Dreams Related To Electricity

Electric sparks

Electric sparks can have a wide variety of interpretations in the dream world according to modern dream workers and their sources. The feeling of a shock may have ties to current conflicts in your life, often meaning you are experiencing something surprising or a situation that is making you tense and ready to burst. Alternatively, the light from a spark can be a symbol for passion, especially if someone has recently presented themselves as a potential romantic partner. Finally, electric sparks that turn into a fire are often thought to be a fortunate symbol that represent small numbers becoming large ones, much as a a few tiny sparks can be responsible for a large forest fire. In this case, however, the numbers are usually considered to be linked to finances, suggesting great gains in your wealth.

Being electrocuted

Being electrocuted in a dream, whether it was an accident or a form of torture, is often thought to be a predictor of misfortune and pain. In many cases, this discomfort or pain may be due to an actual shock, such as receiving some terrible, completely unexpected piece of news. Alternatively, you may be shocked to learn that you have a serious medical condition that would either require lifetime management or perhaps even no cure yet. This would bring you great suffering and sadness.

Making electricity from poop

I went to a plant that makes electricity from poop in septic tanks, I was shown how they do it, they put an empty tank into a hole while below the hole is a septic tank, they put on a machine that turns the poop into electricity, I was amused and requested them to install the plant at my place, so that I can distribute the electricity to people around. I was told of some rich friends who came and got the idea from them, since I don't have a lot of money, I was given an option of a smaller plant.

Poop or excrement has been associated with financial matters or issues involving money. The poop in septic tanks in your dream likely represents unharnessed potential and opportunities. In that sense, the energy generated by the septic tanks from those plants alludes to success and financial gain. You could be sitting on a unique business idea or a radical approach to your work that could increase productivity and profit for everyone involved. However, the risk associated with its implementation, as in any innovative move, may be high as well as costly. As such, your dream is actually a cautious yet encouraging message for you to implement your ideas that could potentially pay off with careful planning and proper supervision. It is wise to start small and then continue expansion once it shows signs of healthy and profitable operations.

Being shocked with electricity

I was napping, it has happened multiple times. I feel I'm been shocked with electricity and I can feel my body shaking. I try to yell for my son every time and I can't talk.

Dreaming about getting shocked by electricity or being electrocuted alludes to distress and pain. It could be due to some shocking piece of information in the waking world or a very painful experience. Perhaps your inability to call out to your son could be linked to your sense of helplessness, or maybe you are partly ashamed to ask for help. Alternatively, the recurring aspect of this particular dream symbol may be associated with actual physical discomfort. While sleeping, you may tend to place yourself in an uncomfortable position, cutting off blood circulation in parts of your body. This could be due to mounting stress in reality which ends up causing such physiological effects during your naps.

Electricity going out

Dreaming that the electricity or power is going out at some point in your dream indicates that you perceive a lack in your life, at least according to the works of Jung. The meaning of this symbol alludes to getting an unfortunate insight into an aspect of your life that may not be turning out the way you hoped. But your position after this vision is not so cut and dried. While you may feel a bit vulnerable at the moment, radical honesty about where you are and what you can realistically achieve could help get things back on track.

Electricity wires

Wires that carry electricity reveal a special interpretation according to modern dream workers. The meaning of this symbol is related to the physical wire's or cable's ability to carry or transmit a current of electricity from one place to another. In other words, this symbol represents a subconscious awareness of the danger of cause and effect. You may be observing how some people are living their lives, working themselves to the bone at their job and leaving little energy to enjoy life or be emotionally available to their families. Alternatively, you may see a lack of discipline and motivation at work affecting the outcome of certain projects or processes. You have the power to control your own fate. Use what you are seeing around you as a guide for what to do and what to avoid.

Someone getting electrocuted

Envisioning someone else being electrocuted in a dream vision carries different interpretations depending on how you felt about the situation. For instance, feeling negative emotions like shock, pain or even danger could be a warning that something bad is about to happen in real life. A sudden burst of energy or emotion could throw you off balance in a conflict or an accident of some kind and may have fatal consequences for someone you know. Alternatively, an inability to feel anything for the electrocuted person could mean you are getting too comfortable in your situation and you are on the verge of making a big mistake. You may not have invested enough time or energy into a particular project, and your subconscious mind is rightfully concerned you do not have the information, skill or motivation to work down to the wire and finish everything.