Dreams Related To Fat

Being fat

Being fat or overweight in a dream could have different implications depending on your body weight in real life. If you have a slender or an athletic build in reality, this symbol may reveal some bad habit catching up with you. In some cases this may refer directly to your physical health, such as vaping or binge drinking, however it can also reflect worsening mental or emotional health due to an abusive relationship or buying into the airbrushed bodies of models in magazines and online. On the other hand, if you carry more weight in reality, this symbol could mean you are becoming more accepting of yourself and breaking away from society's standards of beauty. You may also be seeing this symbol as a reflection of achievements that have nothing to do with your looks, like earning a degree, getting out or debt or starting a new business.

House collapsing with a fat boy inside

Some house collapsed. A very fat boy was there.

A dream which involved seeing house walls collapsing right in front of you means that an inhabitant of the house you saw in this dream is getting ready to meet an untimely death and pass away. The vision of a fat boy symbolizes bodily harm as a possible cause of this death event (expressed in the form of a hyperbolic subconscious representation of excessive body weight).

Abandoned because of being too fat

A guy that I like and who liked me back in real life met up with me and left me for some other really hot skinny girl because I was too fat for him.

Your dream of being traded for a hot, skinny girl because of your weight reveals your own issues and insecurities about your body. Additionally, when other people in your dream comment or act in a certain way because of your weight, it reflects existing difficulties with your interpersonal relationships, most likely family and close friends. Perhaps you feel judged in reality because of the way you look. Your subconscious could be bringing up these issues so that you can focus on them in order to make you feel better and more confident about yourself.