Dreams Related To Field

Fighting in the field

I was with the woman I love. We were in hiding. Not sure why or where we but there was a field. In the field was one of my best friends. Then love of my life is new to the area. Not even a year. My close friend and I fight and I end up killing him. I think by shooting but I'm not sure. Then left in the field. The cops come and find him and I am aware but I wake up.

The woman you love in the dream symbolizes your desires and aspirations. The fact that you are hiding in this dream scenario means you are keeping your desires to yourself. Perhaps you feel like being open about what you want may elicit negative perceptions from others. Meanwhile, killing your best friend indicates a falling out with your peers. You may not be seeing eye to eye with someone in your close social circle. Killing may not necessarily be about violence, but a metaphor for enlightenment. You can either choose to cut ties with people you no longer agree with or find a way to reconcile and have mutual understanding in order to preserve a long-term relationship.

A sectioned-off grassy field

20, female. I keep having a dream about a sectioned-off grass area that is surrounded by trees, a school, and a building. Almost like a destiny (Xbox one game) setting. And last night was the first time I ever drove through it.

Sometimes the images we see in reality, no matter how brief, get stored in our subconscious. As such, it is possible that you came across that setting in the waking world through the various media you consume. In addition, your preoccupation or interest in playing the game may have conjured a similar scene in your head. Symbolically, a sectioned-off grassy area represents personal aspirations at a standstill. Your mind may be focused on achieving a particular goal that could seem out of reach at the moment.

A door in the middle of a field

Female. I was standing in a field, screaming for someone to respond. There was a door, and when I walked through the door everyone was dead.

Standing in a field could represent the current peaceful state of your life or a recent period of calmness that you experienced in reality. As such, your cries for someone to respond to you mean you could easily become shaken, emotionally lost or depressed by a sudden change in the environment you are used to. In this case, walking through the door to find everyone dead reflects this previous symbol, suggesting that the area where you spend the majority of your time or the individuals you spend your time with are not doing what they should to lift you up and improve your life. This vision may be a warning that you need to break free from the current monotony and normalcy you are used to and challenge yourself to step up to the next level.

Confrontation in a field

My boyfriend and I were riding a four-wheeler down the road. We see a horse dragging a dog, the dog's guts are coming out, it is being dragged by a rope tied to the horse. The horse runs into a spontaneous field fire and at the end of the T-road there is fair or festival booths, 2 I think, where you'd buy food or tickets. A man comes out of the cornfield then a few more men come out of nowhere with bad intentions, I feel it. A tall man with blonde wavy hair mocks God when I pray out loud toward the sky.

Driving down a road is often considered a metaphor for your life journey in the dream realm. In this case, the symbol of the horse and the dead dog suggests you are carrying a heavy load on your soul that you need to get rid of. In one sense, it means you subconsciously recognize how important it is to tie up loose threads and make a fresh start. Perhaps this is referring to some grudge you have been holding or your relationship with your boyfriend in general. The festival at the end of the T-intersection could be interpreted as a sign that your current trajectory would only yield sadness and disappointment. This is supported by the image of the man with bad intentions and your vocal prayer to God, which is often associated with needing to ask for pardon. It may be time to consider what you want your future to look like so that you can make better choices about how you deal with your interpersonal relations.