Dreams Related To Entity

A dark entity knocking on the door

I was waking up in my house scared and left onto the adjoining porch. There's a door separating the outside from the porch when a shadowy entity manifested outside and started knocking at the door. I felt fear initially but curiosity settled in once the entity had shown no interest in harming me. It was just knocking at the door.

Despite your fears, a knock on the door is actually a very auspicious dream symbol. It symbolizes an unexpected yet delightful news which will give you much happiness. It could be a piece of news you have been waiting for or a wonderful opportunity for you to explore. The shadowy entity merely suggests uncertainty as well as a reflection of your cautious nature, but in this case you have nothing to worry about.

Dark entities

A dark entity such as a shadow, demon or unknown spirit showing its presence in the dream realm is a harbinger of misfortune. It is suggestive of negative energy surrounding you and penetrating through to your waking life. For instance, you may be going through a bout of depression or agitation that, despite your best efforts, could become verbally or physically expressed to those around you. Lashing out at others would only serve to continue the cycle of negative energy, however. It may be wise to keep to yourself for awhile or talk to a professional until the dark evil cloud has passed.

A black entity coming into contact

I had a dream where someone, in a shadowy form, was trying to hold onto my palm as though to rub off or get at something from my palm. This shadowy figure was of the shape of a woman. It sneaked around me and on three different unsuspecting times, it tried to rub off its palm on mine as though to take something away from me, say my virtue, gifts, position. But in all three attempts, I refused to let it get out anything from me.

The shadowy image of a woman you saw in your dream may show some hypocrisy in your current beliefs. For example, you may have been holding onto a certain set of morals or ideas since you were a child, but now you act in a way that directly opposes what you say you believe in. In this way, the image of this shadow trying to reveal what is in your hand may reflect your subconscious desire to show yourself who you truly are. Your refusal to give anything up, however, may prove that you are not yet ready to give up these past ideals. Until you are ready to do so, you may find it difficult to have peace of mind.