Dreams Related To Dryer

A dryer flooded

I had a drying machine in my bedroom inside the cupboard, it had flooded? The whole flat. I showed it to my neighbor and she laughed, I didn't think it was very funny and thought, why is she laughing?

This dream contained two juxtaposing symbolic visions of a drying appliance and flooding water. They could be pointing out the existing contradiction between something important you have recently done or are about to do. You could be carefully assessing and weighing your options for the sake of not being ridiculed, criticized or made fun of for your actions. You might even be thinking of backing out of the whole idea, and it is completely up to you how you want to proceed provided you consider pros and cons. The laughing person could translate your concerns, if not fears, about how people would react once this action or intention is realized. Simultaneously, there is also the idea of the strange location of the drying appliance. It is in a place usually used to store food and kitchen utensils, and inside your bedroom. This could suggest that these recent or future actions are unconventional and of personal, emotional and private nature.