Dreams Related To Eclipse

Being taken upwards during a lunar eclipse

I don't remember much of it, but I remember this one moment pretty vividly. I was in a field with some other people I know from different points in my life. And we were watching a lunar eclipse. Right when it began, the moon started to shine, and I began to start floating upwards. I was taken off-guard and kind off timid about it, so I came back down after awhile. I tried to go to my friends to tell them about it but no one believed me. That's all I remember.

There is some opposing imagery in this vision which makes it difficult to interpret concisely. The field you are in at the beginning of the vision represents all the good things that have happened in your life thus far. Seeing friends and family from various points in your life can be thought of as reminders of the value they have added or the lessons you have learned from them. This is followed by the image of the lunar eclipse, a negative sign associated with misfortune and sadness. However, during the eclipse you begin to float upward. This represents your positive nature and your confidence in a happy future. It seems, then, that as long as you maintain your patience and positive outlook on life, you should have the tools and mental strength to make it through the trials that await.

Solar eclipse

In the dream realm, the imagery of a solar eclipse symbolizes a feeling of uncertainty or confusion in a situation or relationship in waking life. The eclipse represents a number of significant changes or transitions in the dreamer's life like a professional downfall or any misfortune that is going to happen in your life. Furthermore, it also indicates sudden changes in your life, as solar or lunar eclipse portend bad health and severe diseases which may affect you or someone you love. In essence, the dream is a reminder to get ready to counter ups and downs in your life, but things will get better with the passage of time as patience is the key to finding the answers.

Lunar eclipse

A dream that features the lunar eclipse carries a special and esoteric meaning. This sign plays with the solar and lunar aspects of psychic energy, which indicates that your emotions are impacted by the light or darkness you perceived in the eclipse itself. Therefore, the energy or aura you sense from the moon represents either the obstacles or setbacks you perceive in reality or the achievements or peace you hope to attain. This vision also indicates you may have some latent psychic abilities or a deep connection to the metaphysical world.

Blood moon eclipse

Seeing a blood moon eclipse in a dream symbolizes the emotional state and relationships of the dreamer. The blood moon lunar eclipse in the dream indicates the dreamer's feelings of emotional turmoil and the potential for a transformative change in their relationships. Furthermore, the rusty sky suggests that your life is going to be more complicated and stressful and you have to look for the answers to improve your connections with your loved ones. In essence, the dream is a warning to keep yourself distanced from negative energies and focus on what is more important.