Dreams Related To Ears

Your own ears

Seeing your own ears up close, perhaps in front of a mirror or from a third person's point of view, means you need to be careful about spilling secrets and showing your weaknesses to people you do not know too well. Someone may be keeping a close eye on you, trying to find faults and weaknesses in you which they can exploit in order to take you down. If you see your left ear in the vision, then this scheming individual is a woman at work or in your social circle. If it is the right ear, then you have to watch out for a conniving man.

Ears falling off

A dream about your own ears falling off is a bad omen. The ears could be detached for some unknown reason or they may have been cut off by something sharp. Either way, it portends a possible death in your family, one of your immediate family members or one of your relatives. Alternatively, if you are married, this could also refer to separation or divorce. Ultimately, this dream symbol points to an irreversible incident that would have significant and far-reaching consequences for your personal life.

Ears cut off

Getting your ears cut off, such as someone cutting off your ears with a knife or you bearing witness to the ear mutilation, is an indication of a falling out. Pent up feelings and unresolved issues could strain your relationship with a close friend until it snaps and ultimately severs your bond. While it may not be a permanent separation, it could still take a long time for emotional wounds to heal and to slowly repair the damaged friendship. A huge amount of time and effort may be required to get things back to normal again.

Injured or aching ears

Sustaining ear injury or seeing someone's aching or injured ears, such as after a fist fight or an accident, means some of your past mistakes could come back and cause problems in your present. Unfortunately, this dream symbol means someone out there has some dirt they can use against you. You may have left clues or loose ends from your previous issues and an unscrupulous individual caught wind of this mess up and may be dredging up your old wrongdoings to use to their advantage.

A ear up close

A closeup look of an ear, either yours or someone else's ears, is a dream symbol about receiving a piece of information or news that you may have been waiting for in a while. The nature of the news depends on the appearance of the ear. For instance, if the ear is strangely shaped, slightly deformed or irregular, then the information you would get is likely weird or unusual though nothing alarming. On the other hand, a tiny or delicate ear portends a positive turn of events for you, such as getting praised or recognized at work.

Having more than two ears

Dreaming that you have more than two ears, maybe having multiple ears on one or both sides of your head or having ears growing out of other parts of your body, is a good sign for your current relationships. It means you have a lot of trustworthy, dependable and supportive people around you. You may have friends and family who are always there to lend a hand during tough times and share great moments with you during good times. It can also refer to reliable colleagues with whom you have a good working relationship.

Enormous ears

Big or enormous ears, like elephant ears or huge and pointy ears, portends an upcoming fateful event that could potentially shake up your beliefs and force you to re-evaluate your values and principles. In extreme cases, this incident or encounter could altogether change your belief system. This shake-up may have something to do with local news or announcement that hits close to home. Alternatively, for atheists and agnostics, you may witness a miracle which would make you believe in a higher being or make you more religious.

Ear wax

Jungian sources tend to interpret ear wax fairly literally, that is, as a block in necessary or useful information. In many cases, this can be applied directly to the dreamer's life in the form of decisions being made by others for them. For example, children may be unaware of decisions being made for them by their parents, or investors may be making decisions about their client's money without their explicit knowledge or approval. However, this vision can also be thought to prophesize the absence of information on a local, national or global level in the form of lack of political transparency or the withholding of information about potential health hazards or natural disasters.

Ears made of bacon

My ears were made of cooked bacon and I was pulling bits off like the fatty bits. Sounds silly, but it was one of the worst nightmares I've ever had! Really curious to know what it meant, thank you!

Dreams focused around the ears tend to indicate too much stimulation in your life. You may be trying to do too many things at once and, as a result, feel a lot of stress and a lack of focus. For example, your job may be to write a report, but you may also be listening to music, checking and answering emails, making phone calls, and helping someone else with their work. The bacon in this vision represents upcoming health problems should you make no effort to reduce the amount of work input you are receiving or do not take time to rest and relax.

