Dreams Related To Duck

Wild ducks in a nest

I had a dream about wild ducks in a nest up in a tree on a branch extended out over a red barn. The nest was full of hatchlings. I'm female.

Barns are often associated with abundance and contentment in the dream universe and, coupled with the image of the ducks and their hatchlings, is a very positive symbol to behold. These two images suggest great wealth and prosperity are on the horizon for you and your family. Perhaps the branch extending over the barn reveals your need to work hard to reach and achieve such blessings. Whether you need to work toward them or they are presented to you, you should take advantage of the opportunities and be thankful for all you receive.

Seeing a duck

Seeing a duck in a dream vision generally signifies a truce. Maybe you catch a glimpse of a duck cruising downstream or a painting of a farm with ducks in it. Images of a duck portend peace and positive developments with real-world rivals or enemies. You could find yourselves with a common enemy which would require you to join forces, or maybe you would reach an agreement which would be mutually beneficial and this would finally put an end to your long-time rivalry.

White ducks

White ducks generally denote prosperity. For example, you may see a group of white ducks swimming in water, white ducks mingling with other farm animals or white ducks flying overhead. The symbolism behind white ducks usually has to do with happy tidings that usually occur after a series of problems or unfortunate events. Finally, you would catch a break and perhaps can look forward to a more manageable existence or even just a better situation in your household.

A wild duck with a drake

Seeing a wild duck accompanied by a drake that is likely its mate, or even managing to witness them in the act of mating, symbolizes a stable, happy and fulfilling life for people who are already married or in a committed relationship. On the other hand, for unmarried and single dreamers, this dream symbol refers to a potential union with a romantic prospect. You could get married soon or at least forge a serious and long-term relationship with the person you are seeing or dating.

Ducks on lake surface

Ducks gliding on the lake's surface, especially if they are being illuminated by moonlight creating this romantic atmosphere, carries a favorable dream meaning when it comes to trade and business transactions. The calm behavior and demeanor of the ducks symbolizes your luck and natural knack for choosing assets and investing wisely. People in love can also expect their relationship to flourish as you get to know each other on a deeper level. It would be a happy and fulfilling partnership.


Ducklings or young ducks in dreams, particularly ducklings intermingled with older ducks or even swans in a lake, have a very auspicious dream interpretation associated with material acquisitions or wealth accumulation. This is especially applicable if you have been feeling frustrated lately and experiencing a foul mood due to lots of issues and roadblocks to your plans. This blessing is usually unexpected which would instantly lift your mood because you would finally have disposable cash to buy certain luxuries.

A duck flying into your house

Dreaming that a duck flies into your house, through an open window or a door that is ajar, is a harbinger of hardships and misfortune ahead. In general this dream symbol just lets you know that trouble is on the way so you can be physically and mentally prepared to deal with it. The bad luck may not necessarily happen to you, it could also fall on a friend or member of your household. So if your loved ones struggle with a problem or dilemma, you may need to step up and guide them.

Shooting ducks

Shooting ducks in dreams, while out hunting with a rifle or even just shooting plastic ducks at a carnival, means that your assumptions about someone may be partly or even completely wrong or groundless. For example, you may think a colleague is trying to sabotage you at work when in fact this person may be entirely consumed by their own tasks and responsibilities. He or she may even be defending you to others or singing you praises when you are not around. So try to get to know the person first before making any kind of judgment.

A dream scenario involving hunting ducks also predicts major changes or departures from your original plan. Obstacles and roadblocks may appear as you work on a project or venture which means you need to adjust your framework or model to suit the real-world situation. In particular, if you are shooting ducks down, the interference may originate from powerful or influential people. In order to move forward, certain compromises may have to be made which would veer you away from your vision.

Plucking a duck

Plucking the feathers off a duck, maybe as you are preparing it for a meal like a roast duck, depicts a turbulent period in your life which would involve arguments, conflicts and even physical fights with members of your social group. In particular, plucking the duck after it has been boiled represents the possibility that you would inflict pain and hurt to the ones you love deliberately. It is unclear what your motivation could be. Maybe you would do this to protect someone else or to advance your interests.

A domesticated duck

A domesticated duck, such as a duck you are keeping as a pet and housing it in your own backyard or farm if you have one in the dream vision, means you may enter a nesting period. Even if you are not pregnant or starting a family of your own, you may want to make some home improvements, renovations or even just prioritizing household chores and housekeeping to make your home more organized and livable. However, if you kill the domesticated duck, then there may be some disagreements and tension building in your household.

Quacking of a duck

Hearing the quacking of a duck or ducks even without seeing the ducks, perhaps when they are in the yard or as you are approaching a lake during a picnic, means you may have a tendency of ignoring warning signs or neglecting pleas for help. Even if it is not a life or death situation, it may seem to your close friends or relatives that you have no compassion or you lack willingness to help others. Maybe this is a wake up call to be more neighborly because when things go bad for you, you would also have to rely on the kindness of other people.

Eating duck

Eating duck in your dream, like a roast duck, crispy Chinese duck, duck salad or other duck dishes, means you may be constantly trying to change your partner. Persistently correcting your partner or telling them to stop certain annoying habits, even trying to change their personality to conform to your standards may cause a lot of tension in your relationship. If you feel the need to correct or change your partner all the time, then maybe you need to decide whether you want to stay in the relationship or find a more suitable partner for yourself.

Ducks attacking you

Seeing a pack of ducks attacking you in a dream realm is a reflection of some aspect of your personality that is causing you aggressive stress or anxiety. The ducks could represent a particular problem or a spiritual challenge that you are facing, or some sort of negative emotions or experiences that you are undergoing. Overall, people who see this dream are fortunate enough in a sense that they get a warning about something going wrong in their lives and are able to make careful amends before any catastrophic results.

