Dreams Related To Ex-girlfriend

Ex girlfriend

To dream that you are talking to your ex-girlfriend is a reminder of your mediocrity, lack of enthusiasm and drive to push yourself a bit further and do a little more. You have all the potential to be way better than your current situation, whether it relates to your career, business, project or relationships. But you seem to be content only with the ordinary and the mundane, despite showing extraordinary abilities and signs of greatness in the past. This dream tells you not to let your talents and skills go to waste.

Seeing your ex-girlfriend in a dream vision is often interpreted as a negative symbol. It suggests your current relationship may face some roadblocks or challenges similar to what caused the end of your last relationship. These circumstances could cause you to break up with your new lover either due to the same problem or because it reminds you too much of the last time for you to move on.

Revealing truth to ex-girlfriend

I dreamt that I invited a girlfriend of mine I've not seen in a long time to my current residence and I revealed why I've neglected her.

While it was your girlfriend's face you saw in this vision, she is actually standing in for someone else in reality because your unconscious mind feels more comfortable addressing her than the actual person involved. With that understanding in mind, it seems you have neglected your relationship with someone important to you in wake life. This vision is the manifestation of your guilt and your subconscious desire to repair the connection.

Ex girlfriend having sex

Witnessing your ex girlfriend having sex may take in different connotations depending on the identity of the person she is having sexual intercourse with. If it is someone you know in reality, then perhaps there is some unfinished business between the two of you. Maybe things did not end well between the two of you and you are scared that she may divulge your intimate secrets. On the other hand, if you happen to be watching yourself having sex with your ex from a third person perspective, then maybe you are still dwelling on your past or reliving happy memories instead of moving forward and making new memories.

Signs of love from ex-girlfriend

I always dreaming about my ex showing that she still cares for me and loves me. But in real life I'm not thinking of her and we don't have communication for long long time. What does it mean? Why she always appears in my dreams?

Dreaming about your ex-girlfriend showing signs of love and affection could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events, which at the same time may turn out to be some negative events or circumstances instead of things that may benefit you. The notion of not communicating with her in real life could also reflect your subconscious desire to re-unite or even get back together again.

Avoiding an ex-girlfriend

In my dream, one of my bottom teeth cracked in half. I went with my family to look for a dentist's surgery. I stopped outside a door and was talking to a man smoking while I waited for a woman I love, but have lost contact with. I have had feelings for her more than any other but never told her. We used to be close, I distanced myself from her because I feared what she and others would think if they found out. When she appeared, she was wearing pink old woman's clothing. I wanted to talk to her, but couldn't, as I walked fast avoiding her. She tried to catch up but ended up talking to my brother.

Dreaming about cracked teeth is often symbolic of being bone-tired and weary. It means you have probably been working too hard and have physically exhausted yourself, either mentally, physically, or both. This is also supported by your vision of a woman you once cared about deeply, as her image and character are likely to be a comfort to your frazzled, overworked nerves. This vision should be taken as a warning that, while work and discipline are important, so is relaxing and taking time to do and enjoy things that make you happy.

Boyfriend receiving pictures of ex

I had a dream my boyfriend got a letter in the mail and it was his ex-girlfriend sending him pictures of her and he looked at them for a second and then ripped them up and threw them out the window but was looking sad.

Dreaming about letters in the mail is often interpreted as a sign that you are holding onto some negative feelings or resentment, possibly toward your boyfriend. In this case, this vision suggests you are subconsciously projecting your feelings onto your boyfriend. This could mean you want him to feel sad over his ex (giving you a reason to be upset), or you may have some lingering feelings or "what ifs" about someone from your past. No matter the situation, tearing up the letter indicates trying to move past this, though whether this is for the better or not is unclear.

Trying to hook up with ex girlfriend again

Dreams about hanging out with my ex and her friends. Her friend crashes my work truck and it's upside down. I somehow have glass in my mouth and lodged in my throat. Ex girlfriend's friend wants to hook up, I agree and at the last minute ex-girlfriend wants me, so I hook up with her instead, still trying to get a large piece of glass out of my throat. We start kissing, her friends have guys and are having sex around us, but we just kiss.

The multiple symbolism in your dream reveals your tendency to dwell on past events and people, including your ex-girlfriend. Being unable to let go of previous mistakes and experiences could be causing complications in your present existence, including your career, as indicated by the crashing of the work truck. The shard of glass lodged in your throat likewise points to your excessive preoccupation with the things which are irrelevant to your present. These memories may be clouding your judgment, letting emotions rule over rational thinking. Because your ex seemed to be exhibiting loving behavior towards you in the dream, it suggests some unexpected or surprising events with possible negative consequences. Alternatively, the notion of kissing her could also reflect your subconscious desire to reunite or even get back together again. Perhaps you need a proper closure to be able to let her go.

Boyfriend's ex girlfriend, boyfriend's sister, people, outdoors, keys, open door

Seeing your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend in a dream can have various connotations based on your relationship with her. In case you have a trusting connection with her or you do not treat her with dislike, it symbolizes mercy that you may give or receive for something dreadful that occurred in the past. In case you maltreated her in this dream, it may mean that you still feel animosities resulting from your past misdeeds or transgressions.

