Dreams Related To Emergency

Unable to dial emergency number

I keep having dreams where different emergencies are happening and I need to dial 911, but something happens each time to where my fingers physically cannot dial the numbers. Sometimes my fingers physically won't move, sometimes I keep pressing the wrong numbers, and sometimes my fingers just keep missing the buttons.

Being in a catastrophic or emergency situation in a dream vision often predicts much the same in wake life, namely that you may find yourself in some difficult situation in the near future. This is opposed by the image of you unsuccessfully contacting emergency services on the phone, a symbol which points toward self-deprecating feelings or behavior. You may think you are unlucky when in reality there is nothing wrong or there are very few problems in your life. These two signs combined seem to suggest that you blow things out of proportion or even make problems where none exist. This vision could be a warning from your subconscious to chill out and see the good in life rather than focusing on the bad.