Dreams Related To Eagle

An eagle entering your house

The image of an eagle entering your house, whether it flies in through an open window or you coax it in through a door, is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the dream universe. This symbol is closely connected to the idea of an improved or comfortable living space, suggesting a newfound ability to afford or splurge on luxury furnishings. A slightly different reading of this symbol sometimes associates it with improved romantic relations or favorable business conditions.

An eagle saved by a spirit eagle

I am a 46 yo female and I had a dream where I was watching a large eagle, think it was a bald eagle, that unknowingly swooped down to close over a busy road in front of a large grey VW van with the flat front. As the eagle about came to land, a spirit eagle, white that flowed like cloud surrounded the other eagle to protect it from harm. Neither eagle was hurt. And that is all I remember of the dream.

The eagle is a highly mysterious and important portent in dream visions. In many cases, this symbol represents personal autonomy and the decisions you are empowered to make in wake life. Seeing the eagle swoop down and almost be hit by a car could mean that someone is trying to control your decision making power. For instance, a partner or boss may be trying to guide you down a path you are not ready for or comfortable with. The spirit eagle that protected the regular eagle from danger, then, means you have the depth of spirit to overcome those who would try to change you. Go forward with the knowledge that you can do or be anything you want!

A bald eagle flying into the window

In my dream my son pointed out the living room window and said something was coming, I looked and there was a huge bald eagle flying straight at us through thick fog. I thought it was going to hit the window then I woke.

Unfortunately, the living room window in your dream suggests failure and huge losses. The bald eagle represents a powerful enemy who would swoop in and kick you while you are down. For instance, your business could be severely hampered by financial issues with the risk of going bankrupt. You could also have an idea of a possible business and someone would snatch this from you, possibly because of a betrayal from someone you trust. Finally, the thick fog means your enemy will exploit your weakness. It is while you are at your low point, saddled by multiple personal and professional problems, when this unscrupulous person would make your life much worse.

A wounded eagle

Dreaming about an eagle that has become injured or hurt in some way is a fairly negative symbol to perceive in the realm of dreams. It warns that your dreams or goals are too ambitious given the current circumstances. Even if they have seemed feasible thus far, you are likely reaching beyond what is possible at this moment in time. If you try to ignore this warning and continue pursuing this impossible goal, you would likely find yourself very disappointed. You would also come to regret the time and energy you spent on this pipe dream rather than focusing that energy on something more likely to bear fruit.

An eagle attacking

Dreaming about being attacked by an eagle during the course of a dream vision may be a reflection of the emotional hurt you are currently experiencing due to the word or actions of someone you were once close to. This individual, be they friend or family, was someone you thought you could trust and rely on without question. However, their recent words or actions may have brought their loyalty toward you into question. You may have to fully cut ties with this man or woman in order to protect yourself from their lies and manipulation.

An eagle being shot

There were two men in a river. One man shot a bald eagle with a bow and staked it to the bottom of the river with the arrow. The eagle half stuck out. It felt real.

The two men in the river represent roadblocks and obstacles in your life which prevent you from making progress on your goals. Just like a flowing river poses some challenges to those who wish to cross, so does this symbol also suggest being overwhelmed by challenges. Shooting a bird with a bow and arrow, especially a creature as magnificent as the bald eagle, predicts a major catastrophe or accident as a result of these troubles. This accident is likely to be caused by some uncertainty over what to do or where to go as symbolized by the eagle being pinned under the river water, meaning you are not focusing on a single task and creating more opportunities to make a fatal mistake. You might want to take a step back from whatever project you are working on and come up with a coherent plan of action to try to avoid such an occurrence.

Eagle circling above

Watching an eagle make lazy circles in the sky can often predict situations where you would have to fight for your inalienable rights or take claim over places or things that rightly belong to you and your own. Not only does this symbol predict your clash with an outside or foreign force, but it also implies you would be victorious in your efforts, expelling those not in your group and maintaining autonomy over your land and possessions.