Saying goodbye to ex-girlfriend

I dreamed of my ex-girlfriend, she was going away and she came to me to say goodbye. We hugged and cried both, of us. It was very emotional. What does it mean?

Dreaming about a specific person symbolizes this person's presence in the forefront of your mind, meaning you either thought about or recently interacted with your ex-girlfriend. Feeling like she was about to leave in this vision predicts you may have to take a great risk in order to make a great gain. This may or may not be related to your previous relationship (i.e. it could refer to a new relationship or opportunity). While it may be scary to let go of something or someone you have cared about for a long time, doing so may open you up to new experiences, offering you opportunities to grow and become an even better version of yourself.

Ex-girlfriend drunk and helpless

I was going on a bike underneath a flyover bridge and I saw my ex-girlfriend drunk and walking away, and then I got down from the bike, went near her, she fell on my lap in a fully drunk state unconscious and I cry and keep on calling her name. Nothing happens.

Driving a bike under a bridge stands for escapism, likely from some situation which is crucial for you. It is a reflection of uncertainty caused, as it seems, by a low self-esteem, which is unjustified. The type of relationship you have with your girlfriend is probably characterized by her strong dependence on you or the way you unfairly treat her at times. However, her slip into somnolence and unresponsiveness seen in this dream are indicative of the transitional nature of your problems which can be overcome and solved by paying more attention to her needs and letting her be an equal part of this relationship.

Seeing ex-girlfriend after a breakup

Recently we got a breakup, two weeks ago and every day I am seeing my girlfriend somewhere, I am talking with her and waiting for her at a bus stop.

Dreaming about your girlfriend after breaking up with her, in reality, means that you are either feeling guilty for your actions or putting a lot of blame on yourself for what happened. This vision could also suggest that both of you could be slowly losing the bond that existed before and getting ready to move on to the next level in your lives. Perhaps this parting of ways is reflective of a desire on both sides of the fence to let go of some bad aspects that were magnified when you were together.

Ex girlfriend interfering with current relationship

My boyfriend's ex-girlfriend before me comes over to our house, they hang out and she acts like she lives there and tries to be my best friend, and whenever I am mean to her, he stands up for her. I can't make her leave either. She sleeps in our bed, showers in our bathroom, does her laundry and eats out food. I have this dream weekly and I don't understand why.

The appearance of your boyfriend's ex in your dreams reveals your insecurities. You may be questioning your boyfriend's commitment and fidelity to you. Perhaps he has been distant and aloof in reality, hence your apprehensions are manifesting in this recurring dream of his ex. You may feel like your boyfriend is not yet over his ex, which explains her presence in the most intimate situations. In addition, you could be suffering from feelings of inadequacy, thinking that you cannot replace or compete with your boyfriend's past partners. On the other hand, the ex could be a metaphor for your boyfriend's general patterns in behavior, the very same problem that led to the dissolution of his past relationship.

Ex-girlfriend with an injured face

I saw my ex-girlfriend with a newly injured face.

Injuries that are unhealed or still raw may indicate the presence of emotional wounds in a dream vision. Given that this was your ex-girlfriend, there are two possible reasons for this vision. If you have been in contact with her recently, you could be experiencing this vision because you subconsciously felt something was not right when it happened. If you have not seen or heard from her recently, this vision could also suggest that you finally recognize some pain you caused her and now feel guilty about those words or actions.

An ex-girlfriend and a teenager

I saw a teenager kneeling down beside a grey cross, then I started walking up a hill and an ex-girlfriend appeared. She said, "You left me for her and now this is what you must face getting your life back".

The appearance of your ex-girlfriend in your dream suggests unresolved issues between the two of you. The breakup may have caused emotional distress and suffering on your part as indicated by the cross. The teenager, on the other hand, could be an allusion to immaturity, so perhaps you feel like you are not yet mature enough to settle down or handle a long-term commitment. Your ex could also be associated with your past, such that prior mistakes may be causing problems in your current existence.

Ex-girlfriend and a staircase

I was climbing a staircase with a light at the top, and I could hear laughter and cheering, but where I was there was darkness around me and I felt the urge to go up but then below me there was my ex girlfriend, and she called up at me so I went down to her and she kissed me. As we kissed she started smoking and drinking while we were kissing and the light at the top of the staircase dimmed.

Walking up or climbing a staircase represents achievement and success, while walking downstairs means turning your back on your aspirations. In the context of your dream, it seems you are torn between choosing your career or your girlfriend. Since your girlfriend appears in the dream indulging in vices, this means that she is an obstacle and a distraction. Meanwhile, the light at the top represents your ultimate goal in life. Right now you are keen on choosing love over career, but a part of you wishes to experience a better life by being accomplished in your chosen career. You must search within yourself whether staying with your girlfriend would be enough or if there is a way to reconcile both worlds without completely straying from your intended path.