternatively, this could be a calculated or deliberate move on your end. This is especially true if you harbor ill feelings or resentment towards a close friend or family member.

A single finger

Seeing a single finger in a dream, especially if it is the index finger and it is pointing at you, symbolizes a controlling presence in your life. There is an authority figure who may be trying to control your actions and decisions to the point of manipulating your feelings so they would get what they want. This toxic relationship may be taking its toll on you, hence your subconscious is finding ways for you to confront this issue. Perhaps it is time to take control of your own life and fight for what you want and what you believe in, instead of acquiescing to the needs or demands of others.

Someone with a raised finger

If you dream of seeing someone with a raised finger, regardless of which finger it is, then it means you would receive blessings in reality. It may be a piece of good news or information which would arrive unexpectedly but would nevertheless bring you a lot of joy. Perhaps a deal would push through or you would win a contest you joined which you may have forgotten already. It can also refer to a surprise gift from a loved one. The gift may be something material, like clothing or gadget, but it can also be a party organized in your honor or a promise that your would get what you hoped and wished for.

Fingers with many rings

Donning multiple rings in a dream often reveals the dreamer's fascination with the supernatural. In particular, seeing many rings on a finger or fingers could mean you are prone to demonic influence. Your interest in the dark arts and the occult could lead you to a path of darkness which may tempt you to do bad things. This unhealthy belief and too much time spent consuming content related to occultism could negatively affect your relationships with friends and family members. There is a possibility that they would distance themselves from you out of fear or their inability to connect with or understand your point of view.

A talking finger

Dreaming of an animated and talking finger is likely your subconscious telling you that someone in your social circle is giving you problems in reality. Perhaps a relative is trying to manipulate you or meddling too much with your affairs. While you may be trying to play nice because you are related by blood, this dream vision is showing you just how much stress and mental burden this individual is giving you. Your tactic of diplomacy may just be giving this personality more arsenal and confidence to keep annoying you with their self-importance. A more assertive and straightforward approach could be the answer.

Two fingers forming a V

The dream symbol of forming a peace sign with your fingers or forming a V shape usually relays a message of caution. It means that if you are going to face an important decision, you may need to take some time to weigh the pros and cons first. Hasty decisions and actions could come back to haunt you, so a certain precaution and due diligence must be exercised to prevent further problems. Someone could also be forcing you to act immediately on closing a deal or taking a project. Typically, when someone is using urgency to get what they want, they may have cause to benefit from this move which means you would likely be in the losing end. So gather more information before making important decisions so you know that you are making a sound judgment.

Cutting off own fingertips

I was cutting off my own fingers in a restaurant, the very tips of each one. But left one - the index finger on my right hand.

Dreams containing notions of cutting off your own fingers speak of a recent event or circumstance when you found yourself being unable to communicate a message or shut yourself off when someone asked you for help and support. For some reason, you think the person in need of your input is not deserving your time or attention. The Index finger that was spared in your dream, however, signifies your second thoughts and doubts, which hopefully will help you find the right decision as time goes by.

A snake biting on a finger

I dreamed I saw a little snake and it bit me on my index finger.

Getting bitten by a little snake in the dream world points to minor annoyances. Irritating situations or trivial matters may be affecting your judgment and common sense. There could be rumors going around about you or you may be unnecessarily worried about the outcome of certain events. These pesky little problems may be doing more harm than good on your psyche, hence your subconscious is showing you the negative effects of dwelling too much on them.

Someone's fingers missing

In my dream I went to shake this girl's hand (a girl I know in real life), but all of her fingers were missing, what does that mean?

Missing fingers allude to indifference and unresponsiveness. A hand shake is a friendly gesture, so seeing that her hand lacks fingers means she may not be too forthcoming with you. It does not necessarily mean that she does not like you, perhaps it just takes a while for her to warm up. Alternatively, this can also signify a communication issue between the two of you. Maybe you do not see eye to eye on certain issues because of your personalities of different beliefs. It is possible that you would offer a truce, but she would not readily accept it.

Someone missing fingers

Dreams about missing fingers can be very unsettling experiences as it is a signs of a personal crisis that is looming on the horizon. The missing fingers in your dream may be a metaphor for the factors that are causing this impending crisis. You may be looking for a way to cut through the various challenges that are taking a toll on you, but it seems like you are losing something important in the process. However, your dream highlights the importance of the hand as a symbol of support and friendship. Perhaps you are noticing that a close friend is going through a similar situation, and you feel fortunate to have their support during this difficult time. Taking a closer look at your personal relationships and the role they play in your life may provide some insight into how you can navigate this crisis.