Dreams Related To Evil

Facing evil

Dreaming that you are facing evil in your daily life, when you are trying to do a good thing for a friend and somebody tried to prevent and sabotage it, when you come face to face with the ugly nature of this person, should be taken as a warning that a serious threat or danger is waiting around the corner in your waking life. Alternatively, this could mean a prediction of contracting a serious illness or disease that could potentially alter the course of your life. Perhaps you need to pay attention to your current circumstances so that these outcomes could be avoided.

The dream could also be an indication of your weak spiritual nature that may need improvement, it may be highlighting your shallow advocacies and devoting your life to meaningless and worldly material pursuits or work. It is not too late to change your ways in that the dream could be calling you out to renew and enrich your faith and focus on non-material and intangible things instead. This way, you could be enjoying a truly meaningful life.

Evil for women

Dreaming of evil specifically for women, such that you encounter monstrosity in the dream and it envelops your entire being rendering you immobile, could mean being blindsided in your waking life and may be suddenly betrayed by your partner if in a long-term relationship. It would be better if you address any relationship issues sooner than later that you may have, so that it would not lead to a bitter end. If you are single, watch out as this may also be referring to gossip, hatred and threats to your reputation.

Elements of evil

To dream about elements of evil, for example when you are staring at a mirror full of hate when you experience an unexplainable rage and urge to hurt a loved one and break the mirror instead, could represent your inner fears or concerns welling from inside which you tried to hide for so long and which could eventually burst into violence. Take the dream as a warning that your actions or decisions could have either positive or negative outcomes, depending on how you process your emotions. Tread with extreme care when making a particularly important decision and weigh things carefully before taking action, as this could have a potential impact on your future.

Haunted by the presence of evil spirit

Evil spirits killed a preacher in a house with no roof just walls. An evil spirit under a sheet on my friend's bed. A friend was talking in his sleep. Trying to tell the friend about it, but couldn't get the words out. They were laying in bed with their boyfriend in the same house and the table moved with a grapefruit on a smoking plate. Walking down a road with my friend and saw my brother. Tried to tell him about it, but couldn't get the words out.

The evil spirit in your dream represents negative emotions, such as anger, envy and frustration. These negative thoughts or intentions may be lurking in your subconscious and affecting the positive aspects of your existence. Killing the preacher also points to the weakening of your faith due to wicked thoughts or questionable behaviour. The evil spirit under the bed and wreaking havoc on your loved ones illustrate the ill effects of behaving badly. Being unable to talk alludes to your lack of self-control. This dream reminds you to reconsider your current actions to prevent yourself from hurting your loved ones.

Helpless while facing evil

When you are dreaming that your are helpless while facing evil and you end up doing nothing to address it, like crying or just feeling confused when somebody tries to belittle or bully you in whatever you do, it could be indicating a big loss coming your way, which may be related to your job, and inability to provide for yourself and your family who depend on you. Be extra vigilant as these could also mean bad or poor outcomes if you are involved in big projects, transactions or engagements currently. These images may be telling you to keep your bases covered and stay focused to avoid potential losses in your life.

Running away from evil

Running away from evil in a dream can be a challenging and spiritually symbolic experience. It signifies a lucid struggle, often one of the hardest battles your inner self faces. Feeling fear and evading malevolent forces suggests unresolved conflicts in wake life. This dream may reflect compromised principles or ongoing wars within your conscience. It is crucial to confront these issues in your conscious life, as running away in your dream points to temporary avoidance. Failure to address these concerns could lead to lasting spiritual discomfort and hinder your personal growth.

Being chased by something evil

A dream about running from something evil. I'm crying, can't get away and every time I think I am awake, I'm not awake?

Running is a common theme in a variety of dreams. This usually means that you are experiencing stressful situations and troubles in real life that you want to avoid or escape. Your fear and anxiety is seeping into your subconscious and forcing you to confront your problems. The false awakening part of dream points to your desire to take stock of the situation and deal with the issue head on. You are beginning to become more self-aware and conscious of the consequences of either your action or passivity.

Evil coming out of a mirror

I was standing looking into a full-length mirror and behind me everything kept going black, the walls began to bleed, things (monsters) crawled from every corner behind me, but the mirror started to bend. And this thing started to crawl out of it. Really want help with this, never happened before.

