Dreams Related To Falling

Children falling down

A dream in which you see children tumbling over or falling from a tree branch has negative connotations. It portends that your children or those of close acquaintances might suffer from certain health problems. It's an indication that the children might be diagnosed with certain maladies or ill health.

Someone falling

A dream in which you perceive someone falling from an immense altitude or tumbling over after skidding is a sign of warning. It portends that someone whom you know might face complexities and troubles, this person might even need your facilitation and encouragement to survive from this intricate time.

Feeling of falling down

A dream in which you see yourself plummeting down or tumbling over is a portentous sign. It's a forewarning that you could be experiencing immense disillusionment and bereavement. Additionally it could also mean that you might have a shot at some dicey ventures or plans which might be ineffective or in vain.

Falling from high above

A dream in which you feel as if you are plummetting down from high above is an optimistic sign. It signifies that you would be promoted or upgraded at your workplace. Additionally it could also mean that you would receive appreciation and regard from people surrounding you.

Meaning of dream about falling from great heights

Falling down from the roof

A dream in which you see yourself falling off a roof is symbolic of the negative vibes surrounding you. It is indicative of the fact that you might be ostracized or become unpopular with people in your vicinity. Additionally you might also spend some time isolated and deserted by people because of such misapprehensions and misinterpretations.

Falling down from a great height

Dreaming about falling from a high altitude, such as an elevated building or a tall tree is symbolic of the negative vibes entering your life. It portends that you might face a chain of inopportune events which might have an unconstructive and negative impact on your life.

Proviso, you cannot find a steady ground to land on thus lengthening your fall could be indicative of the fact that you would be able to endure and survive such blows or impacts merely by putting forth a great deal of effort and time to thwart them.

Someone falling off balcony

Witnessing a person fall off a balcony predicts a separation. At first this will seem like an ill omen about unavoidable circumstances which will test your relationship to its limits. However, upon closer inspection, this dream symbol has a silver lining. The distance will not be permanent, perhaps it will only be due to work or other obligations. On the other hand, if the person falling is your child, then it means someone's child might contract a serious illness.

Falling together with the loved one

Dreaming about tumbling down with the one you love is a sign of positive vibes present in your life. It signifies that the love you have for your better half is enduring and unwavering. This adoration that you have for one another is mutual and both of you are in perfect harmony with each other's feelings.

A stranger falling

Dreaming about a stranger falling from a high altitude has negative connotations. It signifies that you may suffer severe financial losses which may leave you destitute and would cause downfall in your material well-being or possessions.

Falling and injuring yourself

A dream in which you see yourself tumbling over and getting wounded to the point that you start hemorrhaging must be considered to be an ominous sign. It portends that you might suffer severe losses. Additionally it also signifies that you would be deserted by friends or people whom you considered to be very close to you.

Falling dream

A dream where you feel that you are falling is an ominous vision to behold. It represents having illusions of grandeur or a tendency to avoid the harsh realities of your situation. If you see this symbol, you should try to have a more realistic outlook on your circumstances. Perhaps talking to someone with more knowledge or experience would be wise in this instance.

Tree falling

To see a tree toppling over during the course of a dream vision is often considered a very ill omen to perceive. Traditional sources connect this symbol to the dreamer's own death or demise, usually in a sudden or violent manner. Other symbols in the vision could give a clearer interpretation, but for now it would be wise to be very cautious. Look both ways before you cross the street and replace any faulty electronics that could lead to fire.


Falling is often associated with trouble and misfortune. If you experience this symbol while you are dreaming, you should be very cautious over the following days. For example, you should double check to make sure you lock your doors and look both ways before you cross the street. Failure to do so may have disastrous results.

Falling from a small height

Dreaming about falling from a comparatively brief height, such as a table or a chair has negative connotations. It indicates that you may face certain obstacles and adversity. However you would soon recover yourself, regain your balance and become triumphant over these impediments and hindrances in a short while.

Falling off a cliff

Falling off the edge of a high cliff could represent a tendency to test the depth of water with both feet. You may get involved in activities or schemes that you do not truly understand. In fact, this has possibly lead you down one of two paths. It is possible you have fudged your way through a task, causing much stress and anxiety because you did not know if you could pull it off. However, it is equally likely that you have had to give up at some point, letting down those who were relying on you to get the job done. It may be time to carefully consider your commitment to any project before signing up in the future.

