Dreams Related To Fight

Yourself in a fight

Getting involved in a fight, maybe because you lost your temper or you got dragged into a fist fight as a way of backing up your friend against a gang, refers to an unexpected encounter or occurrence in your reality. This could be a positive incident or a negative one. Further clues can be gathered on the context of the fight as well as your emotions during the fight. Alternatively, this could mean that someone close to you would bring good tidings or exciting news to your household. It could have something to do with you prevailing over a tough thing you have been battling.

This dream symbol about getting into a fight can also be an indication of your impatience. For the most part this works in your favor because instead of waiting for things to happen, you actually take concrete steps and actions in order to get your way. Unfortunately, this also has a downside, especially if you tend to lose your cool or become rude in the process of trying to get your way.

Witnessing a fight

Witnessing a fight in a dream vision, it could be a sport like wrestling or boxing as well as brawls you encounter in the streets, predicts a carefree and prosperous existence ahead of you. The energy and high emotions which are present during the fight exemplify the adrenaline and surge in serotonin that you would experience as fun and rewarding activities occur in your life. You would have a lot of novel experiences which would enrich your professional and interpersonal connections.

Another dream interpretation for witnessing fights in dreams has to do with a generous gift you would receive. This gift may manifest in your reality in the form of an opportunity to earn more, such as a promotion or a job offer, but it could also refer to random luck like winning a lottery. Yet another form this gift could take is in making a lot of money from a wise investment decision. So you can look forward to a more comfortable future.

Winning a fight

Winning a fight, such as being declared the winner of a duel or knocking your opponent unconscious, is an auspicious dream symbol typically associated with triumph over adversity or narrowly avoiding a threatening situation. For example, you may avoid a potentially deadly car accident by a split second decision to slow down your car or take another route. This also reveals you resilience and grit whenever you face adversity. So whatever problem you may be facing now, this vision is a reassuring message that you would overcome it in the end.

Being chased and getting into a fight

Dreaming of being chased and then getting into a physical fight with your perpetrator, perhaps when this aggressor caught up to you while you were escaping or running away, means you would have to contend with a humiliating episode orchestrated by your rivals. You could be trapped in a corner with no way to escape this takedown. Whether or not you survive this embarrassing situation depends on how you react or retaliate. You could end up looking like a sore loser or you could turn the tables around and make your adversaries look bad.

A fight for a young woman

For a young woman, getting involved in a fight or participating in a physical combat, as a mediator or even an instigator, foretells gossip or rumors that would spread about you. These false bits of information may originate from jealous parties or people who feel threatened by you. In addition, if you see your current boyfriend or partner participating in the fight, then perhaps his love for you is not as sincere or genuine as you would have hoped. This could be your instincts showing you that this person may not be worth your time.

A fight with someone you know

Dreaming of getting into a fight with someone close to you, maybe a fist fight with a close friend or punching a family member, likely reveals your true feelings towards this person. Specifically, you may be struggling to control the anger, or even hatred, you feel about this close friend or loved one. The animosity may run deep because of your wealth of experiences and memories together. Unfortunately, something may occur that would reignite your anger and would make you want to humiliate or hurt this person just to get even.

A fight between spouses

Witnessing a fight between spouses, such as yourself with your spouse or another married couple you know in reality, could be an indication of indiscretion being committed by one or both parties. Tiny clues and signs you have observed in the real world may have been absorbed into your subconscious and your dream vision is showing you the inevitable outcome of an affair or acts of betrayal. This could also refer to a blossoming romance, and when something good happens, someone else would often have to suffer.

A fight between people in love

If you or your significant other dream about getting into a fight, because of accusations of cheating or physically punching and slapping each other after discovering a damning secret, it portends the possibility of separation. Although, the dream scenario does not necessarily have to involve the two of you fighting, it could just be one of you fighting someone else. In both cases, it may only be a temporary living situation because one of you may go on a work-related trip or it may be something more permanent.

Being defeated in a fight

Getting beaten or defeated in a fight, such as envisioning yourself face down with lots of cuts and bruises, foreshadows risky situations or events that could lead to losses. These losses are often material possessions or property, maybe because you are unable to pay your mortgage or you get deep in debt that would require you to sell your belongings. On the other hand, this may also point to personal losses and failures that would cause a lot of emotional cycles and drive you into possible depression.

Blood during a fight

Fighting someone in your dream then seeing blood, on your knuckles after you punch your opponent or your own blood if you get seriously injured, forewarns a potential betrayal from someone you trust immensely. Perhaps you and this person have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations together which makes this act of betrayal more painful than any other. As such, the blood spilled during this fight represents the breaking of a strong bond that has been forged over the years between you and your close friend.

