Dreams Related To Dying

Yourself dying

To dream that you are dying indicates an upcoming health problem. You could soon fall seriously ill or suffer from a disease which would disrupt the normal course of your life, prevent you from doing your routine, and render you immobile and virtually unproductive for a considerable period. This dream vision also symbolizes your growing indifference towards your work or business, which would cause you to neglect your duties and responsibilities and put yourself at risk of losing what you have worked so hard to build all this time.

Conversely, to dream that you are dying is an indication that you are not happy with your life because of your own inhibitions, presumptions and fears. You would find yourself unable to do the things which might liberate you but could also cause you humiliation based on how you think others would see your actions. You would always be concerned about others' opinions, at the expense of your own happiness. You cannot exercise your freedom of expression for fear that you might offend others or give them reasons to ridicule you. You should realize that you are the captain of your own ship. For as long as you do not violate others' personal spaces, you can do whatever you want.

Baby dying

The image of a dead or dying baby is often considered an ill omen. This symbol is associated with great disappointment or inconvenience, especially in regards to your personal life. You may have to make some personal sacrifices in order to appease people who generally annoy you or make you feel uncomfortable, like a mother-in-law or unreliable "friend" that you cannot get rid of.

Someone dying

Dreaming that you are witnessing someone dying right in front of you or by your side signifies a turning point in your life. You would soon receive pleasant news regarding your work, business or relationship which would give you even more opportunities and blessings than your proverbial plate can already handle. As a result, you will lead a happier and more fulfilling life in the company of your loved ones and the people who share your success.

Animals dying

Dreaming that you are witnessing wild animals dying is a symbol of your firm resolve to uphold what is right and reject evil outright. Forces would conspire to sway you in the direction of a corrupt, unjust, immoral system in relation to your work, business or relationships, but your unbending stance and fierce resistance would foil such wicked plans. On the other hand, a dream vision of a dying domestic animal evokes a deep, if not disturbing, feeling of pity in the observer and is ominous of an unpleasant or unwanted occurrence in his or her life.

Due to the graphic and disturbing nature of this dream, your outlook on life may be altered or change dramatically. You may never look at life the same way again, and this may be evident in how differently you would treat people around you or handle upcoming problems and issues. This dream vision could affect you in a positive way. For instance, you could become more humane and understanding of the plight of animals or people who have fallen victim to other people's injustice and cruelty. On the other hand, it could turn you into a monster. You might come to the conclusion that the song you heard on the radio about a bad, bad world is true, and the only way to survive and prosper is to be cruel like the others.

Dying in a car accident

I was driving my car slowly down a dirt road. I heard my car horn blow, just as it did everything went black. I said "Oh, my car just blew up and I am, this is what it's like to be dead".

Driving your car down a dusty, bumpy road could be a metaphor for the current direction of your life. Things are probably not in the best condition, and you are just slowly making your way the best you can. The car suddenly blowing up and your pondering about what it is like to be dead alludes to health issues. Perhaps you are currently engaging in behavior that is making you sick or more susceptible to illness, for example, smoking, overindulging in food or ignoring health and guidelines. The only way to get "back on the right track" is to turn your life around and start living a healthier, more holistic lifestyle.

Experiencing dying as explained

In the dream, I saw two people talking about death while I was an observer. One person told the other how actually death occurs, in which he said an energy-like thing moves from the toe and then it moves upward. As he was explaining it to the other person, it practically starts with me, I feel the energy move upward and then reach my head, creating severe pressure in my head and when it starts to move away from the head to death I am awake. It was a vivid dream, I was feeling the energy in my head when I was awake. The dream repeated more than 7 times.

Dreaming that you are dying as was explained by the individual in your vision predicts experiencing an upcoming health problem. The multiple dreams you saw about this same situation further support the severity of the issue you would experience, while the pressure that moves up and focuses around your brain could signify this being either a neurological disorder or something psychological. No matter the exact type of illness, it may completely disrupt the normal course of your life, preventing you from maintaining your routine and rendering you immobile and virtually unproductive for a considerable period. It would be wise to schedule medical examinations as soon as possible, especially if you already see symptoms forming in wake life.

