Dreams Related To Driving

Driving with someone

Having a dream in which you find yourself driving a vehicle accompanied by someone indicates that there will be some events involving this person coming up which might be arising out of or influenced by your actions and behavior.

Driving at night

I am a male and I was driving at night and whenever I came up to one of my turns I tried to slow down but I would pass up the street and I have had this dream multiple times.

Driving at night means you are uncertain about what is ahead. There is also an indication of fear as well as reluctance to face the consequences of your actions. You are anticipating an entirely new situation next year, meaning you have a lot of adjustments to do in your life. Missing your turn means you need to be more flexible with your plans because they would not always go your way. In fact, you could find yourself following a totally different track, a career change perhaps.

Someone driving

Having a dream in which you see someone driving a vehicle denotes your extreme obsession with a supervisor, boss or some other influential person in your life. This may be attributable to your constant focus on them. Their actions and behavior seen in the dream could be exactly opposite to the perception in reality.

Driving alone

Having a dream in which you are driving in a vehicle all alone by yourself, with no one accompanying you, reflects upon your competence and a high degree of self-confidence to do things on your own. You are self-sufficient and can work independently, without any help and support from other people.

Driving a car out of control

Freudian sources suggest that trying to drive an uncontrollable vehicle is a metaphor for your life spinning out of control. Serious cases could reveal things like your life hitting rock bottom due to substance abuse or poor emotional balance. Less pressing cases may point toward trying to follow a path or image that does not really suit you in order to please someone else, like parents or a lover. If you were able to gain some control over the car, it means you would be able to find your equilibrium and regain order in your life. However, crashing or continuing to be driven about erratically may point to some disastrous outcomes in the near future.

Driving in a new vehicle

Dreaming about yourself being behind the wheel of a new and beautiful vehicle suggests the possibilities of meeting some interesting people. This could happen during the course of a journey when you could be heading for an exciting tour or visit to some unusual places.

Someone driving away from you

Someone driving away from you in the dream realm may symbolize loss. This common symbol carries a meaning that in particular refers to emotional or spiritual divides, suggesting you and this individual are parting ways or growing apart permanently. If you did not recognize the person, it is possible that they are meant to represent someone or something else that you are distancing yourself from or that is becoming unattainable for you. Depending on your circumstances, it may also signal that someone you know needs to take a personal journey that would affect your relationship with them in one way or another.

Car driving itself

When a car drives by itself in the dream realm or appears to be a self-driving vehicle, it means that you do not feel in control of certain aspects of how your life is developing. Cars tend to be analogies for our lives. In a sense, a vehicle that moves by itself could be a sign from the unconscious mind that events are unfolding in a way you are not prepared for. It may also indicate progress in various directions that may or not be related to where you actually want to go.

Problems while driving

I and my sister-in-law were driving to the hospital, she was driving my car very smoothly when she got out of the car she was very happy and looked like she was still in her teens. I on the other hand was driving home with my granddaughter and found it very difficult to drive back home had little control over the car.

In general, this dream speaks of your envy in regards to this person's latest achievements, position in life in comparison to your own, or how you are viewed by other family members when juxtaposed to her. You may have some issues to deal with in your own life, but you are constantly comparing her lifestyle and life position against yours. Even though you may have warm feelings and reciprocity going on at the moment, you may want to consider re-evaluating certain aspects of this relationship.

Driving a taxi

Having a dream in which you find yourself driving a taxi suggests that you are in contact with someone or some people whom you believe to be uninteresting, irrelevant or irritating to you and you always tend to avoid any direct contact with this person or with these people.

Driving a transport truck

Having a dream in which you are driving a big transport truck suggests that you are approaching a period wherein you will be moving in a certain direction traversing a path created by someone else, without even trying to change or reinvent anything because you are not likely to have the desire, motivation, interest or willingness to do so.

