Dreams Related To Ex-wife


Dreaming of your ex-wife means you have a tendency to fall back to your old patterns and committing the same mistakes. Your interaction with the ex-wife will add more interpretations to the symbol. For example, having sex with your ex-wife refers to your hedonistic hobbies. You are bound to fall back into gambling, taking illegal substances or indulging in unhealthy food due to a recent failure or disappointment. Your immediate coping mechanism is to go back to your self-destructive ways.

An altercation with ex-wife's lover

I had a dream about my ex-wife having a new lover, who was much older than her. I felt jealous about it and beat up this man really hard. But my ex didn't want me anyway and vanished. I saw my dead mother and I just couldn't explain what was happening to me. It was a sad dream, that left me deeply disturbed.

Dreaming of your ex having a new romantic interest is a sign that you are ready to forgive someone who once made a terrible mistake which had a great impact on your life and devastated you. The fight that you had predicts that something is about to happen to you that you did not expect. It could be a pleasant surprise or a terrible incident that could make you question your faith in humanity. Your deceased mother's appearance in this dream seems to suggest that these emerging circumstances are going to be positive, as mothers who are no longer with us usually predict positive experiences and things that benefit our lives.

Ex-wife confessing she is pregnant

Dreamed my wife who is estranged, came to me saying she was 4 months pregnant. We separated 3 months ago. I had a vasectomy 5 years ago. She came to me at night supposedly from her boyfriend's house, who threw her out once, she told him she was pregnant. She came wearing perfume and a shirt that I had bought for her. She was also crying, but she doesn't cry in front of people, even loved ones.

This dream vision reveals upcoming difficulties on a project you are currently working on. These challenges and missteps would likely make you feel miserable and dejected. Dreaming that your estranged wife is pregnant is a sign that she could be able to lend physical or mental support during this trying period. It also reveals that she is still compassionate toward you. Fortunately, your hard work and dedication would see you through these troubles and bring good financial changes along with happiness in your professional life once the problems have been sorted out.