Dreams Related To Ex-boyfriend

Ex boyfriend and now boyfriend

Seeing your ex boyfriend and your current boyfriend in the same dream likely means you are torn between the two. Even if you love your boyfriend now, your ex may still hold a special place in your heart which probably muddles your feelings in the current relationship. Alternatively, you may tend to compare your current boyfriend with your old one because they have marked differences in habits and personalities. If your previous relationship ended badly, then this may be a good thing.

Seeing your ex-boyfriend

Seeing your ex-boyfriend trying to communicate with you in a dream is a bad sign. It means your current relationship is in jeopardy, which may eventually lead to a brief separation or breakup with your lover.

The potential breakup is not only due to your unfair comparisons of the current boyfriend to the previous one, but it is also due to the signs that you are actually dissatisfied with or unhappy with your current boyfriend. However, it could be a simple matter of you being overly nostalgic about the previous relationship, and focusing on those feelings are tending to cause major interference with your current love affair.

Kissing your ex-boyfriend

Dreams of kissing your ex-boyfriend can be a sign of unexpected developments or surprises in your life. These dreams may suggest that you'll encounter unforeseen events or circumstances that could catch you off guard. The emotional context and details of the dream can provide additional insights into its meaning.

Your ex boyfriend wanting you back

Dreaming that your ex boyfriend wants you back does not infer the possibility that the two of you would get back together in reality. It does, however, imply that somewhere in your subconscious lies the dormant desire to reunite with him. In that context, this desire is likely validated by subconscious visions as a kind of wish fulfillment. The fact that he wants you back in the dream scenario not only feeds your ego, but also allows you to admit to yourself the lingering romantic feelings you may be suppressing in the real world. In doing so, it could actually give you the release you need to finally begin the process of moving on to the next chapter of your existence.

Ex boyfriend and I

Dreaming about being together with your ex-boyfriend could have multiple meanings depending on your situation and the other symbols in the vision. In general, this symbol suggests you have recently been thinking about him, either because you met him in reality or because you were recently reminded of him. However, the meaning could go even deeper, indicating a desire to be in a relationship again or a longing to meet someone new. If you experience this symbol in a vision, you should look deeply into you heart to determine what you really want and need.

Reconnecting with ex boyfriend

My ex boyfriend had became my boyfriend again but this time my family liked him and we went out to dinner with him and my family all together. Then when my family left me and him alone I said I've missed you, then I said "And I really do love you" and he just looked at me and smiled and said "I love you too" and then when we got into the car. I held on to his arm and I was just lying on him halfway awake and halfway asleep, but then I woke up and that was the end of my dream.

This dream is intended to give you closure. Being back together with your ex boyfriend actually means the opposite in reality. Instead of wanting to get back together, you are finally ready to let go and start a new relationship. All the affection and love between the two of you in the vision serve to reaffirm all the good times you spent together. You want to keep all the happy memories, so you have a positive view of this part of your life before you completely close the chapter. This is your subconscious tying loose ends, so you can face the future with no personal baggage or grudges for your ex. So, when you were half awake and half asleep in the end, you were actually preparing to be fully present in the waking world instead of daydreaming about the past.

Dreams about your ex boyfriend every night

While many aspects of this vision depend on the symbols that surround it, consistent visions containing the image of your ex-boyfriend or lover could be an indication that he or his actions are weighing heavily on your mind. This may be due to a recent interaction you had with him or simply because something reminded you of him. For example, you may have passed by an old hangout or heard a song you listened to together. You may need to keep yourself preoccupied by starting a new hobby or avoiding situations that would cause memories to reemerge.

Sex with ex-boyfriend

Dreaming about having sex with your ex-boyfriend is a bad sign that an old conflict or issue will be returning to your life, which will require you to take a considerable amount of time to deal with it.

Ex-boyfriend with a lit candle

I had a vision of my ex-boyfriend giving me a white lit candle and he was smiling and happy.

Seeing your ex-boyfriend in the dream realm can reflect your continued feelings for him in reality or simply denote a recent interaction that has brought his memory to the surface of your mind. In the first case, him giving you a lit candle could represent a rekindling of the flame of love between you. Whatever caused your separation would be resolved, and you could find solace and love in his arms once more. In the second situation, however, his presence may only be representing someone else from your past in the general sense. If you have no strong feelings for him now, it is likely this reunion would be with someone you knew or interacted with around the same time as your relationship with him.

Me and ex boyfriend getting back together

Dreaming that you are getting back together with your ex-boyfriend is not a prophecy of such an event occurring in reality. Rather, it is a reflection of either your lingering feelings for this individual or some aspect of that relationship that you miss. For instance, your ex may have provided you with a form of self-validation or confidence. You may need to learn how to separate your image of yourself from your relationships with others.

Signs of love from your ex-boyfriend

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend and seeing signs of love and affection from him means you will soon be astounded by unexpected or surprising events, which may turn out to be negative events instead of things that may benefit you.

Ex-boyfriend fighting with current boyfriend

Seeing your ex-boyfriend trying to communicate with you in a dream has negative connotations. If you are currently dating another man, it could mean that you tend to delve into things from the past and make unfair comparisons between your ex and current boyfriend. This interpretation is reinforced by the fight they got into in the dream. When you focus on these feelings, it might cause major interferences with your newly established relationship. You might become unable to cherish, understand and take it to the next level. In relation to the fight, you might also want to be loved by both men equally. You could also feel undesired, unloved and undervalued by your new lover and subconsciously want him to prove his love for you through real actions. Note that this interpretation could equally apply to other people with whom you have a very close and significant relationship.

