Dreams Related To Fingernails

Broken fingernails

Broken fingernails are often interpreted as negative symbols in the dream world. They are associated with a number of possible calamities, such as illness, conflict and failure for current tasks or goals.

Fingernails in general

Fingernails, as a general dream symbol, are an image associated with hard, low-paying work. You either work in a field that demands a lot of physical labor, like construction or factory work, or would soon get a position that requires you to lift heavy objects or be on your feet for long hours.

Nails falling off

Seeing your own nails fall off during the course of a dream vision is a highly ominous, but enlightening symbol. Traditional sources of dream interpretation suggest that this symbol precedes hardship and suffering, however, the cause of this suffering is likely your callous treatment of those who care about you. In essence, this vision may be a prophesy pointing towards being abandoned by loved ones who are fed up with your behavior towards them, whether that is due to anger issues, sulkiness, pettiness or greed. This vision gives you a chance to see the error of your ways though. If you can successfully turn around your relationships, they may be saved.

Someone scratching you with nails

Being scratched by someone else's fingernails during the course of a dream vision is often interpreted as a negative sign. It means you or someone in your immediate family would soon suffer a great misfortune. In many cases, this symbol is specifically tied to illness and disease.

Your fingernails manicured

Manicured fingernails are a symbol associated with luck and success. You may soon find that your current plans and actions are more profitable or easier than you initially expected. This applies both to business ventures and personal matters equally.

Fingernails with red nail polish

Fingernails that are adorned with a particularly lush red nail polish predict soon making peace or burying the hatchet with someone you are currently feuding with in reality. This individual may be someone you do not have to deal with often or a close friend or family member whose absence you miss dearly.

Unable to dig fingernails into something for women

For women or those who consider themselves to be female, being unable to dig their fingernails into a surface reflects a desire that her chosen romantic interest become unattractive to other females. For example, if she has a crush on someone she works with, she might hope that other female colleagues or customers would not notice how attractive or interesting her crush is. If this man is in a relationship with someone else, it reveals that she hopes their intimate moments would fail or become uncomfortable.

Doing manicure for nails for married

For married men and women, the act of having a manicure done reflects the love and care you receive from your spouse in reality, both physically and mentally. They are likely providing for you in the best way they can, giving you lots of love and affection.

The length of your fingernails

Fingernails that are particularly long or short take on special meanings in dream visions. Nails that appear to be especially long, whether they are fake or not, predict misfortune for plans you currently have. You would soon fail to achieve what you have set out to do unless extreme measures are taken soon. Nails that are very short reveal a tendency to act rashly or jump to conclusions, jeopardizing your understanding of situations and making it difficult to make rational, informed decisions.

A woman with dirty fingernails

I had a dream seeing a beautiful woman who I wanted to have sex with but sitting close to her, I looked at her fingernails and realized they were dirty. So I decided not to have sex with her and I woke up then.

The beautiful woman in your vision represents something good or beneficial that is about to occur in the near future. While this may seem like a blessing, her dirty fingernails reveal that you lack objectivity or the relevant knowledge to make the most of this situation. Therefore, your initial attraction but eventual disgust suggest you unconsciously know that you are not in the best position to make use of upcoming opportunities. If it is not too late, you may have time to gain the requisite skills, knowledge or experience before the opportunity passes you by.

Taking care of your fingernails

Taking care of your fingernails during a dream vision, such as cleaning, cutting or polishing them, can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon get a job offer. While the pay may not be what you had hoped, the noble cause you serve or the special job perks that come with it would more than make up for the less than stellar paycheck.

Fingernails painted in bright colors

Fingernails that appear to be a bright, neon shade in the dream world are a positive sign for those who are currently in a disagreement with someone they love in reality. It suggests you and your family member, friend or lover would come to an agreement and be on good terms again. You would not have to worry about another spat for a long time to come.

Your nails turning white in color

In the context of a dream vision, seeing your fingernails turn white sheds light on your particularly good memory and cognitive function. You probably are good at memory games and can recall important facts at the drop of a hat.

Claws instead of nails

Looking at your own hand and seeing claws instead of fingernails should be considered a warning that the end does not justify the means, particularly in pursuit of goals that may be inappropriate or immoral. If you are considering participating in some acts that would normally be ill-advised, you may want to reconsider your plans. You may find yourself humbled and embarrassed if you get caught.

Getting fingernails out of something

Finding fingernails or getting them from somewhere you did not expect, such as out of the ground or in a box, may reveal that you are uncomfortable with some aspects of intimacy or sexual conduct. For example, your lover may be pressuring you to try certain acts that you are not ready or willing to partake in. You may need to distance yourself from this individual or make your stance on this subject more clear.

White spots on your nails

Seeing white spots on your nails is usually considered a fortuitous symbol in the realm of night visions. It points towards good luck and prosperity, usually in the form of wealth and financial security.

Dreaming about fingernails acrylic nails or manicure

Acrylic nails falling off

Acrylic or fake nails falling off at some point in REM sleep reveal upcoming suffering or discomfort of a superficial nature. You may find yourself whining and complaining about things that really do not matter, much to the annoyance of those around you. Perhaps instead of lamenting over the things your life lacks it would be better to either celebrate the positive or make an effort to improve the aspects of your life that are not as pleasant as you want them to be.

Disliking the look of your fingernails

In the context of a dream vision, being displeased by the appearance of your nails is often considered a sign that you need to spend a little more time and money on self-care. You may need to improve your health through better eating and a proper exercise regimen, or you may have to give up some unhealthy habits, like smoking or doing drugs.

Someone cleaning their fingernails

Envisioning someone cleaning their fingernails during the course of a dream could be the manifestation of your dislike for this individual in reality. You are probably subconsciously looking for flaws in this man or woman's looks, personality or lifestyle, when in reality you wish you were about to have some of those traits yourself. This vision could be a warning to focus more on what you can accomplish rather than wasting time on that which cannot be.