Driving a fancy car

A fancy car in your dream could be symbolic of potential exposures to sudden losses or extravagant purchases. It could also reveal your desire to have a higher status quo and social influence. You subconsciously want others to admire and perceive you as a wealthy and powerful person. This dream vision could also symbolize that you feel ambiguous, uncertain or vague about certain aspects of your life, lack self-esteem and self-confidence. You could be confused about the meaning and possible impact of recent life events on your future. Such line of questioning, indecisiveness or confusion related to other people's opinions or recent events could hamper your ability to make prompt and sound decisions.

Getting lost while driving

To get lost while you are driving in the dreamscape represents difficulties with your current project. This symbol predicts plans going nowhere or uncertainty about your future. You need some guidance and clear objectives to find your way back to your goals and priorities. The reason for the lack of direction could be your own lack of skills or preparation for this undertaking. It is also possible that the current conditions are not favorable to your cause, so you need to focus on something else which will be more realistic and achievable.

Driving on a road that looks like a roller coaster

A recurring dream, not consistent, but almost the same dream. Driving on this road and it has a loop, a huge loop like a roller coaster loop where my car or anyone else's has to drive through and I am always scared I am going to fall from the very top of the loop. And I never do, but at times I hear someone telling me not to be scared and just do it. One time in one of the recurring dreams I did fall from the top of loop, but woke up after that. So, I don't know what happen after that.

Driving in a car is usually associated with our journeys through life. In this case, your path and existence are probably full of events which "throw you for a loop." In this case, the surprising events which occur are likely to involve some amount of ambiguity as to whether or not they are beneficial or harmful to you. This can be seen in your fear of falling. However, the fact that you do not fall and are even reassured by a voice in the dream vision suggests things working out in your favor most, if not all of the time.

Driving slow

Having a dream in which you are driving slow reflects that you have a tendency by which you rely only upon yourself and act on your own without depending on others, while trying to accomplish something or when faced with things or matters which are of any importance to you.

Driving off into the ocean

My husband was the driver and I was the passenger. The car goes off the bridge into the ocean and as we get deeper and deeper down, the car window glass begins to break and then I wake up.

Dreaming about being in a car accident that you did not cause may indicate some problems or challenges you are about to face that could cause things to go topsy-turvy in your life. These issues are likely completely out of your control and also may develop out of the blue. Falling into the ocean has two possible meanings. On one hand, it may indicate experiencing new situations or learning new things. However, in this case, it probably represents finding a solution or answer that solves your problems and gives you some closure and peace of mind.

Driving in a wrong direction

I was driving with my son and we were meant to go north but ended up in a town an hour south of where we started. We stopped at a lake that was shaped like a dragonfly. We were going to go swimming and the water started rising.

Riding in a car is often symbolic of your journey in life. In this case, finding yourself close to where you started may be a manifestation of your feelings about your life at the moment, namely that you have not gone as far as your expected or hoped. While this may seem a bit negative, the rest of the dream has a rather positive meaning. Water usually represents opportunity and growth, indicating your big chance to get ahead may be just around the corner. Additionally, the image of the dragonfly is an auspicious sign associated with wealth and a beneficial marriage. If you are not in a relationship, you may find an ideal partner soon, but if you are already married, your partner may suddenly come into some extra money which an alleviate some of your stress and worry.

Driving backwards

Driving backwards in a dream vision can have two possible interpretations depending on your circumstances in reality. One possible interpretation relates to literally backtracking in wake life. For instance, you may be repeating an old mistake or habit that you swore never to do again, like smoking or reconnecting with an ex-partner. Alternatively, this symbol is also seen by those who wish to relive some aspect of their past. For example, a married person may remember fondly some point of time when they were single or had fewer familial responsibilities.

Dead person driving a car

Dreaming about a dead person driving a car could have different connotations depending on whether you recognized them or not. For instance, Freud surmised that seeing a famous individual or a dearly departed family member could reveal a desire to mimic some of their better known qualities or skills. Seeing someone you do not recognize, however, may simply be a metaphor for wanting to change your life in some way but lacking direction or knowledge about how to go about doing it.