Ex-boyfriend for a married woman

If you find yourself dreaming about an ex-boyfriend and you are a married woman, then it means you are about to dwell and become preoccupied with unpleasant concerns involving your property, kids, problems, marital issues, or the desire to travel for no particular reason.

My ex boyfriend ditched me

Being ditched by your ex boyfriend in a dream reveals a need to reconcile your past with your present. Your ex in this dream scenario likely represents your general past, including previous failures or traumatic incidents. As such, being ditched refers to rejection or your fear of being rejected. You may have to overcome this fear as well as your personal issues related to your insecurities in order to form healthy relationships moving forward.

Ex boyfriend meets boyfriend

Envisioning your ex-boyfriend meeting your current boyfriend in the dream world suggests your subconscious is making note of the similarities and differences between the two. Perhaps your current lover said or did something that made you think of the man you used to go out with, or maybe the two of you visited a place you had been before with your ex. In either case, you can use this opportunity of picturing the two together to see how you want your current relationship to progress.

Ex-boyfriend by the bed

I dreamt that my ex was standing at the head of my bed asking a question about one of my pillows and I was across of the room when he asked.

The bed in a dream symbolizes intimacy and sexuality. It is a very personal and private space. Hence, the presence of your ex in that space suggests that you may be preoccupied with thoughts of him. Perhaps you have been thinking about pleasurable and intimate moments spent together. Then again, his asking you about your pillows alludes to his curiosity about a loved one. You may have someone new or a romantic prospect, and you unintentionally compare this fellow to your ex.

Death of your ex-boyfriend

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend dying, for example as a result of an accident, is a sign of an upcoming marriage, or you will have an addition to your newly formed family with your significant other.

Ex-boyfriend wearing strange glasses

My ex from a while back had stayed the night at my house for some reason and the next day he alluded to wanting to fool around. My mom was there for some reason and got mad at him. He then dumped food all over the living room and stormed out. I chased after him onto the front porch. Out of nowhere he's wearing steam punk like goggles. I cup his face and tell him I love him and that I always have. Then I walk him to the driveway and he magically doesn't have the goggles on anymore.

This dream vision of your ex-boyfriend staying at your house and your mother's presence could be indicative of the absence of any meaningful connections between him and your mother, especially given her sudden anger with him. You tend to consider their relations and communication to be insignificant, if not the reason for your breakup. Cupping his face and telling him that you love him is a sign that unexpected events or circumstances may soon come your way, completely taking you by surprise. Glasses tend to represent protection, so seeing your ex wearing these glasses at first could suggest you are being willfully ignorant of the past pain he has caused you. However, their magical disappearance could represent coming to terms with what has happened, accepting it, and moving on.

Ex-boyfriend replacing my current husband

I had a dream that my ex-boyfriend was my husband, and he was wearing my actual husband's clothes.

For you, as a married woman, the appearance of your ex-boyfriend in your dream could be a sign that you are experiencing discontent in your current relationship or feelings of frustration toward your current partner. It is also likely that his appearance in your husband's clothes surfaces in your dream as a result of wondering about what your life would be if you had worked things out during the past relationship. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you not to make the same mistakes again. Your vision expresses the need to be wary of behavioral patterns similar to your past relationship(s) because the lessons learned from the past could apply to the present.

Hugging with an ex boyfriend

It was about my ex and we met up, he hugged me and we went together.

Dreaming of reuniting with your ex boyfriend can be interpreted in various ways, depending on other dream symbols present as well as the context. Usually, this symbol means you have been thinking about your ex or some incident triggered memories of your time together. On a deeper level, this also points to your desire to find a romantic partner again. Specifically, the hug you shared represents your longing to feel loved and cared for again, but in order to do so you need to move past the pain of your previous breakup. As such, this is also your subconscious asking you to find closure and to finally close this chapter of your life.

Ex-boyfriend crying

Envisioning your ex-boyfriend crying or upset could reflect a current situation in which you made someone upset or uncomfortable. The person you have offended is not likely someone you are close to. Rather, you probably upset a mere acquaintance or even someone you do not like to begin with. While you may not care about the effects of you words or actions, others may judge you by your behavior, even if they were not directly affected.

Ex boyfriend and his family

Socializing with your ex-boyfriend's family means you are still not over him or you may have crossed paths recently and it triggered memories of spending time together. If your overall perception of the dream is positive and you were enjoying yourself, then perhaps you are considering reconnecting with him and rekindling the romance. On the other hand, if the atmosphere was a bit tense, then it is a projection of your reservations about revisiting this chapter in your life. You are probably hesitant to reach out lest you fall back into old patterns and make the same mistakes.

Ex boyfriend, husband and I

Envisioning an ex-boyfriend in the same dream as you and your husband is a sign that you tend to make unfair comparisons in wake life, perhaps to the point of fantasizing about a life different than the one you currently lead. You probably wonder what it would be like if your husband acted differently, if you were richer and better off than you are now or if you had made some other choice that would allow you to look better in the eyes of friends or family. Unless you can appreciate what you currently have, you would forever be cursed by the beast of jealousy.

Ex-boyfriend rekindling relationship on the phone

I dreamed that I was talking with my ex-boyfriend and he said to me on the phone that he's missing me and loves me so much.

Dreaming about receiving signs of affection from your ex-boyfriend over the phone could be symbolic of some serious developments in your romantic affairs. If you are presently seeing or dating someone, this vision could indicate a possibility of encountering a female rival or competitor who might interfere with the way the relationship is going right now. The consequences of such interference could have some significant impacts on this relationship. If you are not a part of a dating scene at the moment, this vision could be a sign of a new encounter, but the outcomes are most likely to disappoint you because you might have doubts or uncertainties toward this individual.

Ex-boyfriend in a boat

I saw my ex-boyfriend sitting in a boat and keep talking to me?

