Dreams Related To Embalming

You embalming a dead body

Dreaming about observing yourself embalming the dead body of a stranger could symbolize loneliness. You may be about to go through a period during which you will feel lonely and isolated, without a single loved person to hang out with. Alternatively, you could soon experience major financial problem. Therefore, you could take this dream as a warning. You should prepare yourself, for there are hard times ahead.

Looking at embalming

Dreaming about being present at or observing the process of embalming a dead body could reveal external and powerful influence. It is possible that those who surround you are trying to influence you to think and act in a particular way. However, this would mean that they would be trying to change your own principles, values and beliefs. The dream might also be alerting you to pay attention to other people’s intentions, your values and your willingness to change these. This would prevent you from being manipulated beyond your conscious awareness and against your important personal life goals.

Your body being embalmed

Dreaming about seeing your body being embalmed could be a forewarning. There may be people within your social circle who are ill-intended or do not exert any positive influence on you. You should be more selective when choosing your friends and acquaintances with whom you spend time or share your life with.

For those with high social standing or with a lot of responsibilities, this dream could translate upcoming unwelcome interpersonal changes. In particular, you might start having to work or communicate with people whom you do not appreciate, value or think worthy of your time and attention.