Piercing ears for women

For women, dreaming of pierced ears, perhaps having your own ears pierced or seeing other people's ears with gold or bangle earrings, means you may be fixated on appearances and beauty instead of personal and spiritual growth. You may be spending more time preening and making yourself look more presentable without investing in your skills or striving to become more knowledgeable and mature. This superficial attitude could draw you to equally superficial individuals which may ultimately keep you from becoming truly happy.

Putting earrings in your ears

Having pierced ears and then putting rings or earrings in your ears carries an upsetting dream meaning. It means you would experience an emotional rollercoaster after someone whom you trust and respect greatly betrays you. Ears generally represent communication, so putting any sort of obstruction equates to miscommunication or misunderstandings. Since in this dream symbol you are voluntarily putting on earrings, it means the conflict is intentional hence it would be a much more painful experience for you.

A dog nipping on the ear

I was in a house, it felt comfy like friends or family. A big white dog came up to me in need of first aid, as I tended him he tried to nip my ear, I then awoke to find out what it means here?

Since dogs are loyal companions and touted as "man's best friend" in reality, as dream symbols they often represent family members or loved ones in general. Specifically, the big, white dog could symbolize your significant other or a close friend whom you trust wholeheartedly. White is also the color of purity, so perhaps your relationship in the waking world is similarly untarnished and beyond reproach. As such, the injured dog which tried to nip your ear may be your subconscious telling you that a loved one is in trouble. Ears are associated with listening and communication, so a misunderstanding could occur between the two of you because you are either not paying attention to the other person's needs or it could also be an act of betrayal that would have serious repercussions on your relationship.

An insect in your ear

Having an insect inside your ear, perhaps because you hear the buzzing inside your ear or there is some pain involved because of the insect burrowing into your ear, is a particularly ominous dream symbol. It forewarns an impending death in your family, like a sibling or a relative. In some cases, this could even foretell your own unexpected demise. So perhaps your subconscious is trying to remind you to be more careful or at least live a life that you would be proud of in case something tragic and unexpected would come to pass.

Pointy ears

Having pointy ears, like that of an elf, signifies your feelings of inadequacy. You feel like you do not belong or fit in with the rest of your friends or family. If someone you know has the pointy ears, then this means your yearning to belong could be triggered by someone blocking you on social media or a potential partner ghosting you. This humiliation will have a negative effect on your self-worth. Finally, if a stranger or someone unfamiliar has pointy ears, it means you tend to be sarcastic or snarky towards others. Being a wisecrack could be your coping or defense mechanism after experiencing bullying or being a laughingstock yourself, but this abrasiveness will soon backfire as you meet someone who would not take or tolerate your snide remarks.

A wad of gum in the ear

I lost hearing in left ear. Used a q-tip to remove the object. It was a large wad of gum that I was able to remove. And then able to hear again.

Dreaming that you have gone deaf may signal feelings of isolation, although this could also mean that you may be shutting yourself down in the presence of other people. The gum or bubblegum in this dream vision symbolizes a predicament or a sticky situation. As such, if taken together, the symbols may be telling you that in order to get yourself out of a problematic situation you may need to start listening to the advice of others or open yourself up to other people's opinions.

Ears burning

Experiencing the sensation that your ears are burning, such as your ears turning red from too much heat or elevated blood pressure caused by physical and emotional triggers, could be a subconscious reaction which means someone is thinking about you at that very moment. It could be a family member, your significant other, a friend or an acquaintance intently and actively thinking of you. Their train of thought or the context of their musings could either be positive or negative, though they are certainly strong enough to affect your dream state.

Washing your ears

Washing your ears with water for hygiene, maybe as you are showering or while you wash your face with water from a river or spring to refresh yourself, is an indication that you are starting to get overwhelmed by the vast and varied information overflow you get on a daily basis. This impending burnout may be even more evident and getting closer because of the sheer volume of data you absorb from social media and the Internet in general. This could be your mind telling you to disconnect for a bit of detoxify from all the constant information overload so you can recharge properly.

Someone with giant ears

Seeing abnormally large or giant ears on another human being in a dream points to a part of you that may be contemplating on using deception and trickery to get ahead in life. You could be feeling frustrated and angry that all your hard work and following rules are not paying off as you expected, so you are entertaining thoughts of succumbing to your darker impulses. However, it is essential that you know how things can escalate quickly if you make one wrong move. You also have to be willing to live with the consequences of your actions.