Eagle protecting

I had a dream of eagle trying to guide me and protect me and my family members from some sort of negative elements?

Dreaming about being protected by an eagle means that you can count on help and support of one of your closest friends when the need for help arises. If you happened to be watching an eagle soar high above your head, this could mean you will experience regrets and moral dilemmas about something you had done in the past in relation to your close relatives. Another source refers to dreaming about an eagle as manifestation of negative feelings toward a mother figure who may be excessively overprotective and controlling, making the relationship between you two difficult if not unbearable.

An eagle carrying a person

A dream in which you observe an eagle flying high in the skies and carrying a person in its claws could be a sign indicating the approaching opportunity to get acquainted with an extremely influential and resourceful person. If things turn right, this individual could support you in reaching a superior level of wealth and social status either by directly helping you in this or by inviting you to partake in a mutual undertaking with exceptional potential. This person could become, for example, a close friend to you, an experienced mentor, a trustworthy business partner or even a lover. Regardless of the details, this connection would be very beneficial for your future success.

An eagle in general

When unaccompanied by special details or circumstances, the image or shape of an eagle in a dream vision may point toward a lack of autonomy or decision-making power in reality. You may be in a certain situation where your ideas, wants, needs or desires are not being considered as part of the overall plan. It is often the case that this symbol is seen by those with controlling helicopter parents or overbearing bosses. These individuals with strong hold and sway over the direction of your life are probably making most of the important decisions for you.

An eagle screaming

A dream in which you observe an eagle screaming or just hear its cry without seeing the bird itself is a favorable vision foretelling financial improvements and similar material benefits in the upcoming future. As a rule, such a vision indicates that the said profits could be provided to you by somebody respectable and well-known, like a celebrity, a powerful organization or a group of people dedicated to a certain cause or united by a common passion. However, it is impossible to predict the extent of their generosity or what distant consequences it could eventually bring forth.

Dreams About Eagles Meaning and Interpretation

Watching an eagle in flight

Staring at or noticing an eagle mid-flight is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the dream world. It predicts you would be able to find internal calm and freedom from anxiety through careful reflection and meditation. While most explanations of this sign point toward clearing the mind of negative emotions or balancing the chakras or spirit, another possible meaning suggests you would become a magnet for positive energy and success. This could lead to an increase in wealth, the admiration of those around you and a deep satisfaction with your position in life.

Hunting an eagle

Dreaming of yourself in the process of hunting an eagle, regardless of whether this undertaking had a positive outcome in your dream or the bird managed to escape, is a sign foretelling that you could be granted a reward or incentive from the government in the upcoming future. It is possible that this gesture would be an expected and long-awaited one for you, but it also could come as an absolute surprise. Most likely, the described profits would be granted to you and your family either in the form of money or real estate, but other forms of material incentive could also be possible.

A white eagle

A white eagle represents the reading of a will or the distribution of possessions after someone's passing. This is almost always related to physical objects, such as property, land, heirlooms and other valuable items. Whether or not you would personally benefit from this execution of the final will and testament is unclear based on this image alone.

Bald eagle soaring eagle spirit animals and birds in dreams

A soaring eagle

The vision of an eagle soaring high up in the sky may reveal some internal turmoil regarding your love life and romantic relations. In particular, this symbol is associated with difficulty deciding between two potential lovers, one of them likely an ex-partner or suitor from your past. This may be due to the fact that you tend to remember things with a rosy glow, idealizing your former love and ignoring the problems that separated you in the first place. You may even be trying to find faults in your current partner that do not even exist.

An eagle perched on your head

The image of an eagle perched or sitting on your head is a highly negative symbol associated with the death of someone very close to you in reality. In most cases, this symbol predicts the passing of a direct family member, for example, a grandparent, parent, sibling or life partner. Depending on the other symbols present in the vision, this death could be caused by a sudden, freak accident or due to natural causes.