Dreaming about seeing the forces of darkness in a mirror is an ominous sign revealing your involvement in negative situations, when you could be controlled and manipulated by someone, which can bring out the worst in you and hurt the people around you, hence the blood dripping from the walls and monsters crawling behind your reflection in the mirror, a metaphor for some kind of personal apocalypse. The monster which crawls out of the mirror in the end alludes to the emptiness or dark hole which is forming within, making it impossible for you to connect to others deeply or make promises you have no intention of keeping. The way you treat those around you is probably reaching its boiling point and could culminate in major conflicts.

Someone being evil toward you

If you dream of someone being evil toward you while you are being kind to that person, and he or she says nasty things and ridicules you to make you appear a total disgrace with the crowd laughing at you, this could mean that you have the tendency to easily trust people who are hiding ulterior motives. While they seem innocent and helpful to you at first, they could turn their backs at you and become your enemies in a blink of an eye. The dream may be telling you to be more discerning in choosing your allies whom you can trust.

Evil people staring

5 people who look the same staring at me from outside a window, emotionless stares, gray eyes, mouths open and I felt like they were evil.

Dreaming that people are staring at you could reveal your anxieties and fears about being scrutinized or criticized. Perhaps you feel like the world is too cruel and heartless based on the people's emotionless stares and sinister presence witnessed in the dream. It is also possible that you would be judged and your privacy would likely be invaded by certain individuals in your social circle to the point that you would feel personally attacked. The number 5 may also be a significant dream symbol because it usually refers to the five senses. Maybe your subconscious is telling you to be more observant and use your faculties to navigate your relationships, so you would know whom you can trust.

Being evil toward someone

To dream that you are being evil toward someone when you are dealing with a business transaction, like cheating that person out of their wealth or possessions behind his or her back, could mean that you are very protective of your existing relationships or status in life. You would do anything to retain them by whatever means there are. This may also reflect negative feelings you are harboring such as envy, greed, jealousy or hatred towards someone or a group of people within your inner circle.

Furthermore, the dream could be hinting at your inability to control your own surge of emotions, which could potentially lead you to losing friends, relatives or family, those who may be in the inner circle of your influence or provide you with constant support. It would be beneficial for you and those close to you, if you could take the time needed and do an inward reflection before it is too late to make amends.

Running from evil and hiding in a monastery

I first saw evil after us... And then I entered a monastery which was inside a cave. And all of this in my dream itself I was telling it to my grandmothers, the one who is dead and the other who is alive. Both of these were happening in my dream. I dreamt in my dream.

Trying to run away or escape from an evil force or the devil in a dream means that you could become persecuted by authorities or subjected to court proceedings or other legal actions against you. Alternatively, you may be running away from yourself, at least from the negative parts, such as insecurity or feelings of guilt. To confront your inner demons, you need to dig deep into yourself as symbolized by the monastery inside a cave. Explore your inner workings and face up to your limitations, so you can sort out problems in the waking world. Your grandmothers serve as a metaphor for wisdom. Whatever you may be going through, you seem to be seeking guidance from your elders.

Trying to rid a house of evil spirit

Ok, so I had a dream that I was at someone's house. I walked into the kitchen and in the left corner was a black dark evil energy. Every time I or anyone would get near it, they would start feeling horrible, having seizures and stuff like that. This lady just moved in and I told her to burn sage. I was extremely terrified and I was freaking out. I kept telling this lady to call a priest to bless the room. I made her give me her phone number, so I could call her and make sure the priest came by.

There is a dark shadow hovering in your reality. This shadow is represented by the dark and evil energy lurking in the corner of the kitchen in your dream. This evil presence points to negative emotions, such as anger, envy, and frustration. These negative thoughts or intentions may be rooted in your subconscious and affect the positive aspects of your existence. Your tendency to lash out may be affecting your friends and family members. On the other hand, the kitchen in your dream signifies your need for warmth, spiritual nourishment, and some emotional healing. Kitchens also represent motherhood and nurturing figures in your life. Perhaps the responsibility associated with taking care of children is stressing you out and causing your to project your anger and frustrations onto others who do not deserve to be treated this way.