Unclean ears

Having unclean ears, filled with ear wax or just generally dirty from poor personal hygiene, means you would soon receive some unpleasant news about your health, your work or personal relationships. If you have been waiting for an update on a project, a person or an examination, then you would soon get the information you have been waiting for. Unfortunately, if you have been dreading to receive this news then you have good reason to. You would just have to deal with it or make the most of the situation going forward.

Having no ears

Dreaming that you have no ears, just a smooth patch of skin where your ears are supposed to be, means you would have to contend with unfounded rumors and malicious accusations in reality. Ideally, it would be best for you not to fan the flame and ignore the gossipmongers. However, your emotions may get the better of you. Unfortunately, focusing on your aggressors instead of reassuring your loved ones could make things worse. In addition, this dream symbol may also foreshadow a divorce or a breakup due to the rumors circulating about you.

Cleaning your ears

Cleaning your ears with cotton buds, when preparing for a day out or after taking a shower, alludes to communication problems because of your blunt communication style or inability to listen to others. You may be prone to blaming others for your own mistakes so you can maintain a positive view of your own skills and capabilities. Unfortunately, you would only stunt your growth if you keep on ignoring your errors or refuse taking accountability for your actions when things do not go according to plan.

This same dream symbol also reminds you to listen to what other have to say. Listening can give you valuable insights and open your mind to perspectives that could lead to a more holistic understanding of the world. This skill would also allow you to gain the respect of your peers and colleagues, especially when you are able to help out others with their problems instead of always focusing on your own needs and blocking out the rest.

Itching ears

Itchy or itching ears in dreams, perhaps when you are scratching your ears or a bug bite caused the itchiness, means that you may soon receive a piece of information or news from people you have not spoken to in a long time. It could be from distant relatives or even estranged members of your family. You could also have a surprise encounter or visit from an old friend, possibly one from your childhood. The news may be negative or positive depending on your point of view, but it certainly would be interesting which is why this symbol appeared in your dream.

Plugged ears

Plugged ears, whether with ear plugs, earphones or cotton balls, symbolize a stubborn attitude. You may be prone to a sense of entitlement and this manifests as rudeness in how you treat others in order to get your way. For women, this dream symbol could be an indication of excessive spending. You may be living way beyond your means and spending money you do not have or have not earned. As a result, you may end up deep in debt, misappropriating funds at work or spending a loved one's hard-earned money.

Piercing ears for men

For men, seeing ears with piercings, whether it is your own ears or someone else's sporting ear piercings, means your personality in reality could undergo a transformation. If you are reserved or tend to be very proper, then you may suddenly get the urge to become flamboyant or act in an unexpected manner. Maybe a new acquaintance would influence this attitude change or perhaps a realization would cause this drastic change out of your own volition. Good or bad, your peers and loved ones would certainly be shocked about this unusual change. It is entirely up to you whether it is just for a brief period of catharsis or for making the change more permanent.

Someone pulling you by ears

Dreaming that someone is pulling you by the ears, maybe dragging you to some place you do not want to be or attacking you out of nowhere, means you need to watch out for enemies hiding in plain sight. A person or group of people may start a smear campaign against you in an attempt to discredit you or damage your reputation. How you respond could improve or worsen the situation. Letting your anger and emotions take over may not be the best move as that could further put you in a negative light.

Pulling someone by ears

If you dream of pulling someone by the ears, such as playfully reprimanding them or punishing them for bad behavior as some parents do with their children, means you could be placed in a delicate position with someone close to you. You may discover something about this person or learn an important piece of information about them that could affect both your lives. As such, it may be necessary to take utmost care in telling the truth or coming clean, otherwise your friendship may be compromised.

A single ear

The image of one ear or a single ear in dream visions, such as a picture of an ear, a representation of an ear or an actual ear of a person in front of you, alludes to unfounded worries and concerns. You could be stressing out about an ongoing project, an upcoming event or concerned about how others perceive you even though in reality your fears are in fact baseless. Maybe things have been going smoothly and you are worried that it would all go away. Fortunately for you, this dream means your future is bright and promising.