A dead person dying

Seeing someone you know as dead in wake life dying in your dream has special meaning according to Freudian sources. Freud and his postulates would suggest that seeing someone die again, whether it was the same way or not, is the manifestation of feelings of guilt or regret. If you knew this individual very well, perhaps you wronged them some way in reality, such as spoke poorly of them or neglected to spend time with them when you had the chance. If you were not so close to this man or woman or you did not recognize them, it is possible that the person you are subconsciously projecting is not dead yet. This means that your unconscious mind is anticipating feelings of remorse if you do nothing to change your behavior or attitude toward this individual.

Someone dying in your family

Seeing a dying relative in the dream world is generally an ill omen depicting tough times ahead of you. The answer to the question what does it mean when you dream about someone dying in your family will depend on whether that family member is still alive or already dead in reality. If the relative already passed away, witnessing their death in the dream means an old family issue might resurface. If they are still alive, then your problems could be financial in nature. Your money problems will make it hard for you to provide for your family.

Loved ones dying

Seeing your loved ones dead and dying around you in the dream realm is a highly ill omen. It is a symbol traditionally associated with great turmoil and unhappiness within your family, both immediate and extended. Some great scandal could damage your family's image in the community, making even your once closest friends turn their back on you. Alternatively, rivalry and jealousy within the family could pit brothers against sisters and cousins against cousins. It would be a time of great discord and sadness for you and those you love most.

Learning about dying soon

I got the news I was going to die but couldn't remember how. At night in an unknown city, I was driving with my mother following me to a fast food place. It was difficult to find the drive thru but when I do it's a long line of people. I ended up ordering a tattoo (?) inside I meet a stranger who has some weird things to say. And another stranger after that. After that I'm walking down a street at night, find an ex friend talking to my mother inside the place we're staying. Keep opening doors..

Dreaming that you are about to die or there is a threat to your life alludes to a possibility of falling seriously ill in reality. This outcome is connected with the strange and unknown city featured in your vision. You will soon face an unfamiliar situation or environment which would trigger both physical and mental stress. You need to be prepared to maintain a sound mind and body to help you get through this challenging phase. Similarly, the fast food place points to your tendency to neglect your well-being and expending all of your focus and energy on your work or other preoccupations. The tattoo could symbolize a negative consequence to your lack of self-care. Specifically, you might be blamed or put into a legal trial for other people's mistakes. This would happen if you put other people's problems and interests before your own. Finally, being among strangers in your dream vision is a foreshadowing of a major shake-up at your workplace or even at home. For instance, a potential financial crisis or a looming divorce or break up would lead you to a completely different path in life.

Parent dying

The death of a parent is a highly vivid and ominous symbol to perceive while in the depths of REM sleep. Modern dream interpreters consider it to be a prophecy of unfortunate events that would unfold over time. Your personal plans may face set-backs due to a public health crisis or civil unrest in your area. Alternatively, you may find that you are burdened suddenly with more work than you could ever hope to finish. This time period would be marked by great stress and agitation, so it would be wise to allow yourself some grace and try to find the good even in bad situations.

Dying and resurrecting

A dream about dying and getting resurrected portends second chances. Dying itself points to physical problems and ailments which would render you incapacitated for an extended period. It can also suggest a major disruption in your line of work that could lead to the loss of your main source of income. As such, the resurrection part of this dream symbol has to do with overcoming extraordinary odds. No matter how tough it gets, you are going to survive it and become a better, wiser person because of this.

A person dying

Dreaming of a person unfamiliar to you dying is a sign of an impending hardship or serious problem which would befall you at the worst time of your life. But the real blow to the situation could be the fact that this problem would originate from someone or something of which you have absolutely no clue. You would think that you were doing well in your career, project, business or relationship, only to be caught in a web of lies, a series of failures, a betrayal of the most unimaginable kind. This dream vision tells you to brace yourself.

Someone dying and not being upset about it

Watching someone else die during the course of a dream vision often reflects your inner value of the relationship with them in wake life. In essence, the loss of the man or woman in your vision represents your efforts to improve or maintain the connection drying up. Furthermore, your lack of emotion to this individual's passing could reveal that you secretly do not miss their presence or no longer find a use in keeping them around.