Seeing your ex-boyfriend in the dream world may reflect a desire to see or communicate with him in reality. Perhaps there is still unfinished business between the two of you, or maybe you still have questions for him despite the amount of time that has passed. The boat he sat in could reflect getting the answers you desire to hear or successfully establishing communication between you and him. However, just because you learn what you desire does not mean it will make you happy or bring you peace.

Expressing my feelings to a former boyfriend

Expressing your feelings to your former boyfriend in a dream likely reveals loose ends and unresolved issues in regards to this person. Either you still harbor fond feelings for your ex or it was not a good break up and one or both of you still hold some resentment against the other person. Either way, you may be contemplating reaching out to your ex in order to clear the air. And if you still love him, then maybe you are hoping to get back together. Ultimately, your subconscious is likely urging you to confront this issue once and for all so you can finally move on.

Ex-boyfriend communicating secretly with family

I dreamt of my ex ex-boyfriend getting in touch with my family secretly and I was so angry when I found out. I forced my brother to show me all their conversation and my ex ex bf was checking on me through my brother. I was just so angry, I don't know why. In reality, no one have met him but in the dream, they talked and chatted like friends. In reality, my ex ex bf often stays in touch with me. In the dream, he didn't talk to me at all.

Having this dream vision about your ex-boyfriend appearing to be having conversations and communicating with other members of your family behind your back could only reveal your tendency to keep secrets or hide important information from someone you become involved romantically. Perhaps you also have a habit of depriving your boyfriends or partners to speak their mind openly or share how they feel about the relationship you have with them. Even if you stay in touch with them in your waking life, your subconsciousness is telling you that this is mostly a one-sided communication and something that is based on what you have to say or do rather than letting them to be an equal part in everyday communication. Therefore, the dream advises you to be more accepting of their opinions and concerns they would like to express and share with you.

Your ex-boyfriend marrying someone

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend marrying someone you do not know or a complete stranger is a sign of your forgiveness towards someone who once made a big mistake that greatly affected your life and almost brought you down.

Physically abusive ex-boyfriend

Being physically abused by your ex-boyfriend in your dreams could suggest that your current boyfriend is overly possessive and treats you as if you are his property, which means he is not allowing you to act as an equal partner in the relationship. This could cause some issues down the road if not addressed in a timely manner.

Ex-boyfriend putting marks on my thigh

In my dream my ex boyfriend wrote number 10 on my thigh... What does that mean.

A dream wherein you see yourself interacting with your ex is a manifestation of your fixation on the past relationship with him. You may be subconsciously returning to the intimate moments the two of you once shared. The number ten represents that you could be going around in circles, unable to move forward. Perhaps the fixation which you have for your former boyfriend is stopping you from pursuing new relationships. Make sure you focus on the present and do not let the past dominate your current lifestyle.

Not helping an ex boyfriend who is sick

My ex is psychologically abusive. He has made contact with my 2 sisters, both much older and estranged from me for many years, one has been issued a harassment warning. So in the dream I stood outside his house (not his current house) and my 2 sisters were inside hosting a party. I could see them through a big window. Some of my friends were going and I tried to warn them but they didn't understand. My daughter was with me. We walked away and I saw my ex in a chair. He is morbidly obese but in the dream he was sickly and very very thin. He had hospital tubes coming out of his nose and was suffering from a serious illness. He seemed to reach out to me for help. I turned around and could see my sisters still in his house laughing and partying and him alone and I turned with my daughter and walked away from both my sisters and my ex. I felt guilty but I was done. I wanted to protect my daughter and we both walked away, me holding her hand.

This dream illustrates the various aspects of your current dilemma in reality. Watching your sisters and your ex from the outside of a house reveals your sense of isolation. You feel like you are not getting the support you need from your loved ones. The party represents your view of their lives, especially your sisters. While they are relaxed and enjoying themselves, you are left abandoned and bearing the burden of adult responsibilities on your own. Meanwhile, the ailing state of your ex in the dream is actually a bad omen for you because it indicates vengeance. His serious sickness means your ex is capable of doing whatever it takes to make you suffer. His silent plea to reach out means he is tricking you into making a bad decision by playing with your emotions. He is planning to attack, so the wise move is to avoid instigating a fight because this will end in his victory. As such, walking away with your daughter in tow means you will choose to take the high road. Despite the pain of being left to fend on your own, it will be better for you and your child's future. Holding your daughter's hand also means you are choosing your future instead of dwelling on your past and allowing your past mistakes to hold you back.

Ex-boyfriend confessing he had sex with another girl

Having a dream vision about your ex-boyfriend usually suggests that you are concerned about an unresolved issue that took place in your past. Dreaming about your ex and another girl can be a subconscious expression of your fear of losing your current lover due to you being jealous. Your vision can also show your suspicions about your lover’s faithfulness. If you are not in a relationship, you may feel compelled to confess a past error to someone who is important to you, but a more exact interpretation depends on other symbols present in your dream.

Ex-boyfriend becoming sick

I used to have dreams of my ex-boyfriend. I always dream about love, like making love or caring for each other. I never dreamt of fighting with him. He used to love me or I used to take care of him. In my recent dream I was lying in his bedroom and his mother asked me to wake him up so that he can study, but when I tried to wake him up, I realized that he is having fever, so I put over the blanket on him and started taking care of him.

This vision has two primary symbols that stand out. The first, being affectionate with a previous partner, predicts something surprising you or catching you off guard. Unfortunately, it is likely it would hurt and upset you rather than please you. Seeing your ex-boyfriend ill and in need of your care may reveal some issues that had caused the relationship to fall apart. Specifically, this symbol suggests he could have been cheating or engaging in a secret affair. However, it does not always have to be the case. For example, he may also have been keeping things secret from you or going against your wishes when he thought you were not aware. In essence, even though the relationship has ended, it is possible you are still learning about some of his transgressions.