A single ear can also reveal your guilty feelings about a recent act or encounter. You may have said something or done something you regret and this is nagging your subconscious because you want to make it right. Alternatively, this could be an indication of your past trauma of being duped or taken advantage of. Due to previous experiences, you may have become wary and suspicious of strangers or new people that enter your life.

Ears ringing

The sound of ringing in your ears during a dream, like tinnitus or from some other physical condition and external factors, harkens the arrival of a peaceful period for you. It could be a chance to take a break from the daily grind in order to bond with your loved ones or to have some peace of mind.You could go on vacation with friends or family, though it could also just be a simple yet much-needed chance to get away from the stressful environment that you have been living in. Perhaps a camping trip or hiking adventure would help you clear your mind.

Noticing someone's ears

Noticing someone's ears in a dream, such as focusing on the person's ears or if the ears are prominent images in this dream scenario, means someone out there is trying to degrade and humiliate you. If the owner of the ears is someone you know in reality, then it means you have to be wary of this person's intentions. This individual is likely just looking for an opportunity to make a fool out of you. If you were looking at a stranger's ears, then you may have not yet met your toughest adversary.

Someone's cute ears

Cute ears, perhaps because they are tiny and delicate or they are perfectly shaped, are dream symbols of recognition and rewards. Those attractive ears mean you would be properly compensated for your hard work or find some success in your latest projects or ventures. The person with attractive ears may also have some part to play in getting the recognition you deserve. Maybe you would work together in reality or this individual would give you renewed purpose and motivation.

Long and unattractive ears

Long and unattractive ears, perhaps deformed or irregularly shaped into something similar to those of a goblin or an elf, present possible scenarios of struggle and strife in reality. The challenges may be a result of a long and tedious project at work or something more personal. The stress and effort needed to resolve the problems may take their toll on your health. As such, this dream symbol also alludes to health issues. Working yourself to the bone could make you more susceptible to illness.

Having animal ears

Dreaming that you have animal ears, such as rabbit ears or a donkey ears attached to your head where your normal ears are located, points to the possibility of sickness or health issues. You could catch an illness when your immune system is down from too much stress or being overworked. Alternatively, you may have enemies who are plotting to take you down for their personal ambition. They could strike at any moment so you would have to be extra careful in dealing with duplicitous individuals.

A grassy plant growing from inside the ear

I dreamt my left ear was itching inside. I took an earbud and then felt something, then I wriggled the earbud and something gave way and I felt it sticking out my ear, so I pulled at it and when I looked it was a grass plant kind of thing not with roots. I showed it to some people and they looked surprised some laughed, even I laughed because I was also surprised.

Dream visions about inspecting or cleaning your ears reflect your recent communication problems, you could be blatantly ignoring another person's plea for help or his or her need to talk to you about something important. You could be trying to find excuses or avoid a straightforward conversation with this person. The grassy plant with no roots you have discovered which was sticking out of your ear could be indicative of your superficial attitude, if not ignorance, towards this person, which is a combination of you not taking him or her seriously and being accepted by other people who may be encouraging you to do nothing about it.

Burning brother's ear

Dreamed about burning my brother's ear on his head.

Burning your brother's ear in a dream is a reflection of your controlling nature. Perhaps you like to impose your opinions on others or have a tendency to nag. This may cause a rift in your relationship with friends and loved ones. Maybe you need to tone down your bossy attitude and learn to be more tactful and listen to what others have to say.

Someone cleaning your ears

Dreaming of someone cleaning your ears symbolizes a quest for clarity amidst challenges and emotional instability represented by the dirt. Generally, this dream suggests that you are trying to overcome difficulties that have left you feeling trapped. There must be some people in your life who are not a blessing but just some folks wasting your energy and making you dull. In some cases, the presence of earwax implies recent exposure to negative information. Having your ears cleaned is a metaphor for clearing negativity or processing overwhelming information. Overall, the dream reflects your journey to find truth and stability. Stay centered, analyze facts, and address the issues for resolution.