Dreams Related To Engineer

A new element and the black hole

This isn't the whole dream. I was fooling around with mechanical engineering and then I discovered a new element that would allow me to see through a black hole. Then I went in a spaceship and flew through one and made it to a random place in time.

This portion of the dream contains opposing imagery which makes it difficult to interpret on its own. The first sign, studying and researching in a very specific field, suggests you tend to be too serious and should try using your imagination, instead of hard numbers, to solve your problems. This is accompanied by the idea of flying through space which is commonly associated with daydreams and illogical fancies which distract you from what you should be focusing on. Together, they seem to indicate a need for balance in your life between the rational and irrational, meaning you should avoid relying on either one too much.

Being an engineer

I dreamt I am a engineer and built a big bridge and a dam.

Dreaming of being an engineer means you are in control of your life. Even better, you are actually taking concrete steps into realizing your dreams. Building a big bridge means you are going to make valuable social connections with people who would be able to open a lot of doors for you, especially in terms of your career. On the other hand, the dam suggests repressed emotions. In your quest to becoming successful at your work, you are going to need a lot more self-control and ability to temper your emotions so as not to derail your career path.