Dreams Related To Figure

A golden figure in the sky

The part that I remember from my dream was looking up at the sky and it was nighttime and seeing a golden figure I believe was a man riding or holding a big gold trumpet and flying from one point in the sky to the other. I did not hear the trumpet being blown or anything. The figure did not have wings but it was all in the color gold and I remember it feeling very magical and fairytale-like.

The night sky is often symbolic of the dreamer's connection to the mystical and supernatural. Those who envision the night sky often have the ability to perceive more than with just the naked eye. Despite the lack of wings, the man you saw flying back and forth in the sky was likely an angel or similar being. This is due to the golden color you perceived as well as the trumpet. In many cases, trumpets and trumpeting are considered harbingers of misfortune, but his golden color or aura suggests that in this vision it is a sign of past suffering. His golden hue reveals upcoming joy and satisfaction after enduring much. You would likely feel relief to know that the end of your troubles is within sight.

Dark figure

A dark, shadowy figure hiding in a corner of a room or standing outside a door is often the manifestation of our fear of being hurt or rejected in reality. The black shadow can represent anything that we are anxious or worried about, particularly things we expect to turn out poorly. The only way to be free of this specter is to actively focus on having a positive mindset. Many people also find inner peace through meditation or prayer.

Black hooded figure

Hooded figures in the dreamscape refer to people cloaked in mystery in your waking life. For dream workers, black hooded figure dream meaning indicates a shroud of secrecy surrounding a person you know or a group that you are a part of. This suspicion that something malicious or sinister is happening behind closed doors may be due to unusual behavior you may have noticed from other people. Alternatively, this could also allude to difficulties you may face in the near future. It may be best to postpone any major plans or decisions until things are more favorable.

Figures under moonlight

I remember a forest, the howling of a wolf and an owl flying above. I see some figures standing in the moonlight, but I can't see their faces.

Images of a forest in dreams usually point to major changes taking place in your life, particularly changes you have brought about yourself due to some soul searching and a reassessment of priorities. In this case, you are probably making these changes because of a perceived threat, such as a rival or competitor in your field. The owl represents your acute ability to sniff out trouble, while the howling wolf indicates the presence of someone conspiring against you. The indiscernible faces you saw however, suggest that even your mental abilities cannot predict the future or how this situation can play out.

Strange tall figures inside dark house

I was outside near my house, then went inside my house, it was completely black inside and there were very tall figures standing over me with the mouths sewn shut.

Entering your own house and finding it to be pitch black is a highly ominous symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It suggests you are about to fall victim to some health issue or face an accident which would disrupt your daily existence. The tall figures themselves represent your friends and loved ones who would come to help and support you in this difficult time. However, seeing the mouths of the figures sewn shut suggests much the same in wake life, namely that no kind words can undo the pain or difficulty you would have to endure.

Tall black figure

Seeing a tall black figure in a dark room alone or with someone else is a warning sign of a looming danger in real life. In this realm, you may also only see a shadow, if not the proper figure. Either you see a real person or only a shadow, they both mean the same thing. When such scary things manifest unconsciously in your sleep, you must revisit your future plans such as going on a trip, starting a new business and alike.