A professional fight

Dreaming about watching a professional fight, such as a martial arts match or a boxing championship live or on television, refers to meeting new people in reality. These may be visitors or tourists you would encounter during one of your trips or it could also point to the unexpected arrival of house guests. While unexpected, they may be very much welcome. In fact, it may be a pleasant surprise and a happy reunion since you may have not seen each other in a long time, like a childhood friend or a long-lost family member.

Deceased mother stopping a fight

My dead mother was stopping me from fighting a girl who was provoking me.

This dream scenario, according to Carl Jung shadow theory, suggests soon getting into a situation requiring wisdom, careful decision-making or even precise calculation on your part. Perhaps your recent actions caused inconvenience or even suffering to someone close to you and at this point in time you need to make some serious amends.

Challenged to a fight

I dropped my wife off at her job in a store similar to a JC Penney's. Then I went to another area of the store where there was an outside break room. There were a bunch of coworkers yelling and talking about how they had to fight themselves and how crazy it was. Then I saw myself in that group. My coworkers turned towards me and said "It is your turn, Mike." We started fighting. There was no slow-motion aspect about it. This younger me wanted to fight, but my experience made it simple. This other me looked like me before I became a family man but with my current weight. I won, he disappeared.

Seeing a group of people fighting indicates an aspect of your personality that is free and gives you the ability to "Be your own man." This is juxtaposed with the symbols of the two people you are fighting. The first fight, where you win easily, suggests there is something you are missing in your wake life. When you figure it out, you are likely to be caught off guard and may not know how to respond. The image of fighting another version of yourself, however, is more telling. It suggests an internal struggle, either with some part of your personality that you did not like from your previous life or with the "what-ifs" that plague the minds of creative people. In both cases, the fact that you won the fight suggests finding peace or contentment through your perseverance and hard work.

Fight as a duel

Envisioning yourself fighting in a duel, such as in a medieval period with yourself as a knight or in a modern-day setting facing off with another person to fight for your honor, depicts a dilemma which you would soon wrestle with. The good news is that while this may be a long and arduous process for you, you would eventually find an ideal resolution which would have negligible negative repercussions to you and to the people you care about. This just goes to show how much you think about others and not just yourself.

Being challenged to a fight

To dream of being challenged to a fight, maybe as a way of settling a score or to test your strength and athleticism, implies hesitations and self-doubt. You may have been put in charge of a huge project and you are starting to doubt your own leadership capabilities and expertise. You may even be questioning whether your plans are worth implementing, perhaps because more and more challenges and obstacles are being identified as early as the planning stage.

A fight between women

Two or more women locked in a fight, such as full on physically punching or slapping each other as well as a catfight, likely exposes the suffering of one of these women. While not immediately discernible, one of the women involved in the fight is probably going through a high emotional and stressful period which may have nothing to do with the other woman or women involved in the dream vision. As such, this could be your mind urging you to reach out and provide support for this person who may be a close friend.

Participating in a mob fight

Participating in a mob fight, such as in a field, the streets, an alley or a parking lot, warns you against being too insensitive because you may make powerful enemies. Being frank and straightforward may come in handy in your position or profession, however, someone or a group of people could take your words the wrong way and an argument could ensue. If you are not familiar with whom you are dealing with, it may be best to play it by ear and tread lightly before you inadvertently insult anyone.

A fight with a friend

Getting into a fight with a good friend, over a difference of opinions or after one of you learns about a secret that could damage your friendship, signifies the loss of something you value. This may not directly mean the end of your friendship, instead something else in your life may be in danger of disappearing or slipping away. For example, you could lose material possessions from a thief or kleptomaniac. This could also mean the loss of a valued mentor or a passion project because of factors beyond your control.

Getting hurt while in a fight

Getting hurt or injured while in the middle of a fight, like cutting your lip, dislocating your jaw or even getting stabbed in a skirmish by your opponent, may be an indication of your tendency to get involved in other people's business. You may feel the urge to speak out or give your input on things and issues that do not really need your opinion. Maybe you mean well or you feel obligated to help, however you may just be causing more conflict or muddling up the situation when the parties involved can easily work things out on their own.

Furthermore, interfering in others' issues may come off as negative even if you only have the best intentions. They may find it too invasive and presumptuous, so instead of being frank and outspoken during tricky situations, perhaps you would benefit from being impartial or neutral. Otherwise, there is a big chance that you would just create an awkward atmosphere, or worse, you could damage your relationship with good friends or loved ones.

