Dreams Related To Eye

An eye in the palm of a hand

I saw my hand tight like a fist. I opened my fist and saw an eye in the center of my palm and it opened up. I felt scared and drew my hand close to me.

A tight fist indicates strain and tension. You sense that there is trouble ahead, so you are bracing yourself for the attack or negative turn of events. The eye in your palm is actually not a bad symbol. On the contrary, it represents protection and is associated with amulets bearing the same image. It means that someone is looking out for you whenever there is a threat to your well-being. This could be well-meaning friend or family member who is always lending a helping hand or a much higher power enveloping you in positive energy to repel bad elements in your environment.

Wood chips in the eye

I dreamed of removing small pieces of wood from one of my eyes.

Things that are interfering with your vision or make you uncomfortable in a dream usually point to potential problems below your face line. It could be as simple as common infection or more serious conditions, such as problems linked to abdominal areas, feet or other lower parts of the body. The notion of experiencing the nuisance affecting one particular side of the body means that you should pay close attention to what could be at risk correspondingly.

Losing an eye

Losing an eye is a metaphor of your ignorance. Buried in your subconscious is the awareness that you lack understanding about a lot of matters. In reality, you may be downplaying your ignorance in order to appear confident and fit in. However, this dream suggests an upcoming encounter which will expose your misinformed ways and force you to educate yourself. It is up to you whether you let your pride get in the way of personal growth or if you allow constructive criticism to fuel your enlightenment.

Ornaments of the All-Seeing-Eye

I dreamt that I walked into this room and saw many ornaments of the All-Seeing-Eye, all around. I guess I was looking for something in my dream, but I was just amazed by seeing all these different All-Seeing-Eye ornaments on top of the furniture and hanging on the walls. What could this possibly mean?

This vision could be a sign that you have experienced an important change in your life without even realizing it. The All-Seeing Eye, or the Eye of Providence as it is sometimes referred to, has been used throughout history to represent various beliefs. It has also been associated with clairvoyance, omniscience, and the ability to look into one's own soul, meaning you have learned of gained a new level of self-awareness. The fact that it was so prominent throughout your dream could mean a spiritual awakening has taken place within you. Remain vigilant for any other signs that might appear to you in the near future.

Having one eye and no mouth

I was in my bathroom looking at my eyes in the mirror, they were brown-amber, but mine are green, my iris started to grow to the full size of my eyes. Then I looked at myself again and I only had one, big purple eye. I don't think I had a mouth, but I can't be certain. I never blinked, possibly because I couldn't...

Dreaming that your eye color is different from your actual eye color means you need to be more open minded. A fresh perspective could be essential for strengthening your friendships and even your relationship with your significant other. Specifically, green eyes represent envy. Instead of being thankful for your own possessions and achievements, you may tend to feel envious of friends and contemporaries who seem to be better off than yourself. The missing mouth also represents resentment. You think you are being stifled and not allowed to express your opinions freely. Ultimately, purple eyes indicate love and generosity. An incident would take place that would make you realize how selfish and self-centered you may have become, prompting you to re-evaluate your priorities and change your perspective.

Losing vision in both eyes

In my dream I could not see out of my left eye. And the sight in my right eye was really foggy, I could not get around and was basically blind. Then I lasted down and tried to open my left eye because it was closed the whole time. And right before I woke up the remaining sight in my right eye transferred to my left and I was able to open it with very powerful force and I woke straight up from the dream after that.

Dreaming that you have impaired vision probably reveals your tendency to turn a blind eye to the truth. You could be a bit closed-minded in certain situations, even when others bring it to your attention. In the face of criticism, you refuse to acknowledge your personal flaws and vehemently deny making mistakes. Because you are not one to admit being wrong, you end up alienating your friends and family. As such, regaining the vision in your right eye alludes to an awakening or an enlightenment. Perhaps your subconscious is letting you know that it is not too late to change your ways. Hence, you would soon recognize the error of your ways and start being open to the perspectives of others instead of merely forcing your views on them.

Dream meaning for human eyes or depictions of eyes

Eyes transforming into the Eye of Horus

My eyes turn into the Eye of Horus.

Envisioning your eyes as the widely recognizable Eye of Horus is a highly auspicious sign which points toward significant transformations taking place in your life. This is likely related to your field of study or the type of business you partake in, meaning you could receive a lucrative offer which pans out very well for you in the future.

Seeing through the eyes of fish

In my dream I will take live fish with light-colored eyes and put them inside my eyes and I will see through them, until I had one that turned my eye black, had to take it off and for it needed my (now dead) father. He helped me take it out and my eye was completely black and bleeding.

Bloody eyes in dreams represent deep-seated sorrow and pain. Similarly, black eyeballs reveal a hardened soul possibly devoid of compassion. Perhaps you have been carrying around some emotional burden that has turned you into a cynical and cold person. The fish with light-colored eyes may represent various perspectives you have picked up throughout the course of your existence. In that context, it is possible that you are beginning to lose your way or lose sight of your priorities. The presence of your deceased father coming to your aide could suggest your need for some wisdom and guidance to help you get back on track. It may be in your best interest to recall the advice and words of wisdom from your father to help you navigate the issues you are currently dealing with.

An eye turning completely black

Hello, I dreamt that I was looking in a mirror and my right eye was black with no white, only black and large. This is the second time that I had dreamt this dream. I was afraid the first time but not the second time I dreamt this dream. The second time I have dreamt this dream, I wanted to ask my mother (deceased) who was in bed to look at my eye and I woke up.

Dreaming of a pitch black eye reveals your fear of your future. You are entering a period of uncertainty and you are feeling pessimistic about how things would turn out. Since this is a recurring dream symbol, then it means you do not like change. So whenever there is a big shift in your situation, moving to a new place or a loved one moving away, your subconscious projects your apprehensions into your dream through the symbol of a black eye. Fortunately, since you were no longer afraid in the second dream, this indicates your acceptance of the fickle nature of life. Changes happen without warning, so soon enough you would learn how to adjust to your new reality.

Something in my eye

The feeling of something stuck or irritating your eye in a dream has great symbolism, according to John Paul Jackson and his dream research. This symbol is connected with the emotion of frustration and irritation in reality, especially when you are feeling stuck or are experiencing a setback of some kind. The good news is that if you were able to rub or wash away whatever was affecting your vision, you would likely have success dealing with your troubles in wake life as well.