Dreams Related To Escalator

An escalator to hell pit

I dreamed there was a hole in ground and me and my cousin went to it, and an escalator appeared. We got on. About 100 feet down I realized it was going to the pit of hell, so I started running up the escalator and tried to get my cousin up. She fell and I made it back to the ground level, and ran out to the shed to try to figure out how to get her back. When I went back the hole was covered and I couldn't dig enough to find the escalator.

The hole from the beginning point of your vision represents a dilemma or problem you are facing in reality, possibly one you cannot see a way out of at the moment. Going down the escalator further supports this idea, suggesting that as you deal with this issue you are getting farther and farther away from your main goals in life. Realizing that you are going into the pit of hell, then, is your unconscious mind giving you a wake up call. If you allow yourself to wallow in pity and not focus on trying to attain your goals again, you would regret it for the rest of your life. Escaping to the ground level again reveals you have the ability to overcome this situation if you put your mind to it.

A friend tumbling down the escalator

I dreamt of my friend falling down the escalator.

Falling in a dream is often connected with the idea of living on the edge. This means you have either been deluded into believing in something which may come back and bite you later or, more likely, you may be getting involved with some people or activities you should stay away from. The results of your behavior depend to a great extent on what happened to the person after they fell down the escalator. If you saw your friend getting uninjured and carried on normally, it could indicate getting away with whatever you have planned. However, if there were injuries or pain involved, the guilt from your disillusionment may eat you up from the inside, causing you great distress and anxiety until you resolve or make up for the wrong you may have already committed.

A friend owning houses and going up an escalator

I was forced to go up an escalator, then my friend was poor but owned 3 houses in a row in which she was working on fixing up! But didn't have any money! It felt like the whole dream I felt like I didn't want to do it.

This vision is somewhat complicated, but seems to point to upcoming ups and downs in your life, particularly in your finances. Going up an escalator is usually a positive symbol, as it is associated with improving living circumstances in reality. However, it is possibly something you do not like or agree with as a method of personal improvement. For example, you may be encouraged by others to have a higher-paying job, but you would rather have a job you really loved for less pay. Additionally, not having money does not mean you would be poor in the future, rather it points toward the lack of balance between doing what you love and working only for the sake of a paycheck. In this case, seeing your friend working on her houses even though she is poor could mean you admire those who are following their dreams even if their choices do not make them rich in material sense.