Mother of three evil brothers

There are three lethal brothers, grown ups, seen to be wearing all dark suit and tie. They had an ill mother whom they loved but abandoned her except the first brother, he has always cherished and appreciated her. The first time I saw these brothers was on a dark rainy night. They drove until they almost ran into me. Suddenly I met their mother and for no reason she seemed to me as a loved one. The dream ended when the mother fell terribly ill and almost collapsed, until I got her.

Men in dark suits are an ill omen to experience in a dream vision. They often predict becoming the victim of someone or a group of people who are out to deceive you, possibly by offering you an opportunity that seems too good to be true. The rainy night which characterized your first experience with these men suggests that you tend to shut yourself off from others, making it difficult to find someone to rely on in situations like these when you may need extra help or back-up. Catching the mother at the end of the vision could mean finding a way to pick yourself up off the ground after this situation has passed, but it may take some time to get back on your feet again.

Dead father warning about evil presence

My dead dad telling me not to open the door for my dead grandmother telling me to keep the door locked, not to let her in, it's an evil spirit.

The presence of your deceased dad probably means that you are undergoing challenges in the waking world and you are looking for the guidance of your elders. Your predicament has forced your subconscious to dig deep into your past for lessons you may be able to apply in your current situation. The past in this dream scenario is represented by your dad. On the other hand, the evil spirit masquerading as your dead grandmother could be a metaphor for your tendency to dwell on past mistakes. Perhaps prior failures and disappointments have prevented you from taking risks and going after your dreams. Sometimes too much nostalgia and sentimentality can cause stagnation.

A house with evil inside luring people in

My dream was about moving into a house that was evil that hypnotized everyone who walked inside it into not leaving. There were evil forces in the house and you could feel them but you didn't want to leave once you were inside. I also couldn't scream once I was inside. I never saw anything evil but I was terrified of whatever evil was there.

A dream wherein you can sense an evil presence is actually a manifestation of what might be going around in your wake life. Evil is often associated with emotions of repression. Perhaps you are facing a difficult problem which seems to be causing feelings of anger and hurt within you. The notion of the evil capturing everyone inside refers to your own negativity which engulfs those around you. The inability to scream out loud further points towards the suppression which you are experiencing. It would be better to confide to your loved ones in order to avoid feeling oppressed.

An evil figurine and spiders attacking

My son, sister-in-law and myself were in a store that seemed like a thrift store that had some objects. I told my son not to touch this figurine that looked evil. Then my dream switches to us running through an unknown area and my son runs in a web of spiders of different size and they crawl into his clothes biting him and jumping on me and I'm slapping them off of me and him.

The figurine you envisioned while inside a thrift store could symbolize soon losing weight. However, the evil presence you felt from the object may reveal that the reason for this weight loss would not be pleasant, for example, due to a serious illness or accident. This is followed by the image of your son getting stuck in a spider web, a symbol associated with being preoccupied with troubling thoughts. This issue or condition is likely to cause some concern and worry among your family members. While you may try to brush off or dismiss their concerns, you would likely not be able to shake off the bad vibes and deal with the situation by yourself only.

Evil spirits protecting precious metals

I dreamed of huge bars of gold, silver and ivory. However, there were evil spirits in front of each metal. I also dreamed of a lion close by. But not too close by the metals.

The lion in your dream represents a powerful and influential figure who may be trying to control your path in life. You may be unaware that the strings are being pulled by this individual since the manipulation is done in subtle ways. Meanwhile, the bars of gold represent your strong resolve and willful nature. Perhaps the character trying to manipulate and overpower you in reality is having trouble dictating your decisions because you have a strong personality with a clear idea of where you want to go, especially when it comes to your professional growth and career choice.

An evil being trying to kill

I am a girl. I saw an evil being throwing us in the dream from a huge building towards river and telling us why don't you die and it was laughing.

Envisioning an evil, malevolent spirit in your dreams is often thought to predict upcoming disappointments or challenges in reality. The attempts on your life could reflect some aspect of boredom or complacency in wake life, suggesting that you have not been vigilant in some way. Your own lack of care or precaution could cause you a lot of trouble unless you take drastic measures quickly.

Evil eye

Dreaming of the evil eye, symbolized by an amulet or pendant adorned with a protective bead, could signify an issue or situation involving envy. This dream hints at the presence of negative thoughts or energies directed towards you, urging you to be cautious of such influences. Moreover, it creates a sense of mystery, inviting you to explore and address the hidden aspects of the condition for your own protection and well-being.