An eagle perched on a cliff

Dreaming about an eagle perched or sitting on the edge of a cliff may predict an upcoming disease or illness. You would likely soon come down with some sickness, like a cold or the flu, which would leave you incapacitated for a short amount of time but would require no special treatment nor have lasting negative effects. It is possible you would be contagious for some time, so it would be wise to take precaution when dealing with others.

An eagle preying on a hare

Dreaming of an eagle hunting down and preying on a hare could be a symbol foretelling possible intimidation, threat or direct danger heading your way from an influential and dominant individual in your waking life. For example, this person could be your boss or direct supervisor at work, your landlord or a representative of the law. Alternatively, such a vision could be indicating that your current position in life is being strictly controlled or orchestrated by a person with significant power and resources. It is unlikely that you could change the status quo at the moment, as you may be greatly dependent on this person's finances, influence or a similar factor important either directly to you or to the success of your current undertakings.

An eagle as a pet

A dream in which you envision yourself being the owner of a pet eagle could be a sign foretelling that in the upcoming future you would be recognized and acknowledged by a person occupying a status much higher and more significant than your own. Additionally, such a symbol could be speaking of the possibility of soon being allowed and introduced to a tight circle of powerful individuals. This initiation could result from your personal qualities, recent victories or achievements, as well as be just a lucky coincidence of favorable circumstances. Last but not least, the described dream could be predicting good health and prosperity for yourself and your closest surroundings for many years to come.

An eagle making feel comfortable

I walked into a room, there were many animals, different species, felt worried like I have to help them out. As I was looking around to see where should I start, one bird (a young eagle?) picked me rather. Sat on my shoulder giving nice, warm, soft feeling on my neck, I might have giggled, it was so nice. The bird was white and large size. Seemed very pleased like it waited to find me and I felt I should make the bird feel safe, comfortable. It wouldn't go when I tried setting it free.

Seeing a room full of animals in your dream symbolizes human nature, gut instincts and primitive needs. Meanwhile, the young eagle that landed on your shoulders represents your ambitions and desire to succeed. As such, this dream likely means that in order for you to attain success or move a little closer to you dreams, you may need to transcend your primal instincts, or at least be able to control your urges. Discipline and focus are two attributes that are also associated with eagles, so perhaps having the eagle on your shoulder is the burden you must bear if you wish to get to the next level.

A friendly eagle

I had a dream that a golden eagle flew to me and rubbed his head against my leg.

Eagles in dreams already represent power, success and high aspirations, so seeing a golden eagle in your dream vision alludes to an even loftier destiny for you. You could reach new heights in your chosen field using your razor sharp insights and unparalleled expertise. In combination with the symbol of the leg, this opportunity may suggest travels in your future. This could be work-related or purely for pleasure as a way of decompressing from all the stresses and pressures from your profession. Either way, you would thoroughly enjoy the experience of seeing new places and learning about new cultures. This would allow you to broaden your worldview even more.

An eagle's nest

The image of an eagle's nest in the universe of dreams, especially if eagle eggs or baby eagles were present, may reveal upcoming opportunities to make strong, meaningful connections with important individuals. These men or women whom you would befriend are likely powerful, influential leaders in their respective spheres of influence. Their ability and desire to advocate for you could lead to major success depending on your personal goals and their areas of expertise.

Killing an eagle

Killing an eagle during the course of a dream vision, whether it was your intention to do so or not, is thought to be the manifestation of your grit and firmness of purpose. Not only are you ambitious and willing to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true, your have the perseverance and strength of character to overcome any challenge in your path. Your ability to fulfill your life goals, whether they are personal or professional, makes you a good role model for others to follow, especially young people struggling with purpose and direction.

Eating eagle's meat

Eating flesh that you perceive is from an eagle may reveal your force of character and strength of mind. This dream symbol is commonly connected to those who are mentally strong and capable. This personality trait allows you more success than the average Joe and gives you an advantage in the face of challenges or risky situations. Where others would give up or fall victim to traps, you would find a way to make things work in your favor.