Ex-boyfriend living in the same house

My mother allows my ex-boyfriend to stay with her. I guess I live there too. He follows me around the house just watching me. Never talks or touched me.

This dream vision of your ex-boyfriend starting to live with your mother and you could be indicative of the absence of any meaningful connections between him and your mother. You tend to consider their relations and communication to be insignificant, if not the reason for your breakup. On the other hand, these images could be a portrayal of your feelings when you started to realize that he was not giving you enough attention, affection or love. Most likely, your ex-boyfriend had never cheated on you during the time you were together, and it was more about his self-absorption, timidness or preoccupation with other non-romantic aspects of his life.

Leaving your ex-boyfriend

Having a recurring dream where you are leaving your ex-boyfriend is a good sign you will have a new encounter, or it could mean you are about to meet someone who will inadvertently affect and change the course of your life for the worse.

Verbal disagreement with ex-boyfriend

Dreaming of having a verbal disagreement in a conversation with your ex-boyfriend means you will experience new and favorable changes in your personal life, such as meeting a new romantic partner who will excite your passions or starting a new relationship that will greatly enrich your life.

Physical fight with ex-boyfriend

Encountering a physical fight with your ex-boyfriend in your dreams is a sign that your current boyfriend is overly possessive and treats you as if you are his property, which means he's not allowing you to act as an equal partner in the relationship.

Your ex-boyfriend marrying you

Seeing your ex-boyfriend rekindling the love and marrying you in your dreams is a negative sign. It portends unfavorable or negative events coming into your life very soon. Rather than assuming negative events, it may be more beneficial to use this dream as an opportunity for self-reflection. It could be a reflection of your past relationship or unresolved feelings, and understanding these emotions may help you navigate your current and future relationships more effectively.

Ex boyfriend killing current boyfriend

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend killing your current boyfriend reveals two simultaneous feelings rooted in your subconscious. The first is that there are some notable similarities and differences that cause you to compare the two men. This could lead to some feelings of regret over one of the relationships. The second feeling is that some aspect of your last relationship is missing in this current one. This could be a bad thing, like a deep connection or mutual respect, or it may be something less savory but equally appealing, like a satisfactory sex life.

Ex and current boyfriend

Seeing your ex-boyfriend and your current boyfriend within the same dream vision can reflect a subconscious comparison between the two. While you may be truly devoted to your current significant other, your ex probably still holds a place in your heart either due to some special bond you shared or the amount of time you spent together. You may wonder what it would be like to still be going out with your ex-boyfriend or if your current boyfriend was more like your past love. However, if your past relationship ended badly, it is possible the lack of similarity is a good thing. Being too similar may lead to the same results again.

Ex-boyfriend's mother

The best way to interpret this vision depends on your context in reality. If you are not familiar with your ex's mother or parents in wake life, this vision could be pointing toward some valuable, useful lesson you learned following your separation. Perhaps you discovered a newfound independence or became more confident in yourself. Alternatively, if you had met or interacted with his parents, it reveals that you see a close friend making some of the same mistakes you did in the past in regard to their own romantic relationships or if they just started dating. By sharing your personal story with them, you may help them through this troubling time.

Ex boyfriend trying to kill me

Freudian sources suggest that envisioning your ex-boyfriend attempting to kill you may be your mind's attempt to do some self-psychotherapy. Rather than having anything to do with your ex, this vision is suggesting that your current partner or potential love interest is of the controlling narcissistic type. Pursuing a relationship with this individual is destined to end up only in heartbreak should you fail to heed this warning.

Ex-boyfriend and his sister

Hello. I keep having this dreams like my ex-boyfriend comes back and he tells he still loves me and we make love. And his sister which was my best friend appears and we are arguing all the time. Its like the same dream over and over again.

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend returning and showing signs of love or affection could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events, which at the same time may turn out to become unpleasant and bothersome instead of being beneficial. The notion of fighting with his sister could be your subconscious desire to re-visit or even re-unite with your boyfriend's close family.

Ex-boyfriend acting as a husband

I dreamed about my newly ex-boyfriend who is acting like my husband in my dream and a 2-year old girl who seems like our daughter... With some common friends around us.

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend appearing and acting as your husband in this dream could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events or circumstances, which could turn out to be negative in their nature rather than something beneficial or in your favor. The notion of the child and your friends present in the same dream could also reflect your subconscious desire to re-unite and get back together with this person, especially if the breakup was recent, so you would prove to yourself or others that this relationship deserves another chance. This dream could also be the result of your doubts or uncertainty whether you had made the right choice when you separated from your boyfriend.

Holding hands with ex-boyfriend

I dreamt that me, my current 2 years and a half bf, my ex and some of our friends went on a road trip. When we arrived to the desired place my boyfriend went to do something and me and my ex and our friends were left alone. So as we were chatting about how each one of us has a different hand shape my ex which did not speak to me the whole trip told me "Show me your hands" and he brought his hand closer to mine and held it and started smiling to me as if he's happy.. Then I woke up.

This dream contains two distinct visions, specifically - going on a road trip with people who are important to you in your waking life and examining your hands. The first vision could be interpreted as your tendency to get involved in or try to accomplish plans or tasks which are more than you can handle. You could currently be going through a period in life when a lot of things need to be accomplish at the same time, but in order to succeed you need to set your priorities first or ask other people for help. The second vision of your ex-boyfriend examining your hand is indicating that you are about to experience a revelation or receive some new information which would affect your ex-boyfriend's as well as your own life. Most likely, it is a new person (not your current boyfriend) who might ignite new feelings and emotions in you. The notion of your ex-boyfriend feeling happy and telling you about it seems to be telling that your relationship with him has not found a proper closure yet, at least in your mind. You might be wanting him to be a part of your life, even though you are seeing someone else.