Dirty fingernails

Whether you were working in a garden or simply have not washed your hands, dirty fingernails represent a tendency to lack objectivity and relevant knowledge when dealing with certain subjects. You may not understand a topic fully but yet have strong, angry opinions about how things should be or how they used to be. This way of thinking and living out your life, however, could have negative implications for both you and your loved ones if you are not careful.

Misshapen fingernails

Oddly shaped or misshapen nails are a harbinger of suffering and misfortune in the world of dreams. This is especially true if there was dirt under the nails or if they were discolored in some way. You would soon go through awkward, unpleasant or downright horrible situations. If you survive these ordeals, you would find yourself scared but perhaps a bit stronger.

Fingernails covered in glitter

Just as showy makeup and clothes distract from more serious occasions, so does the symbol of glittery nails reveal that someone is distracting you in order to get their way or undermine your success. This false friend would probably shower you with compliments and feed you lies so that you cannot tell what is really going on in your own life. You would need to distance yourself from this individual immediately and figure out who your true, loyal companions are.

Watching someone clipping fingernails

Watching someone else clip their fingernails during the course of a dream vision sheds light on some drawbacks or roadblocks faced by you or someone close to you in reality. This dream symbol suggests the loss or failure you are connected with would come as a bit of a surprise, greatly disappointing you, your family, your friends or your co-workers.

A man driving fingernails into something for women

For women, seeing a man dig his fingernails into a cloth or table in the dream world could reveal that she has sexual desires toward this man in reality. In some cases, she may be romantically interested in him, wanting to pursue a relationship with him if possible. Sometimes, however, it simply means that she finds him attractive.

Scratching self with your own fingernails

Scratching yourself with your own fingernails, whether it was by accident or not, may reveal an aversion to physical intimacy or sex. You may have trouble enjoying the sexual advances of your partner because of physical discomfort or emotional trauma from earlier experiences. Alternatively, your lack of desire may come from some outside factor, like bad hygiene on the part of your lover or an unclean bedroom, which ruins the mood.

Fingernails plucked off

Whether you see someone else's fingernails being plucked off or experience their removal yourself as a form of torture in your vision, it is an ominous message predicting great hardship and trials. You may soon be forced to go through a series of difficult and humiliating circumstances in order to survive. This symbol therefore gives a hint to pay attention to your surroundings and look for opportunities to turn your situation around as soon as possible.

Driving fingernails into something for women

For women, the act of digging her fingernails into something during the course of a dream vision can shed light on an internal desire to possess some typically masculine traits, particularly strength and confidence. This symbol sometimes also reflects homosexual tendencies or attraction toward other females. Additionally, in situations of conflict it can also be interpreted as a sign of hostility or aggression toward whomever she is feuding with in reality.

Clipping your fingernails

Clipping or cutting your fingernails in the dream world often predicts conflict close to home. Your family unit may soon go through a tense period when all members are on edge and testy. Alternatively, you may soon get into a major disagreement with some close friends.

Someone's beautiful fingernails

Noticing that someone else in your dream vision has particularly nice or well-manicured fingernails is an auspicious sign suggesting forthcoming wealth and prosperity for your financial endeavors. Alternatively, those interested in self-help or self-improvement would hit a streak of enlightenment that really boosts their productivity and helps them achieve balance in their everyday lives.

Digging your fingernails into something

Envisioning yourself digging your fingernails into something, such as a cloth or the skin of your palms, means you would soon accomplish some feat or receive some recognition that would immediately impress those around you. The admiration and support you receive from your friends or colleagues would boost your reputation in the wider community and make you shine with pride for some time to come.

Short fingernails from biting

Whether you were biting your own nails or saw that someone else was, fingernails that are short specifically due to biting mean your current undertakings are doomed to be a complete failure. This is likely due to the fact that you have forgotten to do something important or have made a major miscalculation somewhere along the line.

Fingernails missing from the fingers

Losing or being unable to see your fingernails in a dream vision should be considered a warning to reconsider how you treat your loved ones in reality. You may not be giving them, especially your romantic partner, the respect or loving understanding that they deserve. The way you treat them now could jeopardize their loyalty to you, and they may leave you without warning if you continue to ignore their wants and needs. For entrepreneurs and those who own their own business, this symbol carries an additional meaning. It can be interpreted as a sign of losing money and eventual bankruptcy.

Driving fingernails into something for men

For men, digging fingernails into a surface in the dream world is considered the manifestation of his male energy. It is an outward message to those around him that he is strong, virile and possibly a bit aggressive too. It can also point toward sexual desire for someone in his sphere of influence.

Unable to dig fingernails into something for men

For men and those who identify as being male, a dream vision that contains the symbol of being unable to dig their fingernails into a particular surface suggests fears of being unattractive or appearing to lack masculine qualities, for example strength or virility. This type of vision is often seen after being embarrassed or learning about possible impotency.

Noticing spots on someone's fingernails

Noticing spots on another individual's nails in the dream world, particularly if they were white, could reveal that you are jealous of someone you have recently met or learned about in reality. For example, you may have heard through the grapevine that your ex has moved on with someone else or that someone you are acquainted with has earned a promotion you were hoping for. This jealousy may be short lived, but it could be damaging if you let it distract you too much.

Fingernails falling off

Watching your own fingernails fall or slide off your fingers is a highly ominous and disturbing symbol to perceive while sleeping. According to Edgar Cayce and his work, this sign means you would soon experience something terrible, like a series of trials or multiple setbacks. You would be powerless to stop this process, so the most you can do is try to use the knowledge gleaned from this interpretation to minimize your losses.