Dreams Related To Eulogy

Giving a eulogy and singing

I was giving the eulogy at my sister-in-law's funeral. I love her and I was talking about how she was and people were reacting - I was doing a great job even though I was emotional. The place was packed and all were standing like at a concert. I sang "Out Here On My Own" and then went back in the dream and changed it to "I Can Only Imagine". I woke up - it was 6:30 am.

This vision seems to represent your strength of character as well as serve as a small warning of things to come. Specifically, a funeral for a loved one is a symbol indicative of upcoming hardship or turbulence in an otherwise peaceful life. It is possible something will shake up your current way of life, forcing you to adapt and possibly let go of the little things. The songs you sang, however, shed light on your generally positive way of living your life, meaning that rather than seeing these challenges as a setback, you aim to rise above them. Your strength, hope and love in these circumstances are your true test of character, and friends and family probably admire you and look up to you because of it.