Dreams Related To Echo

A crowded funeral, a carriage and an echo of people

I had a dream I was in a funeral but I didn't know who died, there was a huge crowd. I also dreamt of a white horse pulling a white carriage which was like a couch, very beautiful. I also dreamt of an echo of people laughing, I didn't see them. Please note that these were on separate incidents.

The first vision points towards learning something important, as being in a crowd is synonymous with announcements or receiving news. The fact that you were at the funeral of an unknown man or woman further suggests that you should not take what you hear at face value, because miscommunication could lead to hard feelings or disappointment. The second dream builds on the first, as the white horse can be interpreted as a sign that you have a good rapport with those close to you already. The white carriage represents your good character and integrity, the reason why others trust you so much in the first place. Finally, the sound of laughter in the final vision reiterates the first, pointing toward a need to ignore your first reaction to something. If you learn something surprising, try to be rational or at least think through your response.