Someone killing an eagle

In the context of a dream vision, witnessing someone else kill an eagle, whether you recognize them or not, suggests your whole life is about to change, probably for worse than it is now. The death of an eagle at the hands of someone else portends an upcoming event or set of circumstances that would require you to give up everything important to you and surrender yourself to the tides of fate. You would likely lose not only material possessions and wealth, but also friendships and other important relationships that meant so much to you.

Flying on eagle's back

Soaring on the wings of an eagle during the course of a dream vision may be a predictor of an upcoming trip, vacation or journey in wake life. You may soon be asked to travel abroad for business purposes or choose to go on a trip to relax and get away from the daily grind. This time away from your familiar places and faces is likely to become the hallmark of this period of your life as you would learn new things, come into contact with interesting people and ideas, challenge your internal beliefs and possibly come back from it a very different person from when you left.

An eagle bringing food to its nest

Watching as an eagle takes food back to its nest in order to feed its young is often thought to predict improved finances and overall well-being, particularly in terms of your health and happiness. You may soon achieve financial independence or make a major step towards it. It is possible this was achieved through your own efforts and actions, however, it is also possible you would get married to someone who would be able to provide a higher standard of living or erase your debts for you.

Shooting an eagle

Using a gun to shoot at an eagle or even attempting to do so is a highly ominous symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It is considered a warning that you are about to go through a period of extreme loss and desolation. In some instances, this symbol reveals the sudden loss of material possessions, wealth or other valuable items, however, it can also refer to the passing of individuals into the next life or other permanent separations.

An eagle in a cage

The image of an eagle trapped inside a cage is often indicative of shame or disgrace within your immediate family or those who lodge under your roof. The cause of this great embarrassment could be related to criminal acts, such as theft and murder, or moral lapses in judgement, such as cheating on a partner or backstabbing a friend. Depending on other symbols within the vision, the members of your household could be either victims or perpetrators.

A depiction of an eagle

The image or illustration of an eagle is often thought to be a positive symbol. Seeing an eagle on an article of clothing or as part of a large mural is often indicative of success, even in seemingly impossible situations or difficult tasks. If you perceive this symbol in your dreams, you should consider it a sign that your efforts are blessed by fortune, so you should go with your gut and never give up.

An eagle falling from the sky

Envisioning an eagle flying up high then suddenly free falling out of the sky is a highly ominous image to perceive in a dream vision. The inability of the eagle to maintain flight suggests your current goals or endeavors would be plagued with roadblocks, obstacles or other troubles. It would take you many days or months to clean up the mess and get back on your desired schedule.

An eagle unable to fly

Having a dream in which a wounded, injured eagle plays a part is often considered a warning that you should listen more closely to your friends and family. An eagle that is unable to take off and fly away because of injury or pain means that trouble is brewing on the horizon. In fact, those who are close to you have already expressed their concerns about the situation you are in or about possible circumstances that could arise. However, up until this point, you have been unwilling to admit there could be a problem, or you do not wish to accept that the risks of your current course of action outweigh the possible benefits. This vision is a message from your subconscious asking you to carefully consider the consequences of tempting fate, because you could end up in a bad, regrettable position if you keep doing whatever you are doing.

An eagle dropping from the sky to your feet

Watching an eagle soar through the sky and then swoop down to land at your feet is a highly negative symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It predicts soon becoming involved in a major conflict or embarrassing situation, especially something dangerous, scandalous or controversial. You are likely directly involved in this unfortunate dispute, and may even be the cause of bad feelings on one or both sides.

Feeding an eagle

Feeding an eagle during the course of a dream vision is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the dream world. It carries the prediction that you would soon receive favorable news about some task you have been working on or information you were waiting patiently for. The meat or seeds you offer the large bird, whether it is wild or in captivity, represent the seeds of hard work that you sowed over the last few weeks or months. You would be very pleased and satisfied, especially if you were worried about the outcome of this situation.