A family member dying

The death of a loved one while you are dreaming is often interpreted as a highly ominous sign. While it does not actually predict death, it does mean, according to most sources, that some argument or rivalry would threaten the happiness of you and your family members. In some cases, this could be due to a black sheep in the family causing trouble for other members, but sibling rivalry or even generational rivalry could cause conflict and bad blood between members as well.

Someone dying who is still alive

Seeing a living person dying in a dream is an allegory of detachment. You do not feel like you are part of the community and you cannot relate to other people. Perhaps your neighbors do not invite you to special occasions or you are the one keeping them at a distance. In Hinduism, dying conveys the opposite meaning in reality. It signifies a long and fulfilling life. In this case, the passing away of another person means you can look forward to a brighter future.

A girl on the street dying

I saw a girl with an umbrella walking down the middle of the street I grew up on in the pouring rain and dying.

This dream vision of someone walking in the pouring rain with an umbrella could be a representation of your attempts to suppress or completely remove some bad memory or unpleasant experience, either from distant or recent past. The image of the girl dying, however, is more likely a reflection of your inability to eliminate this aspect from your life, rather than success in doing so. The middle of the street in this same dream is also a sign that you are most likely left to deal with this issue on your own, without any help or advice from others.

Dying to save a family member

I need to die first to help my brother who is dying from brain cancer cross over. Most of the dream I'm telling my sister and sister in law why I have to die and that it's temporary and I'll be back.

Dream visions of death are usually indicative of the changes in your life you are trying to make. Dying for your brother, in this context, means that you are relying on someone close to you to make these changes happen. It could be that your family members or relatives have recently helped you to move in the right direction, but you feel that there is not enough done on their part in order for you to make another important step in your life. You want them to do more, but you cannot influence or control them beyond their goodwill and sagacity.

Dying and husband who does not care

Buried alive in dirt. I wanted to complete the task, husband said it was unnecessary. Husband was right there, walked away and didn't hear me screaming when the last bit of dirt covered my airspace. I knew I was going to die.

Being buried alive in a dream vision, though scary and rather disturbing, is actually associated with financial gains in the near future. In fact, the amount of dirt piled upon you is often thought to indicate the extent of your future wealth, so the deeper you were buried, the more likely you are to receive a large sum of money. The source of this money, however, could be from anywhere, it could be the result of a lottery or good business decision, or it may be from an inheritance bestowed by a recently deceased relative.

Dying and having a pet ox

I died and was transferred into a body like my own but I had blue hair. I was very sad because I was lost and couldn't find my friends. I then found my friends who thought I died. Then we had to go save my pet ox that didn't look like an ox from someone or something and then we got her back and it had babies. I then was at an aquarium and could control water. I was splashing it onto my friend and brother because I had the ability to move water how I wanted. I wasn't very skilled at it though.

Dreaming that you have died and transformed into another body during the course of a dream vision is highly ominous and predicts some serious, tragic turn of events in your waking life. This is likely something that directly affects you, such as a health problem or great financial difficulty. Additionally, your new body which was somewhat different from your normal one could represent being rejected by your peers because of this problem. Both the ox giving birth at the end of the vision and your ability to control water, however, suggests this is only a temporary situation. You may find that after a short period of misfortune and stress things would rebound, giving you happiness and peace of mind.

Driving around before dying

In my dream, I was dying and knew I didn't have long left. I was trying to find my children to say goodbye, so I kept driving around. My husband said not to worry and went to sleep in another car even though he was being chased by a group of mafia-type men. The only reason they didn't take him was because I was dying. I kept driving uphill, but was getting slower and more tired until I died. That is when I woke up literally gasping for breath and sobbing.

Driving around in your dream usually reflects your personal journey. Since the path you were taking was an uphill route, you probably feel like you are constantly struggling and overcoming all sorts of obstacles in trying to find your true place in this world. As such, eventually dying in your effort to find your children reveals your awareness of your own mortality and your desire to connect with your children. Perhaps recently you find it increasingly difficult to understand your children, possibly even your husband, or they have difficulty communicating with you. Your journey towards enlightenment may be alienating your family or making you feel isolated. Hence, this dream vision probably serves to remind you about your priorities and how much your family means to you.

Dying and looking for things and people

I died and went to heaven, I was in my deceased grandma's home and I couldn't find her. Then I was frantically looking for my ring and I could not find it.