Falling into the water from a cliff

I'm being dared to jump off an insanely high cliff into a lake. I walk to the edge and think "No, I'm not doing it," but I slip and fall off the edge. As I fall, I realize I'm gonna hit the cliff wall and steer myself away from it. I'm happy about this and have no fear. I'm falling for a long time. I don't remember hitting the water, but I remember afterward in my dream I'm bragging to friends about how high it was and that it took me at least 25 seconds to reach the bottom.

To understand this vision, we should look at the signs in reverse. A large body of water, such as the one you fell into at the end of a dream, portends opportunities and experiences that look very tempting or promising. However, the feeling of falling from a great height suggests you may be easily fooled or have a tendency to get involved with unprofitable enterprises. If you see an opportunity that looks too good to be true, it's best to avoid it. Focus your energies on projects that have consistently proven successful rather than ones that are completely up to chance.

Falling and feeling the pain

Dreaming about plummeting from a high altitude and experiencing pain subsequently has an ominous connotation. It could be an indication of a frantic situation edging in lunacy, because you would become distressed and exhausted while waiting for your life to be back on track.

Someone falling from building

Jungian sources suggest you are picking up on some negative energy or aura around a close friend or family member if you see someone falling from the top of a building in your dream. Even if the face of the falling individual was unclear to you, your heart surely recognizes the suffering and hardship that weighs on those closest to you. They may have even recently been given bad news that further dampens their spirits. Your unconscious mind is perhaps nudging you to offer them some sort of support, whether it is moral or physical in nature.

Falling and waking up

Dreaming about tumbling or falling and waking up abruptly is an indication of ill luck. It portends that you might have to face certain disasters and adverse issues whenever you would try to implement new ideas or take on projects. Waking up immediately after having this dream signifies that these unfortunate events would be taking place in a short while.

Someone falling down

Seeing someone falling down from a building in the dream realm indicates a lack of control and support in their life. The bustle of daily routine and negativity surrounding them is affecting their health and well-being. The feeling of getting hurt will arise which represents the challenges they are facing in their waking life. It is a cry for help, and they need someone to provide them with the necessary aid to overcome their obstacles. The dream is also a warning for the dreamers themselves to take a step back, prioritize self-care, and seek help when needed to avoid unfavorable consequences in their relationships with others.

Falling for those in love

If a person who believes they are in love experiences a dream about falling, such a vision portends negativity. It signifies that the love and adoration they have for the other person is futile and pointless because the relationship is only a fleeting one.

Falling into water

Dreaming about plummetting in the water from a high altitude is an indication of the negativity about to enter your life. It portends that you might become entangled in certain circumstances where you might have to proclaim bankruptcy and would not have adequate or sufficient funds to uphold yourself in society.

Someone falling to their death

Witnessing someone fall to their death, off a building or a cliff, means there is negative aura surrounding you. According to Jungian sources, there might be someone in your inner circle who is experiencing difficulty and this energy is being communicated to you through this dream. Your mind could be telling you to reach out to this person and ask how you can help. It is also possible that someone has already opened up to you about their problems and asked for assistance. It is up to you to help as much as you can without damaging your own well-being.

Falling into a pit

Dreaming about falling into a hollow or a ditch has ominous connotations. It is an indication of approaching sickness or illness which would inhibit you from living a typically healthy life. Additionally it might also signify the impediments which you have to face while forming enduring or irrevocable relationships within the society.

A star falling into water

A dream in which you see a star plummetting into the sea or another water body is symbolic of inability to accomplish things. It portends that most of your dreams and aspirations would remain ideas only and would never reach culmination. You would be met with disenchantment and disillusions only.

Falling and getting back on your feet

A dream in which you see yourself tumbling down but triumphant in getting back on your feet is an agreeable sign. It indicates that you would become an individual who is esteemed and cherished by others. Additionally it also signifies that you might become moneyed and affluent in a short while.

Unable to get up after falling

Dreaming about falling over and being unable to recuperate from it has negative connotations. It portends interludes of difficulties and melancholy due to the fact that you would become incapable of turning things into your favor or benefit. This may in turn cause you to go into depression.

