Dreams Related To Ex-husband

My ex husband

Dreaming of your ex husband is usually a sign that you are still holding on to memories from your previous marriage or your general past. It is possible that the unresolved issues between you and your former husband are haunting you and making you wonder whether you did the best thing in dissolving your marriage. Perhaps this is keeping you from moving on and finding happiness with someone else. On the other hand, he could just be a symbol of past mistakes or transgressions that are keeping you from making real and lasting connections with others.

Ex husband

Seeing your ex-husband in a dream is a fairly negative omen. It means your current relationship is in some sort of peril, which could lead to a brief separation or breakup with your lover. The cause is likely similar to whatever forced you to separate from your ex in the first place, such as cheating, addiction or irreconcilable differences.

Back together with deceased ex-husband

I am very happily married, but I have had several dreams about my ex-husband who is now deceased, but in my dreams, he and I are together. Why?

Dreaming of your deceased husband whilst being happily married may have something to do with the lessons you learned from that past relationship. Maybe you are experiencing a similar concern that you went through with your ex-husband, so the memories and recollections from the past are trying to help you with your present predicaments. In addition, you may be looking for certain qualities that your ex-husband possessed and your present husband is lacking. Sometimes looking at your past can reveal a wealth of knowledge that can help you in navigating the present.

Ex-husband stealing possessions

My ex-husband came to my house with my friends and stole all my furniture and car.

Dreaming about your ex-husband visiting you, alongside other people, could reveal the presence of some unresolved issues or problems with him. These problems would need to be addressed and resolved. For example, you may feel that you are worthless (the furniture) and stuck in his absence (the car). Alternatively, you could currently be concerned about your safety. These security issues could be re-emerging because you are worried about protecting your life, and not necessarily in regards to material things or possessions. It also feels as if your past is coming back to haunt you and there is no one to protect you. Even your friends joined the enemy side. The presence of your friends on your ex-husband's side could be indicative of their involvement or participation in your relationship. They might act as the linking piece between you two, for example by disclosing or sharing new information about his recent actions or behavior to you, which could make you worried and concerned about your own life.

Ex husband with girlfriend

This vision of your ex with his girlfriend suggests you are experiencing some anxiety at the moment because some traumatic moments in your past keep coming back to haunt you. This dream symbol means you are getting yourself too caught up in the past, and it serves as a reminder that your former lover is now gone and constantly thinking about him could only lead you to experience great pain, as if you were reliving his departure over and over again. It would be wise to focus your energies on improving yourself in reality. Gaining new skills and qualifications would sure put you in a better mood and might lead to some interesting opportunities you would have never had before.

Ex husband and new girlfriend

Having the imagery of your ex-spouse in your dream suggests that you are constantly thinking about the past due to some unsettled matter. You probably experienced a traumatic or upsetting event which can be related to a loss that you have not processed yet at a conscious level. The image of your ex-husband together with his new girlfriend in the same vision illustrates that a certain painful episode came up independently of you. You should focus on your present life and build your confidence up because in this way you could deal with troublesome experiences from your past with less difficulty.

Former husband calling my name

My husband called my name. We have recently separated.

This dream about your husband calling your name in the light of your recent separation with him serves as a subconscious affirmation that you were not paying enough attention to his problems or did not do a lot to help HIM out or understand HIS needs before you became separated. Perhaps, you think that the main reason for the breakup was something on his part that led to this outcome, but your subconscious mind begs to differ. Analyzing your recent actions and mistakes could help you prevent and avoid similar unfortunate situations in the future. Some sources also refer to dream visions about someone close to you calling your name as a possibility that they could be not feeling well, either physically or emotionally.

Looking for closure with former husband

I had a dream that my ex-husband and I were talking with each other, but we were standing in a house and one half of the house fell. He and I engaged in several sexual encounters. His current wife was around, but my wife wasn't. I was asking for closure with him. He told me he couldn't give me closure, my wife was asking me for closure.

An old problem is creeping up on you and wreaking havoc in your current relationship, hence the half-demolished house. Having sex with your ex-husband is a sign that you could be repeating the same old patterns from that relationship in your current relationship. Furthermore, you may be falling into the trap of making the same mistakes and reacting the same way. This cycle is causing a strain between you and your wife. Asking for closure from your ex-husband is akin to recognizing the repetition of previous failings and learning from the lessons of the past. Once this realization hits home, then you can begin to rebuild the damaged trust and heal the hurt feelings.

Ex husband fighting with strangers

I saw soon-to-be my ex-husband taking me to a house with him to fight strangers. I was too scared to get in. He went in and fought strangers. It took a while. Then I entered the house, I see him coming toward me with no bruises.

The house symbolizes yourself. The fight that takes place inside that house between your soon-to-be ex-husband and some strangers reflects the kind of troubles he could create in your emotions and psyche. There could be some discord underway because of him intruding in your personal life. Fighting with a stranger also indicates upcoming changes at home, in your workplace, career, business or in personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. These changes may leave him unscathed, however the same cannot be said for you. It is best to keep your guard to avoid having anyone take advantage of your temporary weakness.

Ex-husband being possessive

My dream was my ex husband grabbing my face and telling I could never leave him.

This dream vision of your ex-husband acting possessively towards you could reflect the fact that you want him back in your life, or it could be an indication of your dissatisfaction with the way things are developing between you and another lover. You may also be comparing your current interest to him. There are certain undertones of jealousy or dissatisfaction which you seem to be expressing through your subconscious mind. You should avoid contacting or being overly friendly with your ex because, if you continue to focus excessively on your past, you may hurt your current or future relationships.

Camping with ex-husband

I dreamed of my ex-husband who I have two children with and am going through a court case. My sixteen-year-old son was driving a ATV through a bunch of water and it was very cold weather. My ex-husband was in a red and black checkered jacket and we were having words of conversation. His former wife that he has now was in a camper trailer and I did not want her to hear us talking, however for some strange reason I ended up on my mattress and he sat on the end of the bed and in a camper trailer. He also was rubbing my feet. What does it mean when ex-husband is rubbing your feet while you are crying?

Seeing your son driving an off-road vehicle is a sign of experiencing emotional turmoil and uncertainty. It can also mean you are about to experience a loss of material possessions or significant financial shortages. This is likely related to your son, suggesting that he may need extra money for activities you are not sure would yield any tangible benefits. This is supported by the image of your ex-husband rubbing your feet at the end of the vision, as this points toward the idea that you would soon be astounded by unexpected or surprising events of a negative nature. You may want to be cautious with what money you spend on your son, making sure that his associations and activities are adding value to his life.

Ex-husband and river water

A dream about an ex-husband and river water.

Rivers in dreams are closely connected to emotions and the workings of subconscious desires. Perhaps you have been thinking about your ex-husband recently and such thoughts are dredging up past issues. You could still be emotionally attached or deeply affected whenever you think of the memories you shared together in the past. Maybe you have not fully recovered from the separation and there is some healing left to do.