An unstoppable fight

Watching a fight that just will not end, perhaps a riot where more and more people join in or a bar fight escalating, is usually a warning about getting involved with unruly people in your community or bad influences in your social circle. They may try to recruit you or choose you as their next victim, so tread lightly. It is also possible that you would find yourself attending a wild party which may be too overwhelming for you. On the other hand, this may be a harbinger of change in your profession, possibly a promotion which would require a lot of adjustment and stress.

A fight between men

A vision of two men fighting, perhaps after having an argument in front of a woman they both desire or simply a matter of principle in which they use fighting as a way to settle the score, reveals the brewing tension between these two men in reality. While they may not have engaged in a physical fight in the real world yet, they could be extremely cutthroat and competitive with each other. They could be your colleagues or bosses at work, or they may be part of your core group of friends who often butt heads.

A fight in a distance

Observing a fight in progress from afar, like looking down from your apartment building or as you are driving past the ensuing incident, means you may discover someone's mistakes or lies that have significant repercussions. This may refer to a colleague at work who is covering up his or her tracks to avoid getting sacked or suspended. This would eventually be revealed to the proper authorities so you would not necessarily be the one to expose this wrongdoing. As such, this is a valuable lesson about professionalism and honesty.

A fight with animals

Envisioning yourself fighting animals, like a hunter being hunted by your former preys in retribution or in the jungle where you are fighting off lions and tigers, is a harbinger of troubled times ahead. Things could get shaky for you, your world may even be turned upside down, because of major issues you have to deal with. The animals could symbolize your enemies that are working together to tear you down. As a result of this tremendous force, your day to day could become fraught with tension and stress.

Using a whip in a fight

Using a whip as your weapon of choice during a fight, maybe when you envisioned yourself as Indiana Jones or a lion tamer whipping your opponents into shape, is a positive dream symbol often referring to triumph over your enemies. You may soon go head-to-head with your rivals in a competition in which you would emerge victorious and triumphant. As such, the whip represents your sharp mind, incisive insights and wit which would give you tremendous advantage during this face off.

An imminent fight

Observing an imminent fight, like two groups of people arguing or staring each other down and about to exchange blows, signifies receiving help from unexpected sources. You may experience a rough patch in your life soon and even without asking for help, this unlikely patron would likely bail you out of a financial problem or give you opportunities to pick yourself up. Alternatively, an incident may get you acquainted or bond with a long-time neighbor who could become a trusted friend.

A fierce fight

Witnessing a fierce fight, such as between two exemplary fighters or yourself locked in a ferocious battle with someone you know in reality, reveals your intimacy issues which is rooted in your insecurities. You may be constantly worried that you are not capable of pleasing your partner sexually, so this keeps you from pursuing people you are interested in. There may be a deeper issue causing your poor self-esteem and you may have to resolve this so you can begin to make real connections with potential partners.

A fight with a stranger

Fighting a stranger in your dream vision, after an altercation in a bar or because the other person suddenly attacked you from out of nowhere, signifies major changes in your career or chosen profession very soon. An unexpected event could change your job description in a way that would require a lot of adjustments and a steep learning curve. This could also apply to your hobby or side project. Maybe it would suddenly take off which would need you to put in more time and effort to sustain the momentum.

Children in a fight

Watching children fighting, in the park or playground over a toy or because someone is being bullied, means bonding with your family. If you have children of your own, then you may have a chance to get to know each of your children better during a family trip or vacation. Otherwise, this suggests a big family affair which would allow you to catch up with family members and relatives whom you may have lost touch with or were just too busy to spend quality time with. This is your chance to strengthen family bonds.

Losing a fight with someone

Losing a fight with someone, especially if it is a physical fight, means you are not making enough effort to showcase your talents. For example, if you are a good singer, you have not even tried to audition or post videos of your singing to potentially attract a talent manager. Your fear of failure, or being told you are not good enough, keeps you from maximizing your skills and capabilities. Alternatively, someone could be undermining your talent and you readily believe their lies, so you are actually hindering your own growth.

Too weak to fight back

Dreaming of being too weak to fight means you are slowly becoming apathetic. Since there are a lot of things happening in your own community as well as on an international scale, you are starting to feel overwhelmed and subsequently numb about how fast things are unfolding. People seem to move on quickly from one issue to another and you cannot find yourself caring about any of them at all. Unfortunately, apathy will not help make things better, so perhaps stepping back from your gadgets and spending some alone time for self-care will help you see your priorities clearly. This way you can choose your battles based on your beliefs and not get swept up by every pressing issue bolstered by public opinion.