Ex-boyfriend dead

I dreamed my ex, whom I love very dearly who fell out of love with me and I found out is now using heavy drugs, ran into a cabin with a killer. My friend wouldn't let me run in after him. Then my friend came back with his body and said, "this is reality" my ex was dead and blue...with his bottom jaw completely torn off. I was screaming and crying.

Dying in dream interpretation is often related to upcoming or ongoing changes and renewal. In the context of this dream vision, it could probably symbolize your shifting views about whom you consider to be worthy of dating and establishing intimate relationships with after a string of unsuccessful of failed attempts to find the perfect date or lover. It could signify your current personal situation when you see opportunities knocking on your door in the form of other men with a good potential to become your intimate partner, at least the way you perceive it to be happening. The image of your ex-boyfriend's bottom jaw being completely torn off could mean that you blame other people's involvement and influence on how things had turned for the worse between you and him and eventually led to the dissociation with him.

Ex-boyfriend's wife dying

In the morning today I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend's wife had died and he was in a pain, but was not showing this. But he was crying a little bit.... What does it mean, because I never thought like that about him...I wanna see him happy always...

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend's wife, and particularly envisioning her passing, may indicate feelings of jealousy or envy toward her or your ex's current life. Perhaps you desire to have that lifestyle with him or maybe you just wish for equal happiness and commitment in your own relationships. Seeing him try to hide his pain from you possibly represents a subconscious realization that he is better off now, even if this idea is just in your own mind. Seeing tears may symbolize some feelings of regret either over your prior relationship or over the fact that you cannot make new memories together with him.

A conflict with ex-boyfriend

I dreamed of my ex boyfriend trying to tell me something and when he was still trying to speak his fiancé called him to come home and he was very rude to her saying he is still busy, but after a few minutes he lied to me and said he is going to the bathroom only to run away from me.

Dreaming about having communication problems with your ex-boyfriend and his later attempt to run away from you both point toward recent efforts to catch his eye or try to rekindle your past relationship. While this was possibly done subconsciously, your endeavors may have gone awry. It may be that he did not notice your special attention given to him, or it is possible that he purposely ignored or scorned them. If the fiancée you saw in your vision really exists, it indicates a desire to know about his private affairs, potentially resulting in you getting in trouble for snooping or gossiping. Your subconscious mind, through this dream, may be pushing you to decide between letting your feelings go or continuing to pursue his affection despite his interests being elsewhere.

Ex-boyfriend and flowers in the garden

In reality, my boyfriend and I had a separation, almost break-up, but I know we want to get back together. Now stuck. In my dream, we're entering a gate hugging each other, on the long entrance to their mansion. We stayed in his bedroom. When we woke up we went out the hall and met his mom. She was smiling. Me and boyfriend went out walking hugging, to the garden, feel the happiness. There were flower beds. I noticed two. They were planted with white and purple flowers that looked like gladiola.

This dream has a number of complicated symbols that conflict with each other. Seeing yourself with a boyfriend or lover who you have had a separation with, even for a short time, indicates that he is often on your mind. However, hugging and intimacy with this person portends some problems with lifestyle or not seeing eye to eye on certain issues, possibly due to not saying everything that needs to be said. Feeling happiness and seeing flowers at the end of the dream represents feelings of peace and tranquility, most likely after a fight or disagreement. In summary, this dream seems to be a subconscious wish to rekindle your relationship with your boyfriend, but also a warning that, in order to make it successful, both parties will need to communicate and compromise with each other.

Ex-boyfriend from his relatives

My dream was about my ex's family. His auntie was telling me how much he misses me being with him. She even told me in the dream that she moved in with his girlfriend. In my dream I was really shocked. She told me she didn't like his new girlfriend that she wishes that me and him went back together. In my dream I was sad because I did or do want him back.

Dreaming about your ex and his family indicates that he is still on your mind or that you have had some interaction with him recently which has brought him to the forefront of your thoughts. The discussion you hold with his aunt represents the thoughts in your own mind going back and forth between wanting him back and not wanting to go through the same troubles again. While this dream vision does not give any indication of whether a rekindling of the relationship would be successful, it does suggest thinking carefully about all the events that characterized your past together before moving ahead.

Spending time with ex-boyfriend's family

Last night I dreamed about the family of my ex-boyfriend together my ex-boyfriend. I attend the gathering but I don't know what kind of gathering. Talking, laughing, and enjoying time with them.

Dreaming about spending time with your ex-boyfriend and his family indicates that he is still on your mind or that you have had some recent interaction with him. Envisioning yourself in a dream talking and enjoying your time together with them may reflect your current feelings about the state of your previous relationship. You may be considering rekindling things, but you may also be hesitant lest the same problems occur. This dream suggests taking the time to consider all aspects of your situation before taking steps forward.

Ex-boyfriend cutting fish and leaving

I saw my ex-boyfriend cutting more than one fleshy big fish into slices, and after that, he wanted to leave me so badly and go to his new girlfriend. I was crying and he kept on going away.

Seeing fish being cut into slices by your ex-boyfriend indicates your lingering thoughts about and desire to continue to have sexual relations with him. However, you also subconsciously reaffirm to yourself that he has moved on with his life and is now seeing someone else whom he is interested in sexually. You could have also recently become aware of some new developments in his personal life which triggered these visions of being left behind once again.