Ducks or geese in dreams what is the meaning

Swimming ducks

Seeing a bunch of swimming ducks, splashing in the lake of a park or a pool of rainwater, may signify a long trip with your current partner. Perhaps you would finally go on that backpacking trip or a long-awaited vacation to a luxurious resort. The length of the stay and the challenges along the way would give you unique insights about your significant other, some of them may be good discoveries, though this trip could also show the more negative aspects of their personality.

Trying to catch a duck

Trying to catch a duck in a dream scenario, using a net to trap the duck swimming in the lake or with your bare hands, means you would become privy to a sensitive piece of information or useful data. A colleague or a friend may break the news to you or you may learn about it by accident, through a random report or scribblings. Whatever you do with the information could have far-reaching implications and consequences to your life. Maybe you can use this to advance you career or it could damage your relationship with someone.

A wild duck

A wild duck, roaming the marshes, ponds or protected forests and areas in the neighborhood, signifies freedom and a carefree lifestyle that you may be leading in reality. You are likely very independent and love to try new things because you are not yet tied down with responsibilities or commitments to anyone. This dream vision suggests that you would live this kind of lifestyle for much longer, so you can still explore and experiment without any major conflicts or consequences.

Shooting a wild duck

Shooting a wild duck in a vision, while you are out in the wilderness camping and hunting with friends, means your freedom and independence may be threatened in reality. Perhaps financial constraints and responsibilities would hold you back from pursuing passion projects, going on adventures or doing what you love. On the positive side, limiting your freedom may be a welcome change, especially if the reason for this is to build a safe and secure life with your significant other.

Ducks in flight

To see ducks in flight, such as during their seasonal migration in search of warmer areas, is likely associated with being more financially stable or even becoming well off due to wise investments and profitable ventures. If you have no family of your own yet, then this dream symbol points to settling down. You may become more domesticated or focused on your household. In some cases, this may refer to having multiple children in the coming years which would force you to become rooted.

Ducks diving

Ducks that are diving into a lake or pond in your dream, perhaps to get away from people who are trying to catch them or trap them, signals possible oppression. An influential or powerful personality may manipulate you into doing menial work for them or carrying out their dirty work. This individual could have sensitive information about you which they would use to blackmail you into submission. This period of subjection to their whims would be stressful and unbearable, unless you outwit them.

A duck swimming away from you

A duck that is fearfully swimming away from you, maybe because it senses that you are hunting it or perhaps it was surprised by your presence especially out in the wild, predicts a happy and relaxing vacation ahead of you. Your schedule may finally allow you to take a much-needed break from the daily grind. It could be a trip to a destination that is on your bucket list, a cruise or a luxurious stay in a top-notch resort. Make the most of this leisure trip because you deserve to treat yourself from time to time.

A duck flying to you

Dreaming that a duck is flying towards you, perhaps because you are feeding it with crumbs or maybe because it is curious about your presence, is an auspicious dream symbol about welcoming blessings and good tidings to your household. If you have been waiting to get some news or updates about your application or in relation to a career opportunity, then this means you can expect positive developments or updates. This good news will mean a better and brighter future for you.

A mother duck with ducklings

A mother duck with its ducklings, maybe in a duck nest in the wilderness or a duck box in a more domesticated environment, suggests a long road to success. Perhaps you would need to go through a lot of detours and experience a lot of failures or disappointments. However, instead of being disheartened, this does offer an upside. Since you would likely achieve success later in your life, you would have a better appreciation for it. Your wisdom and wealth of experience also mean being more capable of maintaining that level of success.

A fried duck

A fried duck, such as the deep-fried Chinese variety or a golden brown thigh part of the duck you are eating for a meal, points to the realization of your biggest goals and ambitions. It would not happen overnight, but this dream symbol does attest to your razor sharp focus and determination, so no matter how many hurdles get thrown your way, you always have your eyes on the target. This perseverance coupled with patience assures your eventual triumph in your competitive field.

Buying a duck

Buying a duck, whether it is a cooked duck or a live duck which you intend to raise for commercial reasons, can be interpreted in two ways depending on your civil status. For unmarried individuals, this points to potentially getting married soon. This is especially true if you are already in a relationship. If not, then you may end up settling down with your next boyfriend or girlfriend. Meanwhile, married dreamers can expect a baby girl being part of the family, whether she is your biological daughter or adopted.

A duck swimming nearby

I am female. I dreamed of a mallard duck with a very bright green head swimming. That was all of the dream, I saw the image and it was gone.

While a neutral symbol by itself, the symbol of the duck in water could take on slightly different meanings depending on the direction it was moving. If the duck seemed to be swimming toward you, the interpretation has a slightly negative connotation and predicts receiving unpleasant news or a disappointing answer to a question. On the other hand, if the duck was swimming away from you, it could allude to traveling somewhere in the near future, either for work or for pleasure.

Black duck

A black duck is a contradictory symbol, according to the evangelist Joshua. It means you would get the answers to the questions that have been plaguing you, but you would also be frustrated or uncomfortable with the change that comes with it. While this symbol could have effects around different areas of your life, your spiritual self and your relationship with others would probably see the greatest shifts.

Black duck with ducklings

A dream of a black duck with ducklings may signify a blend of contrasting elements in your life. The black color often symbolizes mystery or the unknown, while ducklings typically represent innocence and new beginnings. This dream might suggest that you are navigating through a situation where you feel uncertain or surrounded by unfamiliar circumstances, yet you are still responsible for nurturing and guiding others. It can be a reminder to balance the enigmatic aspects of life with the need to care for those who depend on you.