Driving in the dark and almost hitting pedestrians

I was driving a car, talking on the phone. It was very dark. I kept seeing a grey American bulldog or pit bull type of dog walking in middle of the road in front of me that I thought I would hit but didn't. Then in the distance there was a guy walking a dog who was about to cross in front of me and as soon as I got closer I couldn't see them anymore (too dark). I noticed my headlights were not on, so I turned them on to help see them better and avoid hitting the dog and person. But instead of it shining light on the road in front of me it blared right into my eyes to point where I couldn't see and then I woke up.

The main theme of this dream is connected to you driving a car. This symbol, in a dream vision, is often associated with movement in your life, either physical (like to a new home or place of work) or mental (like intellectual, emotional, or spiritual growth). Darkness within a dream points to some issues in your life which have not been resolved or you have not found closure for yet. Because you are still grappling with this issue, you may be neglecting some other areas of your life. Turning on a light, in this vision, seems to point towards taking action to reach a resolution. However, the light shining back in your eyes at the end of the dream suggests these efforts are likely in vain and are to amount to nothing but more disappointment and frustration.

Someone driving backwards

Envisioning someone driving a car in reverse refers to the dreamer's own decisions and actions being overridden by someone else in reality. You may desire to take one path and have made steps to follow through with it, but another person, like a parent, teacher or boss, may be preventing you from moving forward with your plans. In some cases they may be causing you to move backwards.

Driving a public transportation vehicle

Dreaming about yourself driving some vehicle meant for public transportation like a bus or a trolley, amounts to a warning message. It relates to those who are around you. It suggests that you need to pay more attention to the advice they give you and opinions they express.

Driving as a chauffeur

Having a dream in which you see yourself as a chauffeur driving a luxurious vehicle like a limousine suggests that there are all possibilities that you would be able to achieve a lot in your professional career which, ultimately, will firmly establish you on the way to future success and growth.

Driving a new car

According to modern dream workers, driving a new car in the dream realm represents a sense of control over one's life and journey. It is a sign that the dreamer is making progress in important matters and taking charge of their betterment. Moreover, such dreams bring positivity and indicate that something big is coming your way, such as a new job, a new relationship, or a new project. However, the dreamer also needs to reflect on their personal emotions and fears to ensure they are heading in the right direction for their overall well-being.

Driving backwards with no brakes

Dreaming of driving backwards with no brakes indicates a loss of control in your life. This symbolic dream may point towards a need to reverse or reevaluate your current direction. It often carries a spiritual message, suggesting that you may be looking for answers or guidance in the wrong places. Interpreting this dream encourages you to reflect on your self-confidence and decision-making abilities. It is a sign to regain control, seek the right path, and find the brakes that will allow you to navigate your life with confidence and purpose.

Driving into water

Driving off into a body of water suggests you are losing control of your life. Freudian sources would attribute this to various troubles or difficulties that are turning your life upside down. If you were able to escape the vehicle safely before being pulled under, it could mean you could learn something from your trials or find a unique solution to your problems. However, drowning could reveal that you would not be able to overcome this particular set of circumstances even with assistance or by drastically changing your end goal.

Driving into a river and losing documents

I am driving and suddenly can not tell where the road is due to road construction and end up driving into a strong current river. I am holding onto my truck trying to pull it out. Finally the river takes my car and I crawl out of the river. Somehow, I have a cell phone and call my mom and tell her what happened. Explained that my purse with all my id's went with the car. While I am waiting I walk to try and figure out how I ended up in the river.

Dreaming about off the road under construction could represent repeated and unsuccessful attempts to start a new relationship, or to make some particular relationship work because of the other person's resistance or stubbornness (represented in this dream as strong river current). However, eventually, your heart would be broken. You would be grieving and you would feel lost, stuck or alone. That is, the dream suggests that you could experience some major disappointment because of your inability to start or maintain a relationship with someone with whom you want to be. Losing your cell phone and ID's supports the notion that you would feel alone and confused. This would partly result from difficulties in discussing your relationship issues with others. It is possible that you would be the one responsible for such misdirection. Specifically, you may engage in reproachful or undignified acts. This behavior would have the consequence of increasing the distance between you and the other person.

