Dreams Related To Drunk

Drunk driving

I am a female. I dreamed that I was drunk driving and got into a car accident then walked to a strangers house for a phone charger to call my boyfriend to avoid the cops and my family.

Dreaming that you are drunk is an ominous vision to behold, as it often predicts the failure or derailment of a project or undertaking. This is reinforced by the act of drunk driving, because driving is usually thought to parallel our journeys through life. Therefore, your drunkenness and the driving combine to reveal a failed venture that could literally end with you crashing and burning in wake life. Your attempt to find a phone to call someone other than your family or the police reveals internal conflict that would become resolved. While you may not have a clear path now, thinking carefully and making good choices that would not lead to disaster would go a long way to alleviating those feelings of unease and discomfort.

Someone drunk

Seeing a person drunk in your dream reveals that you will experience unfavorable luck in your investment or business venture. Due to the initial success of this business, you will be tempted to have an excessive expenditure which will eventually lead to your downfall. Perhaps this dream suggests the need for you to be extra cautious with any money-related endeavor in reality. In addition, the presence of someone alcoholic in the dream realm symbolizes the need for cleansing in certain areas of your life. You might need to take a course of action to resolve some issues instead of trying to escape from them. Ultimately, evaluating this particular dream's details will give an excellent interpretation.