A dead eagle

If you happen to see a dead eagle in your dream, know that this vision can have diverse interpretations depending on your social and financial status. For example, if your material assets are scarce, this dream could be foretelling significant financial improvement coming your way. On the other hand, if you are wealthier than the average person, such a vision could be an ill omen indicating that you could lose part of your goods or money in the upcoming future. In both interpretations, however, the longevity and magnitude of said changes cannot be predicted.

A black eagle

A dream containing images of a black eagle, be it one flying alone or bringing food to its nest, is traditionally considered to be an exceptionally ominous vision. Be aware that such a dream could be foretelling that someone close to your heart, such as a good friend or a family member, could pass away in the upcoming future. The probability of the outcome is drastically increased if the said person happened to be featured in your dream. Nevertheless, it is impossible to predict the specific circumstances of the tragedy, nor how soon it would happen.

An eagle destroying another eagle's nest

A dream vision featuring an eagle in the process of ravaging another eagle's nest, maybe even preying on its offspring, is usually considered to be an alarming sign. This dream could be indicating that a certain person whom you have always trusted unconditionally and held close to your heart could be, in reality, just a deceitful and hypocritical facade covering a set of harmful intentions aimed to hurt you and take you down. The said person could be secretly developing a plan to take advantage of your sympathy and use you for the sake of achieving his or her personal goals.

Additionally, if the said vision also featured the other eagle returning to find its nest devastated and its brood devoured, consider this dream to be a strong recommendation to appreciate and value your true friends in waking life, as well as other people who genuinely care for you. They may not always show their affection and loyalty to you in a direct and straightforward fashion, but would never waste a minute before helping you to the best of their abilities should you be faced with any kind of hardship or challenge in your way. The dream you have witnessed is a reminder that having such people in your life is a blessing that should never be underappreciated or taken for granted.

An eagle landing on your head

A dream in which you happen to witness an eagle landing on your own head could be a sign foretelling the arrival of a baby son in the upcoming future, especially if at the moment of seeing this dream you are pregnant or are the spouse of a pregnant woman. Such a vision is usually considered to be an exceptionally auspicious symbol of the magnificent and blissful future lying ahead for this child. It is likely that the baby would have all the possibilities, opportunities and skills to achieve everything you have always dreamed of seizing yourself.

A two-headed eagle

A dream in which you envision a two-headed eagle, regardless of whether it was a living creature or just an illustration of some kind, is a symbol speaking of your patriotism. It could be that you are a person who is deeply concerned about the current state of affairs in your country, as well as about the future that awaits it. Alternatively, if you are married, dreaming of an eagle with two heads could be a sign indicating that you and your spouse have reached an exceptionally well-balanced relationship imbued with trust, understanding and harmony. It is very likely that the two of you feel like you can always rely on each other no matter what hardships and challenges you are faced with. This mutual faith empowers your alliance and serves as a source of great inspiration for all the people in your closest circle.

Bald eagles

Bald eagles are a powerful image to perceive in dream visions. Native American shamans interpret the bald eagle to represent both your own internal strength and the potential strength of your enemies, depending on the circumstances in the dream. If the eagle seemed to acknowledge or work with you in the vision, you may find a new well of strength and hope in times where it seems impossible to believe in a brighter future. However, if the bald eagle seemed to perceive you as prey or attack you, you should be on your guard against enemies who are plotting against you at this very moment.

Being attacked by an eagle while swimming

I was attacked by a black eagle. Before I was going to keep avoiding that eagle. I was taking a bath at that time. I don't know if it was a pond, lake, river or what else. But I only remember that I am taking bath by swimming with a big rock...

A black eagle is a highly ominous sign which predicts a new enemy emerging from the shadows, someone who seeks to ruin you and destroy all you love. This is opposed, however, by the image of you bathing in open water, which is a positive symbol associated with the idea of triumph in the face of poor odds. You may find this situation daunting, but you already possess the skills and power to get out of it safely.

