Dreams Related To Fainting

Fainting under a table

I dreamt I fainted in slow motion and landed under a table and then my daughter brought me a cup of coffee in a strange cup and gave me a tablet.

Dreaming about fainting must be considered a forewarning. It could be an indication that you may face some health issues in the near future. This notion is further strengthened by the image of your daughter giving you a tablet and coffee. It signifies that your daughter would be the most helpful in providing you with the necessary care if you ever become ill. Make sure you give utmost importance to your well-being and carry out the necessary checkups to rule out any illness.

Someone else fainting

A dream in which you envision someone else fainting or passing out carries a great deal of symbolism. Oftentimes the meaning of this symbol refers to the flurry of activity that would arise in your life. In a sense, the fainting of the other person in the dream is a metaphor for the way your unconscious mind is processing the constant challenges you are undertaking. Your subconscious mind has redirected unhealthy emotions, like fear and anger, into this image to remind you to take a step back before getting involved in anything else.

Family member fainting

A member of your own family fainting during the course of a dream vision indicates a change in activity or atmosphere in your family or household. Your ability to deal with general issues that arise suddenly in your new context would depend on what you have learned and absorbed in the past weeks and months. In some cases this would lead to negative changes, but occasionally there would be positive developments as well.