Talking with ex-boyfriend's wife

I dreamt about my ex boyfriend. The setting was in a badminton or basketball court and I was having some personal business there when I saw him. Looking at him his face was very sad. Then I approached him. Then he told me the story. It was about his wife who is getting cold with him and he thinks that his wife wants them to part ways. Then I waited for his wife, in my dream we were good friends and she could tell me anything. Then she told me she's with another guy. And she asked me not to tell her husband that she's pregnant. Then I found myself embracing my ex boyfriend and crying with him.

This dream has a number of complicated symbols that conflict with each other. Seeing yourself with a boyfriend or lover who you have had a separation with indicates that he is often on your mind. These thoughts, however, may garner some negative reactions from those around you, which is symbolized by the badminton court. Your conversation with your ex-boyfriend, specifically his indication of the difficulties he is having with his wife, suggests you want to open a line of communication with him, even though he may be in a relationship with someone else. Both the hugging and intimacy at the end of the vision portend some problems with lifestyle or not seeing eye to eye on certain issues with this person, possibly due to having communication problems in the past.

Sabotaging ex-boyfriend's new relationship

I keep having a recurring dream where I go visit my ex-boyfriend (lives in England and we are best friends). I show up on his doorstep without telling him in advance. We hang out and spend time together, no romantic activities, he meets someone and they develop a relationship. I get overprotective and jealous and scare this person away. I have no idea what this means.

Your relation with your ex-boyfriend, which changed from an intimate relationship to a friendship is likely a reflection of your desire to find and establish new connections. You could now be going in circles instead of following a new path. You seem to be extremely sensitive about the presence of new people entering your life, even when your interaction with them is superficial and unimportant. Your relations with current friends could be improved if you are able to invest more time and energy for that purpose. It looks like you need a fresh start instead of routines which could be preventing you from reaching your true potentials.

Following ex-boyfriend on the bus

I am a female. It is the end of school and I don't want to ride my bus, so I get on the bus "M" which my ex-boyfriend rides. I still like him. I go onto the bus and sit in the bus seat across from him. We talk and I ask him if he is still dating this girl named "Vennie". He says "Yes," but in real life, he isn't. We hold hands on the bus, and I get the feeling he likes me.

Picking a different bus route from what you would usually take symbolizes the need for you to re-evaluate things in your waking life that you consider to be important or those you deem to be insignificant. At the same time, the images of following your ex-boyfriend on that bus and trying to communicate with him, speak of your current boredom and dissatisfaction with the way your life is going, you could be lacking love and affection coming from your current boyfriend, or just disappointed by not having anyone around at all. Your insecurities and inhibitions are further illustrated by the notion of asking him if he is dating someone else at the moment.

Ex-boyfriend in women's clothes and shoes

My ex-boyfriend was wearing white stilettos and his feet were blistered and bleeding at the heels. He was wearing very short shorts. We were arguing in my dream and I was sad.

A dream which includes your ex-boyfriend, someone you were once romantically involved with in the past, predicts the return of some difficult, unpleasant problem in your life. This could be a physical circumstance, like domestic issues with someone you co-habit at the moment, or an emotional quandary, such as a person coming back into your life to raise issues you have forgotten about. In either case, seeing your ex-boyfriend in unusual clothes which are uncomfortable for him suggests that this problem is likely to affect your whole family, making the atmosphere increasingly tense and irritating.

Ex-boyfriend offering money

My dream was about seeing my old boyfriend who wanted to give me a check for $1800 dollars for my old bedroom furniture. We walked to my house together to retrieve it cause I missed the bus and had no other choice but to walk. We both seemed happy to see one another. It was unexpected. I still felt love for him and it seemed he still cared for me also. I broke up with him - we had a congenial breakup with no bad feelings. I haven't seen him in years. I always believed he was my soulmate.

Seeing a past boyfriend in a dream vision is usually associated with having problems in a current or developing relationship, especially romantic ones. This seems to be even more true considering your belief the he was your soulmate. Perhaps your current interests do not live up to what you had with him or maybe no one else can hold a candle to the memories you have of him. Receiving money suggests that you are a kind and generous person who is willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. In wake life you may be wondering whether or not you should be with someone if they do not seem to meet your expectations. Your subconscious is telling you, through this vision, that you have given them a fair chance, and it may be better to wait for someone truly special.

Daughter's ex boyfriend and number nineteen

Dreamed of my daughter's ex-boyfriend and the number 19.

A dream in which you see the former boyfriend of someone close to you can be interpreted as a bad sign. It could mean that your current relationship is not as stable as you may wish it to be. Certain circumstances may lead to a break-up and the number nineteen is likely to play a role in it, such as someone's age or the date when something significant had or will have taken place.

A time spent with ex-boyfriend

My recent ex-boyfriend and I drove away together to a destination not disclosed. The ambience was that of two people still on good terms.

Dreaming about someone you once shared a close relationship with is not uncommon, especially if something special, strange or difficult occurred with them recently. Sharing a car suggests you are not happy ending things, either because you do not like the way you parted or because you feel there is more to learn and do together. However, the positive atmosphere is likely hiding an underlying strain which could be the cause of the separation. In essence, this vision represents your internal feelings about your present situation.

Casting spells with ex-boyfriend

My dream repeats itself like it's a broken record player. Me and my ex-boyfriend from high school (3 years of being together, almost made), dressed up in black witchy kind of clothes in the forest dancing, casting spells together and my current boyfriend dies.

The presence of your ex-boyfriend in your dream reveals unresolved issues from the past. Maybe the both of you need closure in order to fully move on. Casting spells suggests a tendency and a need to manipulate or control things that are happening around you. This could cause some problems with your current boyfriend if you are too controlling as he would feel suffocated if you lean in too much. Alternatively, the dream of your ex may not necessarily be connected to him, but to your general past and other previous partners. Perhaps you need to reflect on the lessons you have learned and apply them to the present in order to make things work with your current boyfriend.