A white eagle attacking

I dreamt of a white eagle flying down from a bright narrow path towards me and it grabbed my neck. It happened twice, once after another in one night.

Eagles are often symbolically linked with the idea of enemies emerging from the woodwork, so seeing an eagle swoop down to grab you by the neck suggests you should be very concerned about your upcoming endeavors as someone may be waiting to make their move against you. Additionally, the particular color (white) in this case could signify some misdirection. For example, this person may offer to help you when, in fact, they are really trying to sabotage your progress.

An eagle dying in the snow

I was lying down in the snow asleep at first. I open my eyes and there is a black eagle next to me in the snow, looking into my eyes, I watched it die.

Both of the central symbols in this vision, the snow and the dying eagle, point toward great hardship and difficulty affecting those around you. The snow paints a more general picture, representing your role as an observer in the tragedy that is about to unfold in the life of someone close to you. The eagle dying beside you shows your helplessness in this situation. While you may not be able to make the pain go away, you can be there for this individual or people as a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to.

Wings of a gigantic eagle

A giant eagle landed in front of my window and then its wings burst through the window at me, so I ran. My sister ran too but the wings came in the door and were trying to make itself a part of me. The pain was excruciating. My hand felt like it was being chewed off. I woke in a panic and cried. I was so scared.

Seeing a bird in front of your window is a neutral symbol associated with someone new entering your life. In most cases, it alludes to the birth of a baby or the addition of a new family member through marriage, but it can also predict that some outside person, like a friend or co-worker, wants to be closer to you more than you want them to. However, this is where things take a negative turn. Dreaming that the eagle bursts through the window and attacks you is a highly ominous image which suggests this newcomer could become a powerful enemy or rival to you. Additionally, the pain you felt may be an indication that you would find it difficult to get away from this individual for a long time.

An eagle attacking while shopping

I had a dream I was going to the store for some milk, but they didn't have the milk I wanted on the shelf, so the worker had to get it for me. But I was outside the store and an eagle was carrying a stork trying to peck me on my had.

The common themes of your dream seem to play around the concepts of motherhood and birth. Milk refers to your nurturing nature and maternal instincts. Specifically, buying milk in your dream scenario portends unfortunate circumstances that could cause serious financial constraints for you and your family. Perhaps another baby is on the way, as depicted by the stork, and you may not have the means to adequately provide for the needs of your children. On the brighter side, seeing an eagle carrying a stork could also be an allusion to the birth of an idea or finding inspiration to fulfill your aspirations. This would allow you to augment your income and keep supporting your loved ones.

An eagle with a broken wing

I dreamed about an eagle. Had one broken wing. Kept falling down to the ground.

The eagle in your dream is a symbol of an upcoming period of grief caused by misfortune. You could face difficult circumstances brought about by those who are close to you or arising from your own carelessness while dealing with certain situations. Seeing the eagle having a broken wing and falling down to the ground in your dream vision connotes hopelessness regarding people or things that you value. Moreover, it is an indication of great suffering, so you may need to prepare yourself in order to handle what awaits you.

Two eagles fighting

Hi, I am a female. Last night I had a dream vision of 2 eagles fighting. This was a crystal clear dream, so I say it was more of a vision. It was a beautiful blue clear sky and out of nowhere 2 eagles began to fight right before my eyes. I was on some sort of rooftop watching everything. One eagle was right side up and the other eagle was upside down. They were fighting with their talons clawing at each other. The size and beauty of the birds took my breath away. I was in awe of their beauty.

The vision of clear, blue skies symbolizes your good fortune. Your positive outlook and generous nature likely attract blessings, such as getting the appropriate support and assistance whenever you are in need. In that sense, you have the potential and resources to pursue your dreams, yet it could be your own mindset that is holding you back. Specifically, the two eagles fighting in your vision mean you may be torn between two paths or desires. While you are ambitious and driven, you may need to be more focused and decisive when it comes to your aspirations. After all, those talons are symbols of your capability to succeed. Alternatively, the eagles could also be metaphors for two powerful individuals who are fighting over you. Their relationship with you could either be personal or professional in nature.

