Dreams Related To Duvet

A duvet being pulled off the bed

I had a dream that in the early hours the duvet was being pulled off me slowly. I felt a cold but could not see anyone. I pulled the duvet back onto me but again it was pulled off slowly. I felt paralyzed by fear. Then felt a bare foot on my left side, which made me even more scared. Then I woke up.

Blankets and duvets are considered a symbol of wealth and prestige, so having such an item slowly removed from your body represents your attempts to maintain your position in reality. Perhaps you feel threatened by someone you work with or see on a daily basis, worrying that your colleagues and friends may come to like and appreciate them more than you. This is followed by your inability to move, a symbol commonly seen by those holding two opposing viewpoints. While you may want to sabotage this individual's chances with your group, you would also be extremely agitated if they tried to do the same to you. You may have to rethink your strategies and find a better, more productive way of maintaining your relations with others.