Falling and getting injured

Hi! In my dream I was in my aunt village, and I was with my dad, two of my aunt daughters and my daughter. We decided to take a toll of the village and as soon as I step out of the house I fell on the ground. It was slippery and wet and muddy. I just lied on the ground and they watched me. After sometime since I couldn't get up they were trying to take me to hospital. I started feeling something hard on my stomach on my right. I panicked and some nurses attended me. Something was pointed from inside of my stomach makes me scared. And I screamed and cried and my daughter I believe was also crying.

Dreaming about falling over and being unable to recuperate from it has negative connotations. It could portend interludes of hardships and melancholy, sadness or anger. In particular, you could be unable to turn some difficult circumstance to your favor or benefit. As a consequence, you could go through a depressive state that would aggravate the situation. You further had a vision in your dream about having something sticking out of your stomach. This could be an indication of subconscious concerns about your health. The health issues would not necessarily be related to gastrointestinal ailments. Rather, these could relate to some physical symptoms that you already have or would start noticing. Alternatively, these would relate to some unwanted, undesirable or conflictual feelings that you could be about to experience.

Someone falling and getting hurt

In a dream, envisioning someone falling and getting injured represents feelings of fear or anxiety about someone else's life or situation. The dreamer may be afraid for this person and worried about their well-being. The dream could also be a reflection of your feelings of vulnerability or hurt in your own life. According to some interpretations, the person falling could be a part of yourself that feels unstable or uncertain. Overall, the dream is a reminder to pay attention to your own emotions and to reach out to others who may need support.

Falling for travelers

If you are planning a trip abroad or traveling somewhere, a dream about falling must be considered a forewarning. It might signify that the journey or expedition which you are about to undertake may go wrong and turn into a catastrophe or end up in a debacle.

Falling off a building

To see yourself fall off a tall building, as opposed to jumping off a building, suggests losing control over something. Buildings typically represent ambition and professional aspirations, so falling off this structure indicates work-related problems. This could be an ill omen about letting your insecurities or inner saboteur prevent you from being successful in your field. You could also have misguided speculations about how your colleagues view you. Instead of allowing external factors to influence your self-worth, it may be time to start believing in yourself and your capabilities.

A sandal and bread falling from the sky

Please interpret my dream. I dreamt there was "a" (not pair) beautiful platform wedges sandal in a place. Out of a sudden, a shower of countless Bugatti bread from the sky started and I tried to get bread as much as possible, but the bread was more than I could collect with my hands.

Seeing a single-platform wedge sandal in your dream means you are coveting something impractical. It may be related to a material object or a status that is beyond your means. The Bugatti bread raining down from the sky represents the cost of trying to get this item or position in life that you covet. You could be working hard to be able to afford this apple of your eye, yet it still remains out of your reach. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate your priorities and question whether you really need this in your life or could settle for less for your own peace of mind.

Falling for a sick person

For a person suffering from ill health or infirmity of any sorts, a dream in which they see themselves falling has ominous connotations. It's an indication that the procedures or approach that you have chosen for your treatment might be ineffectual and you may need to reassess it or contemplate to take up other measures to prevent and tackle it.

Falling from a horse

A dream in which you see yourself falling down from a horse is symbolic of the negativity in your life. It portends that there are certain obstacles, adversity and tribulation which you might have to confront. In fact you might have to tackle these problems head on somewhere in the near future.

Frightened after falling

A dream in which you see yourself being startled and terrified after tumbling down or falling over is symbolic of the negative elements present in your life. It signifies that you might have to face a number of conflicts but eventually you will succeed in terminating these problems and would ultimately have a bit of good luck on your side.

A star falling on you

Dreaming about a star plunging down from the sky on top of you is a sign of noble and worthy news coming your way. It signifies that your most revered and sacrosanct dreams and aspirations would come true. This would be a time for you to rejoice and be exultant.

A prolonged falling

A dream in which you see yourself experiencing a free fall from a high altitude portends negativity in your life. You might be subjected to mortification and disgrace in your social status. This deprivation could be a result of major losses in property and assets either due to your negligence and inattention or due to imprudence on your part.

Falling for business people

If an individual who is a business person or involved in trade, dreams about falling, it must be considered a negative indication. It portends complexities and inconveniences while conducting business. It could signify that they might face monetary difficulties and other impediments which would prevent their business from prospering.

Falling down for elderly

If an elderly and aged individual has a dream about falling from a high altitude, it must be considered a forewarning. Its an indication of the fact that the time has approached when this person might expire or breath their last.

