Dreams Related To Earth

Seeing planet earth

According to modern dream workers, seeing Planet Earth signifies the dreamer's connection to a higher, spiritual realm. The spherical representation of Earth symbolizes the wholeness and interconnectedness of life. In this type of vision, the dreamer taps into a profound source of energy and wisdom through meditation, embracing a feminine and nurturing point of view. This spiritual experience indicates the dreamer's subconscious quest for a fresh outlook on a specific problem or situation. By entering this meditative state and witnessing Earth from a broader perspective, the dreamer seeks to gain insight, understanding and clarity, empowering themselves to approach challenges, exert influence and find success with newfound enlightenment and unity.

Earth being destroyed

Seeing a meteor hit and destroy the earth, while you try to save the world from ending in a dream realm indicates your desire to attain power while helping others. Perhaps you desire of establishing a cosmopolitan society where people's origin or nationalities would not matter and everyone would have the same control. The notions of establishing such an utopian society might seem too much to be true, but this is a testimony of your inner goodness.

Earth splitting open

The image of the Earth splitting or cracking open to reveal a deep crevice may be unnerving or scary. However, sources of dream interpretation based on the religion of Islam suggests that you should be reassured by this symbol. According to them, the opening in the ground is a fortunate sign that represents getting answers or getting news that allows you to gain happiness or other opportunities.