Training someone to fight

I was watching a random person whom I knew to fight. The person lost the fight and was getting criticized by our peers. I guess we were all fighters. I kept telling him that he just needed to work harder and eventually he would improve. Some random person suggested that I should train him. All of a sudden, I'm sitting in a circle with some people meditating, when I make my choice to train this person. I hop up with a new aura of energy and tell this person that I will help them. The whole dream changes. Everyone's hyped up as they know this person is going to be something special.

Overall, this dream vision of training your peer to be a fighter could be revealing your lack of leadership and initiative when you need it the most. It could be that you have faced some episodes of indecisiveness or lack of control in your everyday dealings. Trying to control another person or people in a dream carries notions of being unable to manage your interaction with other people, which could be hurting your self-confidence and personal character. You seem to have a strong and courageous personality, but you could be at odds as far as your ability to get your points across is concerned.

A fight provoked by a lit red candle

I lit a red candle near my bed, near my head. In the room, my daughter and her boyfriend were there. He sees the candle light up and he gets upset and starts fighting then grabs my daughter and they leave to another room.

Lit candles in dreams often symbolize the union between two people, resulting in new associations, connections, and relationships. While this sounds like a positive situation, the fact that the candle was red, and the subsequent fight between your daughter and her boyfriend, suggests there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Red is often associated with passion and strong emotions. In some cases it is connected with the idea of deep love, however, it can also show instances where the tension runs so high that it leads to irrational and even violent behavior. It is possible that you see this type of dynamic forming in either your relationship or your daughter's. It would be wise, then, to talk to her and make sure she is happy in her current partnership.

Fighting with a friend while in business together

I had a dream I was walking around outside and stumbled onto a moped that I'd been looking for in real life, which turned out to be a friend of mine. And that friend needed help, so I helped him, and we ended up starting a business with his stuff. He tried to be sexual with me and I turned him down. Then I had to fight some other girl and I won. Then I think I was ready to go back home to my boyfriend.

The moped represents your carefree and laid-back disposition. This dream reveals the personal journey you need to go through before settling down as part of growing up. In the meantime, you would have to deal with passing individuals who may figure in some phases of your life, but you would end up losing touch with them. The fight with the girl represents your inner struggle, trying to negotiate which attitude needs to go if you are to become fully formed and mature.

A fight between a fox and lizard

Hello, I've had a dream where I was petting a white fox and a lizard went by us and the fox suddenly attacked the lizard and I was trying to protect the fox by attacking the same lizard. The dream was placed in my childhood neighborhood and was really vivid. Could you please tell me what it means since I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet? Thanks. :)

The white fox and lizard in your dream represent two influential figures in your life. The neighborhood gives a bit of a clue regarding the identity of these two individuals. Dreaming of childhood places typically means that you are feeling nostalgic and remembering a simpler and idealized period of your youth. Consider the characteristics of the animals. A white fox symbolizes a well-meaning figure who tends to use charm and wit to manipulate or gain the trust of others. Meanwhile, the lizard represents someone cold and calculating. Perhaps they refer to your parents and how you view each of them, or they could be individuals you look up to. Either way, you could be feeling protective of the fox and demonizing the lizard, yet you know deep down that they both had a big impact on your development and social skills.

A fight between an owl and an eagle

An owl and an eagle fighting.

Seeing an owl and an eagle fighting is the manifestation of your struggle with injustice in the world. Specifically, this symbol represents your attempts to fight back against bullies and other who are intolerant by standing up to them and defending those who are weaker. Your efforts are likely to earn you the respect and appreciation of those you help, but you may face hardship from broken relationships with those who are not as morally inclined to act as you.

Fighting with a friend who cheated

I had a dream I caught my friend having an affair with my child's father in the bathroom of someone's home we were visiting and once I caught them he didn't say anything but me and her fought.

While you may be concerned about your partner's loyalty, dreams about cheating and affairs rarely have anything to do with the other party. Rather, these symbols suggest the dreamer is unsatisfied with their life in one way or another. It seems you may find your current lifestyle or habits a bit boring or monotonous. This is supported with the image of the fight with your friend, which does indicate such a conflict occurring in reality. You may be looking to pick a fight with her or someone else you are close to in order to add some excitement and drama to your days. However, doing so could backfire and lead to the loss of a perfectly good friendship. It may be wiser to find a new hobby or mix up your schedule rather than jeopardize your prized relationships.