Dreams Related To Euthanasia

A dog and people having euthanasia

I dreamed I saw a brown bear close to the house. I ran inside and locked the door. The brown bear ran to the house and tried to open the door, but it was locked. Then I dreamed, my son's dog was at vet's and was having euthanasia, but lived through it. I helped it escape outside, where it ran off, I don't think I was suppose to help it. There were 2 people that were near death, but pulled through, like they were having euthanasia too. I was happy for them, some family members not so happy.

The brown bear close to your house that you escaped from may refer to an unusual romantic encounter in wake life. In many cases, this alludes to sexual experiences in places other than the bedroom, like an elevator or an airplane, however, it is sometimes associated with meeting a potential romantic partner somewhere unexpected, such as the grocery store or while waiting to meet someone else. Releasing the dog from the vet could mean your family members would initially turn away from you due to this development. This would also be supported by the other two individuals who survived in the dream and your family's reaction. Perhaps you would need to explain your feelings carefully so that others can understand where you are coming from and why you would want to pursue this connection.