Dying and going to heaven represents an unbelievable situation in wake life that has been making you feel happy and calm. Dreaming about your deceased grandmother's home symbolizes a comforting place, so perhaps this was once a location you felt safe in. It would seem you are linking this past feeling with the new place where you feel safe and at peace now. However, being unable to find your grandmother suggests you also feel sadness, as you are unsure if you should be feeling so good about your current situation. Your lack of certainty may cause turbulence and trouble in your relationships, which is why you also dreamed of losing your ring.

Dying instead of giving birth

Hi, I was in hospital, wearing a hospital gown. I was there to have a c-section. I was told I was pregnant but I didn't feel or look pregnant. (I'm not pregnant in real life). I'm with my family but remember my mum especially. Things feel off. Then a man starts measuring the bed and me and I ask why. Everyone looks very embarrassed. The man says it's for my coffin. My mum explains we are here to embalm me. I woke up in tears.

This vision can be interpreted fairly literally and linearly. First, the image of being a patient in a hospital reveals that you are in a state of recovery in reality. In some cases, this refers to physical ailments and injuries, meaning you might be healing from an injury or infection of some type. It can also allude to mental or spiritual recovery, especially if you have recently gone through a period of great stress or hardship. This is followed by the image of your impending birth giving via c-section. This symbol suggests your recovery has or would lead to a number of major changes. The kind of changes can be specifically seen at the end of your vision. Being embalmed is often associated with the presence of individuals within your social group who do not have your best interests at heart. You would begin to cut down the number of people you associate with, limiting your interactions to those that benefit you the most or make you happier.

Someone else dying other than oneself

I was ill and prayed that will it lead to death or not, but I dreamt that someone that I know died but not me.

Becoming ill during a dream vision suggests your current efforts would have some minor success, but you would be unable to fully realize your goals. For example, if your true desire is to become a singer, you may have some success at small clubs or bars, but you would be unable to truly become famous or well-known. The idea that someone else died instead of you could mean that the source of your inability to get ahead may be in your interactions with others. Your networking abilities may not be up to the task, or the people who normally would help you may not like you enough to stick their necks out for you.

Almost dying in a bad storm

I dreamed of news all over TV of a terrible storm, so I walked to the corner store for some items before it hit. When I get there my friend was there. On my way out she took some money from a jar and shoved it in my purse and told me to run. I ran and then the storm came blowing me halfway home, I fell and was instantly swarmed with flying debris, trees and houses were flying through the sky. I thought I died. But I sat up to see daylight, still in water to my neck. I walked to my house still standing.

Being caught in a terrible storm predicts seemingly insurmountable troubles. This vivid dream means you are going to undergo a tumultuous period filled with misfortunes on multiple fronts, including relationship and financial troubles. Fortunately, having a friend shoving money in your purse means you at least have people you can rely on to help you out when things get too tough. The aftermath of the storm with your house still intact or standing is a comforting sign indicating you will get through this difficult period and emerge a stronger person. Being submerged neck-deep in water means these trials and tribulations will force you to look within yourself and confront your own demons to hopefully become a better version of yourself.

Unusual way of dying

Dying in a dream is a common type of dream that usually represents new beginnings in real life. However, dying in a unique way is an indication that this new beginning will not come the easy way. Your will experience trying times that will fill you with anxiety and worries. Dying in a scary way also implies that you will meet someone who will bring challenges as you go into this new chapter in your life. Yet, this person will also teach you a lot of lessons that you will eventually be thankful for.

Dying in class

Being at school in your dream state and having a classmate or a teacher die points to changes that are happening or will happen in your life. You need to look at different perspectives and welcome ideas - even those entirely different from yours. This dream also carries a fortunate elucidation where you would reap the seeds you sow. Completion of a project or success in business is highly likely, and this event will transform the course of your life to a great extent. Thus, keep moving forward for this dream to materialize in your life.

Dying and being reborn

Dying and being reborn during the course of a dream vision, especially if it seemed like you were being reincarnated, is often associated with positive spiritual change. You may be attracted to a certain path or faith after a life-changing experience. This new direction or renewed faith would give you a lot of strength and inspire you to do great things for the benefit of others.