Ex-boyfriend hiring a killer who is afraid

My ex-hired someone to come to my grandmother's home to attack me. She asked for me when I opened the door. I knew she didn't recognize me and said I wasn't there. After someone in the background said my name, she saw it was me. I then asked why she was there and who sent her. She admitted it was him and he was going to pay her $1000. She also said she was afraid he would cause harm to her. Then we see him drive by the house.

To dream of being threatened by your ex reveals lingering ill feelings towards him. His strong presence in the dream could be a reflection of his hold on you. Perhaps he still has the power to hurt, either because you still have feelings for him or whatever negative issues you had cut you deep and you are unable to move on from the pain just yet. Paying someone to hurt you could represent your trust issues. You are suspicious of the intentions of others as a result of a bad break up. Alternatively, it may not directly be about your ex, just the lessons learned from being with him. And her admission of being afraid of your ex could be your fear of making the same mistake that you made with him.

Ex boyfriend killing his girlfriend and her mom

My nightmare was of my next-door neighbors which was a girl and her mother. The girl looked around my age and was my best friend. She had a bad break up with a guy and was scared of him. I promised to protect her. I was gone, but went back to her house and she was dead on her front porch with a stab wound where her heart was. When I ran inside, her mom was dead in her chair. When I ran out, her ex was chasing us into a wheat field. I armed myself as he chased her, panicked and I killed him. Cops came after...

Envisioning the murder of those you swore to protect is an ominous symbol associated with witnessing terrible acts in wake life and being unable to do anything to help despite your desire to do so. Maybe you are passionate about social justice or are simply tired of all the hate and mistreatment you see happening around you. This vision is the manifestation of you feeling powerless or ready to give up in these situations. Dreaming about killing the murderer represents the potential action you need to take to make change happen. However, the police paying you a visit in the end of the vision could be interpreted as a warning that, no matter what you choose to do, you should always act in love and kindness, not in anger or violence.

Ex boyfriend not visiting while in town

My boyfriend that I just broke up with came to my city but did not visit me. Why?

A dream in which you envision your ex-boyfriend visiting your city but not coming to see you could portend certain issues with your next relationship. These future problems could be similar to the ones you had with your former boyfriend and could originate from a similar source. Be careful in how you choose your next partner when you start a new relationship and make sure that you know what you are getting into.

Threatened by ex-boyfriend's wife

I was somehow at my ex-boyfriend's house in his bathroom. I came out into the living room and he was on the couch looking sad with a toddler who was handicapped. I said sorry for showing up and he said it was okay because he and his wife don't spend time together. Then I tried to leave and the door was locked. Out of nowhere his gun-toting wife comes running down the stairs with a few kids behind her! She told me to never come back and stay away from her husband. She unlocked the door and I woke.

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend is symbolic of you having strong feelings for him despite being distanced and out of touch. It could be especially true when you notice a major change or upheaval in his life. The fact that you found your ex looking dejected signifies that he may be facing a tough time and you feel sorry for him. The handicapped baby in your ex's lap could represent some of his bad habits which could actually be the very reason for his misfortune. On the other hand, a vision of a locked door could point towards your own inability to help your ex during challenging times, and maybe these issues could only be resolved with the help of his current partner or wife.

Ex-boyfriend in a colorful setting

Kindly interpret my dream. I saw my ex-boyfriend (now married) telling my family that his father was in Norway for a long time, while I was hanging a yellow square design table clothes on a rope. After that, I was buying ice cream and I wore silver color sandals with a white platform.

The yellow color in this dream signifies jealousy. You may be harboring a lingering fondness for your ex and his marriage is pushing those emotions on the surface. Perhaps you have not fully moved on and are holding onto hopes that you would get back together. This jealous side of you is probably being highlighted due to your lack of romantic prospects at the moment. If you are in a relationship, then perhaps the ice cream points to your desire for more romance and sweetness that the current bond that you have does not provide. You may also be yearning to settle down and get married yourself.

In a cave with ex-boyfriend

I and my ex are standing in a cave. We are separated by extremely calm water. We stare into each other's eyes for what seems like an eternity. His eyes are fierce but in a pleasant way. It becomes totally silent around us. All of a sudden he turns around and walks away into the white bright light behind him. When I wake up I feel anxious, sad, and angry.

A cave in the dream world alludes to shelter, protectiveness and spirituality. As such, the cave in your dream probably represents how you perceive your bond with your ex. You may see him as a source of comfort or refuge. Perhaps even if you have broken up, you continue to have a connection and the calmness of water depicts your dependency on him to achieve peace of mind. And yet he turns away from you in the dream and walks towards the white light. This act likely reveals your anxiety and fear of losing him. The white light could be a metaphor for his achieving enlightenment and moving on. Maybe this vision also urges you to stop clinging to the past.

Ex-boyfriend swimming and smiling

Female, 28 years, dreamed of my ex (who dumped me 9 months ago) on a seaside resort smiling at me, then jumped in the water and started backstroke swimming (was still smiling). In real life, he came back and called me after 9 months, hiatus the next day after this dream. Still don't know if he wants to get back together.

While this vision may have acted as a premonition for your ex-boyfriend to contact you, the meaning of it is slightly different. Spending time with your ex-boyfriend at a seaside resort could be indicative of soon encountering someone you would have a lot in common with. You would be able to share your views, ideas, and opinions without being misunderstood or rejected. At the same time, watching your ex swimming may also predict that the events leading up to this future encounter could be unexpected and surprising. In a sense, the image of your ex-boyfriend in this dream represents your subconscious anticipation of meeting this new individual.

