Dreams Related To Explosion

Hearing or seeing an explosion

Hearing or seeing an explosion foretells of bad health condition. You will get sick in the near future and this will be a warning of a worsening health condition. Try to be more careful about your physical well-being.

Fire explosion

A fiery explosion, from a bomb or an accident, is a metaphor for spiritual enlightenment or reincarnation. This fundamental shift in your life will happen so suddenly that you will experience disorientation as you adjust. You could get fired from your job which could lead to better opportunities or your partner could break up with you and allow you to focus on self-care. On the other hand, this is also a warning about self-destruction. You could be losing control of your life and you are headed into the deep end. Your subconscious may be telling you to seek professional help before it is too late.

Surviving an explosion

To survive an explosion in the dream world is a symbol of optimism. This could be a prediction of recovery from depression or any mental health issues. You will be lucky to have relationships intact or repair them even after a huge meltdown. Alternatively, walking away unscathed from an explosion is an allusion to a memorable blessing coming you way. You could end up getting cleared of a serious medical condition or survive an accident in reality.

Explosion of bomb

A bomb exploding in the dream world is an ill omen about an impending disaster that would destabilize your life. You could lose your job, break up with your significant other, lose a friend or become afflicted with a serious illness. The outcome will depend on how you react to this tragedy. You could go down a spiral of depression and self-destruction or you could use it as an enlightening period or a teaching moment. Ultimately, this will reveal true self.

Suffering from an explosion

Physically suffering from an explosion signifies that your current success in life may actually bring you more harm than good. Fame may not be the best thing for you at the moment, so try re-evaluating how you pursue to be successful in life and how it affects you.

Seeing explosions

Jungian philosophy points towards multiple explosions as being symbolic of many health issues. Although it is possible that these problems would be unrelated, like catching the common cold and breaking a leg, it is more likely that the multiple health issues would have a single cause. For instance, you may catch something like the new coronavirus which is linked to multiple symptoms, such as high fever, respiratory problems and coughing. You should take precautions to stay healthy and, if you do get sick, seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

People who avoided a bomb explosion

I dreamed I saw 2 bowls of salad, fresh green lettuce with 1/2 slices of cooked bacon on top. Just saw them. I also had scattered thoughts or dream of a man wearing just underwear and a tee shirt, and maybe his wife, lying in bed when a bomb went off. It barely missed them, like they were outside, in a city type setting. I saw a young girl, with a small baby girl, the mother in law was trying to take the child. The mother, laid down to sleep, and put the child with her. I did not know any of them.

The bomb explosion in your dream is an ill omen. You are about to go through major obstacles and a stroke of bad luck, so plans may go awry and unexpected events could undo your progress. The strangers in your dream represent the people you will meet during this rough period in your life. They could be mentors or a source of support as you struggle to solve your problems. These people could also symbolize your pessimism about the future. The husband and wife represent relationships doomed to fail, while the young girl with the small baby indicate unrealized potential. However, the salad bowls remind you to stay focused on your goals despite the chaos happening around you.

Setting off an explosion

Setting off an explosion or preparing to set off one is an indication that you became popular for the wrong reasons. You have done some distasteful acts or been placed in situations that put you in an unfortunate position, and this made you infamous among people who know you.

Explosion and fire

The combination of fire and explosion in the dream world denotes spiritual enlightenment. You will go through a challenging period which will test your limits, both physically and mentally. In metaphysics, this explosive reaction is telling you that your spirit needs nourishment because you have been wrapped up in worldly preoccupations. After all the difficulties, you need to find your center once more through self-care, meditation or possibly a retreat that would help in your recovery.

Deodorant exploding in the face

Had a stressful dream where a deodorant exploded near my face and left a few minor scars on my face. Can anyone interpret my dream? Thanks.

Deodorant, as a beauty or healthcare item, is usually associated with the idea of self-confidence or satisfaction with various aspects of your life. The explosion, then, could point to a single event which challenges how you think and feels about yourself. The scars left from this event represent the emotional repercussions this turning point may leave.

A school bus exploding

I had a dream last night that I was at school and a bus exploded. This dream has happened two times in a row, except the first time I was driving the bus, but the second time I was not on the bus. What does this mean?

Schools tend to represent growing anxiety or stress, likely caused by an increase in projects or responsibilities. This is supported by the image of the school bus, a symbol associated with specific concerns about responsibility and duty. If you are in charge of a task or working with others, you may be frustrated with their lack of ability or effort, causing you to take on more than you should. However, the image of the bus exploding suggests that dealing with things yourself could literally blow up in your face. If others are not pulling their weight, it would be better to talk to someone with more authority and get it sorted out.

Seeking help from a crush after an explosion

So I was in New York with my crush (guy), we met up with this girl. My crush and this girl were hitting it off. We went outside. The girl said she was hearing a ticking noise and then a bomb went off. After the bomb went off the girl disappeared and me an my crush started running. There were so many people freaking out. We were back in our hotel and I was having a panic attack, he calmed me down and I leaned in to kiss him and he pulled away. That's it. I am a girl.

Witnessing a bomb exploding in your dream indicates the presence of a destructive external force in your waking life which could bring havoc and imbalance in some of the aspects of your daily existence if not paid attention to. In addition, the combination of symbols such as a big city and a stranger competing for the attention of your crush points to some tensions or even conflict developing inside your social circle, either during face-to-face interactions or through social media. Having a panic attack and being helped by your crush at the end of the dream is also telling you that you should not rely on your wits or popularity alone to solve these issues because it is likely that these personal qualities caused these tensions in the first place, so perhaps you should look for solutions elsewhere.

Riding fast and an explosion

I was riding quite fast on a busy road, at times I'd lost my control maintaining the speed, at the brink there was a flash of explosion made my car blew off. Thought I died for real but at sudden I woke up.

Driving fast signifies impatience and recklessness. Your tendency to want things to happen instantaneously makes you disregard the risks and negative consequences to yourself and to others. Unfortunately, you are headed for tragedy if you do not learn to weigh your actions more conscientiously. The explosion means whatever success you gain will not necessarily be good for you. You are on a self-destructive path and you must learn some self-awareness to avoid further damage.

Explosion that rains wine

I was in a crowd and saw a shooter who wanted to shoot us, I fought with him, grabbed his gun and shot in the air, I realized I had shot up a nuclear bomb and saw the mushroom cloud, only to see the mushroom cloud turn in small parachutes carrying wine. Then there was a happy crowd and people drunk the wine, someone called me to give me some wine, I drunk and it was clear red wine, after I saw the commander of the bad guys who wanted to shoot us, I fought him and people told me to leave him.

Being part of a crowd in the beginning of your vision suggests you have recently received some important news or would soon learn something of great importance to you. The shooter represents someone of high esteem to whom you look up to, such as a teacher, parent, mentor, religious leader or friend. This individual's good reputation may give you some hope, as it is likely you are very concerned about your future. This man or woman may have some opportunity for you to advance yourself. This is also supported by the wine, a symbol of upcoming meetings or engagements. Perhaps you can take advantage of this chance to improve your own social standing.