Dreams Related To Earring

Losing your earring

To dream of losing your earring, such that when you feel your ear lobes with your hand and you are disappointed that you are missing one earring which you were unaware of, could predict an episode of great fear, frightful experiences or encounters in reality. The dream could mean that you may be unconsciously drawing negative or fearful events to yourself which you should be warding off. You should fill your mind with positive and optimistic thoughts instead to override the ones that are scaring you off or not serving you at all in good ways.

Earrings made of sea shells and diamonds

I dreamed of earrings made of pretty oyster shell with a small diamond.

There are conflicting symbols in your dream vision. The diamond in the earrings may convey negative connotations. Specifically, it symbolizes a period of difficulties and depression. You could experience obstacles which would have adverse effects on your emotional well-being. Perhaps there would be a conflict with your loved ones or challenges at work in terms of dealing with coworkers or your superiors. On the other hand, the oyster shell alludes to beauty and prosperity. The oyster combined with the diamond as a dream symbol points to the possibility that your subconscious is telling you that success or happiness and satisfaction in general often comes after you overcome life's hurdles and obstacles. They can also come hand in hand, so that you must be willing to deal with the bad times in order to better appreciate the good times.

Earrings in general

Dreaming of earrings in general, for example when you open a vanity drawer and you see a beautiful set of earrings that you are longing to wear, could pertain to some new learning, truth or information in reality. The dream could also be a symbol of receiving a gift from someone. Alternatively, if you are an unmarried woman and you see earrings in your dream, it could signify a party or gathering, including someone else's planned wedding. If you are a married woman and you have this dream, be prepared as it could mean becoming pregnant soon and giving birth in the nearest future.

Dreaming that you see yourself admiring your sparkling earrings in your ear lobes in the mirror, could be a warning to pay attention to what others have to say or what they are trying to get across to you in real life. Be attentive, otherwise you may expect negative experiences, errors or omissions on your part because of missed information. It pays not to be too self-absorbed and listen well to others as this will let them know they are being heard and understood.

Gold earrings

To dream of gold earrings if you are currently a pregnant woman, for example when you are delighted to see that what your friend gives you as a gift are splendid and original gold earrings that you have been eyeing for a while already, could be symbolic of giving birth to a baby boy in reality. However, if you are a woman and you have never been married before when you have this dream of gold earrings, it could allude that you would be getting married in a short period of time. Rejoice in these upcoming blessings and receive them with gratitude as you deserve all of these.

Diamond earrings

A pair of diamond earrings.

Dreaming about any kind of diamond jewelry has negative connotations. It symbolizes a difficult and gloomy period in your life. You may soon find yourself experiencing some negativity which could greatly impact your quality of life. These events could lead to a tiff with the loved ones or difficulties in your professional life while dealing with coworkers or superiors. Make sure that you stay alert and avoid getting into direct confrontations with family members or colleagues by being open-minded and resolved.

Finding earrings

If you dream of finding earrings, for instance when you are cleaning your room and you accidentally find a piece of heirloom earrings from your grandmother, it could be symbolic of happiness and joyful experiences in your life. The dream could also refer to becoming wealthier and prosperous in reality which you have been working hard for and waiting for a long time. Welcome these good tidings in your life and know that abundance is limitless to those who are seeking for it.

Buying earrings

If you are buying earrings in your dream, for instance when you are window shopping and you see this gleaming pair of earrings and impulsively buy it right then and there, it could be that your close friends or family members are about to be greatly disappointed in you or your recent actions and behavior in reality. The dream could also be telling you to be more prudent in your actions and be considerate with the feelings of your loved ones, lest you could drive them away totally. Nurture your close relationships because they are your support system while you navigate the ups and downs of life.

Silver earrings

If you are expecting or planning to have a child soon and you have a dream of silver earrings, for instance when your eyes light up upon seeing a set of silver earrings as a surprise gift from your husband while eating in a restaurant, it could symbolize giving birth to a daughter in reality. The dream may be telling you subconsciously to prepare for a baby girl in buying things for the child. Be grateful for this thought and know that you are blessed nonetheless whatever gender your child may be.

An earring turning into a monster

I'm holding the new earring that my husband bought me recently and standing near the pool, showing it to my best friend. Once I get inside the pool, the earring turns into a monster. I don't know if it's a snake or a seahorse or what. As long as I lay still, nothing happens. I move slightly, it tries to eat me up. I call out my friend who also jumps into the water. The monster becomes more fierce. Scared, I'm getting out of the pool. Once I jump in again, the same thing happens.

The earring could represent an unsavory side of your marriage. You may be associating it with a problem or prevailing issue between you and your husband, which is why the earring turns into a monster whenever you step inside the pool. Additionally, you may suspect your husband has committed some wrongdoings and you think he gave you the gift to compensate for a mistake. It makes sense because the pool refers to your emotions, so it seems like whenever you become too emotional, you tend to unearth past arguments, jump into conclusions or complain about your husband's shortcomings. Due to emotional outbursts, disagreements and conflict can escalate quickly with both of you on the losing end. Whereas when you remain calm, you can usually sort out the issues and resolve things in a civilized manner.