Saving one eagle from another

I dreamed a large eagle was trying to catch a small bird (white eagle). I was able to rescue the small white eagle before the big eagle got it. I put him in a box to take him to a bird sanctuary, he got out of the box, and a small white puppy kept chasing the baby eagle.

Dreaming about trying to rescue a weak or wounded bird could mean you are trying to hold on to a relationship with someone who you think might be in a fragile state of mind or who could be going through some kind of emotional problems. You want them to feel secure and protected by you, but the dream also acts as a reminder that, even though you may try your best, they will eventually have to face and solve their problems by themselves, symbolized in your dream by the small white puppy chasing the eagle you were trying to save.

A bald eagle saving from attackers

I rescued and nursed a male adult bald eagle. Days passed and the eagle was ready to be released into the wild but it didn't want to go, he remained by my side. After the eagle decided to leave, for once in awhile it kept coming back to visit. Days passed and one day two guys broke into my home and tried to attack me. Before they could even touch me that same eagle came back and attacked the two men and protected me until the attackers decided to flee.

This vision seems to be about your relationship with someone close to you, perhaps a family member or a good friend. Taking care of an eagle that became hurt or injured symbolically represents the love and support that you could expect to receive from one of your friends when the need arises. Therefore, being protected by the eagle in turn could mean that you are willing to do the same for him or her. In this sense, the mutual love and respect between you is represented by the eagle. You probably consider yourself very fortunate to have such a compassionate and devoted friend.

Capturing an eagle

I caught an eagle in my dream and people were coming to prize it.

Dreaming about capturing an eagle and having other people coming to prize it could mean that you will soon be noticed and appreciated by someone with a higher social status than yours, probably leading you to become involved with powerful and influential people who can help you further your goals. You could eventually start living a wealthier life because of these connections. This can either come as a surprise for you or as the result of your hard work.

With bald eagles on top of a mountain

Hi, I am a female who had a dream that I was on a rooftop with a beautiful view of a mountain top that was luscious and had a climbing trail for hikers and bikers. When I turned to get the whole panoramic view, there was a large nest with a family of bald eagles. The baby eagle flew but fell on top of me which made me fall. The mom came and retrieved the baby. Then both parents flew and stood on either side of me. Both were intimidating and tall, yet gently bowed and touched me and flew back.

The mountain top you saw in your dream vision represents your current goal. The fact that you were looking at the summit from a rooftop means you are already well-prepared to take on the challenges of achieving your dream. Adding a little bit of luck to your admirable work ethic, razor-sharp focus and commendable social skills, you would rise to the top of your contemporaries in your chosen field. Perhaps you would become the boss of your company, the owner of a successful business venture or a well-respected innovator. Whatever the case may be, your future is rife with possibilities and potential as you hold positions of power. In that sense, the bald eagles represent powerful rivals who would try to prevent your progress or ascent. The baby eagle could be your main competitor for a position or promotion you have been eyeing. This baby eagle may be deemed qualified not by merit, but by pedigree. If you manage to thwart and outperform this contender, that is when you would earn the respect of those around you.

An eagle sitting on top of you

I had a dream that I was with my grandparents that have passed years ago and then I saw an eagle soaring and I laid down on the ground and it flew to me and sat on me while I was petting it. What could this mean?

The image of your dearly departed grandparents is a sure sign that you are about to receive some unexpected news. While this symbol by itself does not indicate the type of information you would learn, the soaring eagle suggests it has something to do with your love life. In fact, this symbol is often interpreted negatively, meaning whatever you see or hear could cause you some distress or internal turmoil. Furthermore, the eagle coming down so you can pet it reveals that there may be some cause for embarrassment. Perhaps a past lover has revealed something indelicate, or maybe your current lover is not as faithful as you thought them to be.