Falling down quickly

Dreaming about falling down abruptly or suddenly is indicative of the negative vibes in your life. It signifies that you might have to encounter dishonor and disgrace as well as vilification from your acquaintances for something which you haven't done and are no part of.

Ascending and falling

Dreaming about rapidly ascending up the ground and instantly falling down indicates that all the motivation and objectives which you may have are rendered fruitless because of your primeval fears. Your lack of confidence also contributes to the inhibition in accomplishing your goals and ambitions.

Falling into a chasm

Dreaming about falling into an abyss or a chasm for a prolonged interlude is indicative of your own feelings of isolation and seclusion. It also signifies the solitude and melancholy which you feel because of the way people have forsaken or abandoned you.

Falling and being saved by a cow

Bad people were chasing me in an old-style, very tall cathedral-type building, so I jumped over the railing from the highest level of the cathedral and as I started falling, I fall on top of a cow that was falling as well, then the cow hit the ground and I was on top of the cow... So, the cow broke my fall but it died of course because I fell on top of it. What does this mean?

Falling from a great height and surviving in a dream is indicative of being faced with opportunities and experiences that look very tempting or promising. The other details of this dream are more closely related to your personality traits and the attitude you express when you try to use these changes to your advantage. Being chased in this dream represents that you are likely surrounded by rivals and competitors who want to succeed in the same field or get their share of the things they equally desire. In this pursuit, you tend to rely and depend on others, rather than act on your own, which could be beneficial for you, because it increases your chances to succeed, but not so good for them, because they may be losing on goals important to them.

Falling into team mate's arms

So, I'm a girl, and I had this dream. It's kind of hazy, but whenever something happened, I remembered running and jumping into a girl's arms, and it gave me butterflies. This girl is on my sports team, by the way. Now I feel super odd when I'm around her. Help?

Even though this dream vision could be just a residual of physical contact during sport-related activities you may have participated in together, traditional dream interpretation sources refer to visions of close physical interaction, such as embracing or falling into someone's arms, as a sign of upcoming separation from this person. Possible reasons for this to happen could include you or her relocating, changing social preferences, or the emergence of a new person or people in your or her life.

Falling into a well under a house

I have had a dream on several nights about a well under a house and the house falling with me in it and I get stuck!

The well and the collapse of this house are both symbolic of an upcoming problem or conflict in wake life. This situation is likely to be both challenging and trying in multiple aspects of your life, including physically, emotionally, intellectually, and possibly even spiritually. Being trapped inside the house predicts that there is nothing you can do to avoid this situation, so you need to take some time and analyze circumstances or influences which may potentially cause disturbance in your life and how they can impact your life as a whole.

Falling into space while flying a plane

I fell out of a plane into space. Black space dotted with stars. Panicked about leaving my children. Awareness of not being able to correct this accident. Woke up.

There are two interpretations of this dream, both positive and negative. The positive interpretation is that space could mean creativity and independent thinking. You are thinking out of the box, possibly even in work-related tasks or responsibilities. The negative aspect of this vision has to do with the more unsavory connotations of space, including detaching yourself from your loved ones and spacing out or being too preoccupied with daydreams and striving to outperform. Maybe you are getting consumed by the process of producing your outputs to the point when you lose touch with your family and your other responsibilities. Perhaps you need to balance your priorities and become more grounded.

Falling out of a plane without the seat belt

In my dream, I'm flying in a biplane with 2 or 3 seats. I don't know the pilot, but if there is a third seat, my husband is in it. I'm always in the second seat. My seat belt will not work, but the pilot rolls the plane anyway so that it is upside down, and I fall out.

This vision has a very clear interpretation but should be regarded as a warning as well in regards to any plans you could be making currently. Taking a flight by itself is an ominous sign which predicts failure and the misfortune that follows. The cause of this disappointing event can be seen in your broken seat belt, which suggests you are spreading yourself too thin. Because you cannot fully dedicate yourself to each of the goals you have set for yourself, you are likely to have great difficulty accomplishing any of them.

Falling and other misforturnes

I am from India and I have come to Canada to my relatives. This is the third dream I had last night. The first was I am with my daughter in a lift going up in a building and the lift wire broke, it started falling down fast and I woke up with fear. In the second, I was in aircraft with my family and suddenly my wife had a heart attack, I was in distress and I saw my son creating a ruckus on the plane and wanted it to land immediately. The third was I was in a room in a building and it started falling and I woke up.

