Dreams Related To Fetus

Dishes and a fetus in the grass

I have 3 kids already and have had miscarriages. I had a dream that I was outside washing dishes. I don't know why. As I was waiting for them to dry they started to move on their own towards my yard like a ghost with a magnet. As I'm watching, a spoon gets sucked into the grass. I dig up grass and find a fetus. Like a miscarried baby, but still alive and very intelligent. It took the spoon and pulled the dishes. I try to wrap it up in a blanket and start warming it and it grows on its own to a baby.

Washing dishes in dreams means you are ready for what's in store for your future. Despite the setbacks, you remain optimistic and hopeful. Meanwhile, the ghostly force which took away the dishes is telling you that you need to let go and allow life to happen instead of trying to control every aspect since some circumstances are just out of your hands. In particular, the spoon is a reminder for you to open yourself up to new experiences as well as be ready to give and receive love. In doing so, the fetus would present itself naturally to you. The fetus represents a blessing or a new relationship which would blossom into something that would give you fulfillment and purpose.

Fetal movement

Feeling your baby move within your womb during a dream, especially if you are pregnant in wake life, is a highly auspicious sign. This fortunate omen suggests the birth of a healthy baby and a community to welcome them into. It is also associated, in some cultures, with having a boy or an heir. Finally, if you are not pregnant, this symbol can allude to ideas becoming a reality, such as the dream of opening up your own business or moving to a foreign country.