Dreams Related To Eyelashes

Eyelashes falling out

A dream about falling eyelashes signifies heartbreak. If the eyelashes are yours, it means you are blind to your own failings and shortcomings in your current relationship. Perhaps you are not putting enough time and effort in sustaining your partnership. On the other hand, if it is someone's eyelashes, then your significant other is falling out of love with you. They may have met someone else with whom they have a stronger connection, or your priorities are changing and you are drifting apart.

Lady's face with long eyelashes and a burka

My vision was a lady's face, long eyelashes on the outside of the eyes and she was wearing a burka.

This dream about long eyelashes is somewhat a mixed sign and means you have a desire to live a happy and satisfying intimate life with your current lover partner. But if you happened to see a burka in the same dream, it could mean you may be thinking that your partner or lover is hiding something from you or being insincere with you. Try to discuss these matters with this individual in order to convey your message and to make this relationship work better for both of you.