Ex-boyfriend touching my hands

We were outside his house and my ex bf was touching my hand, looking at it and tracing it. I don't remember what he was saying. He is friends with some of my cousins, but we haven't been dating, he was my first love but we haven't been together. I see him on and off, but I'm with someone now so I haven't seen him in a while.

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend could predict unexpected or surprising events that may turn out to negatively affect you instead of benefiting you. Additionally, the fixation on your hands suggests this is related to your school or work situation. You may soon find your inundated with busy work or cleaning up messes that are not yours, making it difficult to do the things that are most important to you and your future.

Helping ex-boyfriend to iron out new relationship

My ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend almost broke up and I helped them talk out the situation and get back together.

Seeing yourself with a boyfriend or lover whom you have had a separation with indicates that he has recently been on your mind. Perhaps you have seen him recently or were reminded of him after hearing a song or visiting a location you once frequented together. Your interaction with your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, specifically your actions to help repair their relationship, suggests you want to open a line of communication with him, even though he may be in a relationship with someone else. Perhaps you miss or enjoy his company as a person, even if you no longer want a romantic connection.

Unable to feed ex boyfriend

I am a female. I dreamt that I and my husband were celebrating a special event (cannot recall which) and his friends came visiting too to celebrate with us. My ex came too but not as his friend but a cleaner, he cleaned and dusted everywhere. While cleaning, he recovered some missing items for us including my gold chain. I served everyone food except him since he was busy. By the time he was less busy, I wasn't around to serve him food. When I came back home, he was about leaving. I pleaded for him to come in and eat some food, he refused at first and when he was about to agree, another friend of his who was urinating by, told him not to answer me. I had a serious quarrel with the guy and that was when I woke up.

This vision seems to be related to your interpersonal connections, but it also could contain some predictions about your future. The large gathering at your house points toward change and upheaval. Perhaps you are about to enter a new stage of your life or start a new, important project. The idea that your ex was cleaning your house during this event means you are likely to meet some new individuals who would greatly impact your life for the better. Just as your ex was cleaning and helping out, so would these men or women give of themselves to help you grow. Your attempts to give back, however, may be met with confusion or disdain. Your attempts in this vision to feed your ex can be interpreted as a sign that in helping others you tend to stick your nose a little too far into their business. If you hope to remain on friendly terms with everyone, it might be wise to maintain a friendly, polite distance until they are comfortable with you.

Love confession from ex partner

I was visiting my mum, my ex partner who lived next door, came looking for me and confessed his undying love for me.

Dreaming that an ex is declaring his undying love for you actually means you are coming to terms with your past. You have made peace with the break up and are now starting the process of moving on. Undying love suggests memories which you will forever treasure despite the relationship being over. In a sense, this is the closure you needed to close this chapter and begin the next phase of your life.

Ex-boyfriend in a window

I had a dream of my ex boyfriend sitting in a window. His back was facing the window.

Seeing your ex-boyfriend in the dream world is a fairly ominous symbol. It suggests your current relationship or an upcoming one would have many troubles leading to periods of separation. Envisioning him with his back to the window may reveal a need to think about or contemplate some of the decisions you have made thus far regarding your romantic endeavors. You may need to reconsider what you look for in a beau or take some time off from relationships to work on yourself.

Son attacking ex boyfriend

I was dreaming I made out with my ex-boyfriend then my son started attacking him and we went and hid and my friend walked in with some other girl that I didn't know and they were crying?

Getting intimate your ex-boyfriend once again in the dream realm often reveals some upcoming circumstances that would take you completely by surprise. Perhaps your son's violent reaction to your ex in the dream means that he would be a part of the startling revelation. For example, he may act in a way you have never seen before or express a desire to do something that you do not necessarily agree with. Your crying friend and their equally sad companion could have two possible interpretations in this case. On one hand, it may mean that this surprise would bring you great happiness and satisfaction. Alternatively, it could point toward a strengthening bond with your son.

Ex-boyfriend carrying a snake

The image of your ex-boyfriend or lover carrying a snake is a bad sign of things to come. It often portends that he is working against you and trying to persuade others to abandon you as well. This may have something to do with addiction, either to certain substances or attention. You may be pursued or chased by these poisonous individuals and their foul rumors for some time. If you have been holding onto thoughts of rekindling something with this man, you may want to reconsider. Surrounding yourself with toxic individuals will not help you grow as a person.

Ex-boyfriend getting married

Attending your ex-boyfriend's wedding in the dream world is a metaphor for not wanting him back in your life anymore. Although you might be getting a hint of confusion about whether you still miss him or love him, this vision is your psyche telling you to move forward and start a new chapter in life. Likewise, this also indicates forgiveness toward someone who broke your heart. Instead of holding on to bitterness, it might be time to start building a new relationship again for your own good.

Ex-boyfriend during a photoshoot

I was at a photoshoot watching my ex boyfriend tell his new girl how pretty she is and he was saying kind words to her while she was posing for pictures. He was smiling and happy and she was being confident and I was just watching them. I was standing next to a mirror and I don’t remember seeing a photographer at the shoot but I saw the camera flashes. They didn’t pay me any attention and my ex acted like I wasn’t there he was so focused on her and her beauty and being there and supporting her.

Despite the imagery of rivalry or competition, the dream vision of your ex-boyfriend appearing happy with another girl is a positive omen. This dream vision suggests that you need to accept the breakup and move on for the better. The image of a mirror and you standing beside it implies that you may have difficulty accepting this incident at first as it’s not an easy process, but the presence of camera flashes indicates that you are starting to realize that it would be for your own benefit to go ahead in life without him. Instead, you need to choose to preserve the memories you had and learn from the lessons that the relationship and the breakup have brought you moving forward and start meeting new people.