These visions are highly ominous and should be regarded with caution. Falling in a lift is a very inauspicious symbol associated with a decrease in your quality of life. Despite your recent change of scenery, there are likely some aspects of life that have not improved. For example, you may have difficulty communicating your wants and needs to others, or the change in climate may have started having a negative effect on your overall health. Envisioning your wife having a heart attack while in flight also suggests misfortune, suggesting that the cause is your own inability to manage your time and resources wisely. You may want to take your next steps more carefully than you were planning to avoid the worst of these issues.

Falling off a bridge

A recurring nightmare I had when I was about 4 where I'd fall from an actual local bridge into the falls below. I would awaken in a fright. In the final occurrence I realized I was dreaming and flew to the ground and ran off laughing. I have never had a nightmare since. This dream has actually had a profound change on the way I see fear and life in general.

The bridge in your dream refers to your social connections. As such, falling off the bridge reveals your fear of being isolated and left to fend for yourself. As a kid, this fear may stem from abandonment issues. This kind of dream may recur every time you feel rejected by peers and loved ones in the waking world. Consequently, falling into the waterfalls represents your emotional response to rejection and feelings of isolation. It also symbolizes being overwhelmed by difficulties and challenges associated with striving to reach your goals. So the awareness in the dream which subsequently leads you to fly and run off laughing is indicative of the resilience and courage you have developed over the years. Perhaps you are slowly getting braver and able to stand on your own two feet.

Falling into a pool with dead people

I was walking across a bridge with my partner when he fell over the bridge into a pool of dead people that wanted to drag him under. I tried to rescue him, but fell over and was caught by the dead people who molested me.

Bridges are synonymous with relationships in dreams, so walking across one is perhaps a metaphor for the way you feel about your partner and the life you have together. Keeping this in mind, seeing him fall off the bridge and into a pool of dead people could represent some change he is going through which you are wary or unhappy about. You are afraid that you cannot save him or that you may give in yourself. This vision can be interpreted as a warning that you may have to decide how far is too far when it comes to maintaining or saving your relationship.

A large snake and an elderly woman falling down

Dreamed I was walking and saw an exceptionally large, long snake. It was neutral color, greenish and gray. It was moving away from me and others, going in a different direction. I wasn't fearful, it wasn't after me. Also an older lady I knew pulled up with other family, and as she got out of the car, she stumbled and fell head first, I helped her up, but couldn't stop the fall.

The large snake represents someone close to you becoming incredibly sick, possibly bedridden. The idea that it was moving away from you could suggest that you may be able to help this individual by getting involved in their recovery, such as by donating blood or bringing them daily necessities. The old woman who fell could reveal that some aspect of your past may have caused a rift between you and this individual in the past. Now may be the time, however, to let bygones be bygones. You have it within your power to ease their suffering and even give them hope at a better quality of life.

Hitting the ground while falling

The sensation of falling onto the ground in your sleep carries a double meaning in your waking life. For one, this feeling indicates that professional development is likely. This situation will levitate your drive to do better at work and strive harder. Yet, if this dream is more like a nightmare and you feel dreadful, then there is a possibility that you are experiencing overwhelming emotions at the moment, which might be wearing you down.

Falling and landing safely

In the dream realm falling and landing safely symbolizes a feeling of losing control in a situation in waking life. It indicates a fear of failure or a fear of falling from a position of power or success. Moreover, the situation you are experiencing in your life is controlling you, and lack of control in a certain situation, in reality, leads to feelings of anxiety or inadequacy. In essence, you should keep striving to get to the top and pass through the hurdles you are facing to achieve your desired goals. Overall, the dream is a reminder not to get worried about any uncertainties as you have the ability to overcome problems.

Falling and landing on feet

In the dream realm, falling and landing on your feet carries a positive interpretation. Whether you were jumping or freefalling, this common symbol reflects all the times you might think you a in a sticky situation. However, after reflecting on your past accomplishments and maybe getting the cooperation of those around you, you would be able to figure out what you are lacking and overcome the obstacle. Your faith in the value of hard work would be restored, and your enthusiasm for your current path would also be rekindled.