Dreams Related To Ferret

Being attacked by ferrets

Attacked by ferrets.

Being attacked by ferrets is often interpreted as a sign that the dreamer is about to be hurt and attacked on all sides. First, this vision suggests the presence of a chronic illness or some developing health problem as a result of poor habits. These issues would cause both physical pain and also eat away at your confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, this symbol suggests others would criticize you for this condition or spread rumors about the source and cause of your issues. Seeing friends become enemies would likely further dampen your spirits, making the road to recovery even more difficult and challenging.

Six ferrets helping to make the bed

I had a dream about six ferrets helping my boyfriend make his bed.

Dreams associated with visions of ferrets could represent being in a compromising position or situation related to love affairs. The notion of ferrets helping your friend to make the bed signifies that this unpleasant situation could be related to private love affairs or personal relationship your friend has with someone. The number six, which you describe as the number of ferrets, in a dream represents lies and deceit which could serve as a source of these unhealthy trends within the relationship. They could originate either from a couple itself or some other people trying to interfere with and jeopardize the stability and strength of the relationship.