Dreams Related To Father-in-law

Future father-in-law dying and resurrecting

In this dream my future father-in-law died and became alive again. Only me could see him and he is at first angry because I did not get to wear a sliver ring with a blue stone.

The presence of your future father-in-law in this dream likely reveals your mixed feelings towards him. Maybe you think he is constantly keeping tabs on you, even though he is not physically present. It could also signify certain unresolved issues between the two of you and you feel it is necessary to confront and resolve before marrying the person he holds dear to his heart. On the other hand, the silver ring can be viewed as an indication of sadness or depression which you try to hide from others. Are you getting cold feet? Perhaps this is your subconscious urging you to tie loose ends before entering this new chapter in your life.