Breaking one earring

To dream of breaking one earring, for example when you drop a pear-shaped earring on the floor and it shatters without much effort causing you to gasp in regret, could allude to an upcoming episode when you would betray your best friend. You could be unconsciously making them uncomfortable with your uncalled for behavior and may end up severing ties with them due to your selfish agendas. Stay grounded and see for yourself if these self-serving interests are worth losing your long-term friendship.

Wearing earrings

Wearing earrings in your dream, for example when you see your reflection in the mirror and a pair of earrings are dangling from your ear lobes, could allude to learning someone's secret or information which was once unavailable or hidden from you and now in plain sight. The dream could also be a sign of your unwillingness or resistance to listen to what others have to say, especially if it hurts or dents your ego. Try to be a listener and hear out what others are telling you and they would appreciate you more for this effort.

Earrings with pearls

Dreaming of earrings with pearls, such that when your eyes rounded after you see a haute looking woman wearing earrings with huge pearls in them as a sign of affluence, could be a reflection of your own waking life which is gratifying. This could mean that you are well-provided for and your standard of living is above average and has high expectations. You should be able to adhere to this standard as long as you can and also provide it yourself, so you have the means to sustain this kind of high living.

Breaking your earring

When you dream of breaking your earring, such that when you are unaware that you dropped your earring on the floor and you accidentally stepped on it, it could mean that your current boyfriend, lover or spouse is cheating on you. It may also be a warning for you to stay away from unnecessary and nasty gossip about others because you could be the next one that would be discussed behind your back. As the golden rule states, do not do unto others what you do not want others do to you.

Finding one earring

Finding just one earring in a dream, such that when you are mowing the lawn and you see a single earring shimmering from the trimmed grass and you pick it up, could be a reflection of your tendency to draw a wedge in someone's relationship in the waking life. You should examine your ways and see if this can be avoided in your close relationships to prevent fallout or cause unnecessary distress in someone else's relationships. Be mindful of your intentions as what you sow, you shall eventually reap in some form.

Someone you know wearing earrings

To dream of someone you know wearing earrings, such that when you recognize a friend wearing the all too familiar earrings which she has on daily at work, could allude that this person does not want to listen to you or take your advice in the waking life. The dream may be telling you to not waste your precious time trying to change this person and your efforts may be futile. Change yourself first and the rest would follow.

Putting earrings on

Having a dream that you are putting your earrings on, for example when you are preparing for a party and you see yourself putting your fabulous earrings on to match your dress, is a negative sign of failures in romantic affairs or dating in reality. The vision may be also telling you subconsciously that you could have lower than expected income that would get you riled up. It could also mean that you are being unfairly gossiped about in your social circle. You may want to go to the bottom of this and prevent the nonsense from spreading.

Earring with precious stones

To dream of earrings with precious stones, for example when you gasp when you see that the earrings a person is wearing is made out of expensive and luxurious stones, could signify upcoming busy times or additional responsibilities in life. Whether these would be useful later on of prove to be wasteful of your time depends on the type of stone you see in the dream. You could try and look up the meaning for these stones separately to connect the meaning depending on their appearance and nature.

Earrings with fake stones

Dreaming of earrings with fake stones, for instance when you are dumbfounded to learn that the pricey earrings you just bought actually have fake stones based on a jeweller's expert observation, could be symbolic of deceit in reality. It might be that you would be lied to or someone could manipulate you into something on false pretenses. Be discerning in your everyday dealings to avoid landing in these shady situations. You could use your intuition more so as to know instantly when a person is being deceitful or trustworthy.

Wearing earrings for men

If you are a man and you have a dream that you are wearing earrings, such that when you check yourself in the mirror and you are puzzled to see that you have earrings on your ear lobes, it is a negative symbol related to being put down by your superiors at work in reality. The dream could also refer to a possibility of having confrontations or fights with your wife that would strain your relationship. Check to see if there are misunderstandings that are brewing on the horizon both at work and at home so that you could handle things properly.

Giving earrings as a gift

Giving earrings as a gift in a dream, for example when you hand an exquisite set of pearl studded earrings as a gift to your mother in law on her birthday and she is very much elated to receive them, could pertain to big disappointments looming ahead on the horizon. This could involve people who are very close and dear to you and who also serve as your support system in trying times. Take some time to mend any cause of rifts between you and your loved ones before they could escalate to something you cannot control overtime.

Selling your earrings

To dream that you are selling your earrings, for instance when you find yourself suddenly short on cash and you have no choice but to sell your earrings online to someone who can pay for them, could reflect your tendency not to keep your promises in reality. You may also be trying to avoid responsibilities or tasks assigned to you altogether. You could try and keep your word in your dealings and transactions with people around you to prove that your word is your bond. This way, you would gain more trust easily and it would be a win-win situation for everyone involved.