Driving with deceased family members

I was driving with my late mother, late brother-in-law and late friend (all Scorpios). My late brother-in-law was driving very recklessly. I cannot remember the details of my dream, but it was just odd that I am the only one still alive and that we were all Scorpios.

Driving together with specific people is often a sign that you are about to go through some event involving or concerning these people. Because they have all passed away, it seems that their influence, possibly a common personality trait given your shared horoscope sign, could affect your reaction to a life event you are about to experience. While there is no indication of this reaction being either positive or negative, it might be a good idea to assess your feelings before acting hastily in regards to any surprising or unexpected news.

Driving up a steep road

In the dream realm, driving up a steep road whether on a mountain or somewhere else symbolizes a journey or a path in life that is challenging and requires perseverance. In general, the dreamer can communicate and connect with others as this dream is a metaphor for the way they communicate their thoughts and feelings to others. However, the dreamer may be facing significant challenges in their waking life, and overcoming those obstacles will be a big deal for them. Furthermore, these visions are very common and mostly refer to the fact that the dreamer is on a path of spiritual growth and development. In essence, the dream is a reminder that the dreamer needs to pay attention to their unconscious mind and need to be more introspective and reflective, allowing themselves time to process their thoughts and feelings.

Someone unable to drive

Dreaming about a person who you know does not or cannot drive, to be driving behind the wheel of a vehicle on the road suggests that you might approach this person at some point in time in the future for help or advice. He or she might be instrumental in helping to resolve this issue or problem thanks to some valuable insights and practical suggestions to guide you.

Falling asleep while driving

Falling asleep while driving indicates complacency. Living a relatively easy and sheltered life probably shields you from the harsh realities of this world. However, you will soon be confronted by a rude awakening as the rug which is your source of stability gets snatched away. You could lose your job or your partner could leave you. This life-changing moment will make you more self-aware and empathetic to the struggle of others.

Driving on ice

Driving on an icy road or solid ice is a testament to your perseverance. The ice is an esoteric metaphor for a lack of ideas or unfavorable job prospects, so driving on this precarious space reveals your resilience. You are willing to trudge through and struggle during the hard times and hope you get out of it unscathed. You could experience writer's block or have a hard time finding inspiration, but you will work through it no matter what. When your mind clears, you will be primed and ready to tackle any opportunity.

Someone driving reckless

Reckless driving, whether the driver is intoxicated or filled with road rage, indicates bad decisions. Someone in your life, or possibly even yourself, is going through a rough patch and being irresponsible. Instead of thinking things through in a rational manner, you could be channeling negative energy which could lead to risky behavior and negative consequences. Driving itself is an allusion to a person's approach to life, so swerving or speeding could mirror bad temper or impatience. Either you need to intervene and make someone see the consequences of their actions, or you may have to confront your inner demons.

Driving and seeing strange holes

I dreamed that my sister and I were driving on a railroad track over a body of water and there were holes everywhere. The water was right up in the holes in the tracks and the earth. We decided to get out and walk to the shore to be safe.

The two biggest symbols in this dream are the railroad tracks and the large body of water. Seeing a lot of water indicates increasing opportunities. You may find that more doors are opening up for you or that you are on the verge of getting your lucky break. Railroad tracks are also a positive sign indicating achieving success, meeting your goals, and becoming prosperous. Taking full advantage of the options available to you could allow you to lead a happy, fulfilled life.

Driving with deceased mother and feeling sad

I met up with my mother and father somewhere. I can't exactly remember. My deceased mother and I were driving and I can't help but remember distinctively that in my mind I knew she was no longer alive and I was crying, also thinking that I was with her spirit and that no one else could see her.

A deceased parent that appears in dreams reflects feelings of nostalgia or coping with loss. If your mother has long passed, then it means you may be undergoing certain difficulties or issues and you are seeking her guidance on navigating your problems. Her manifestation in your dream vision also serves to comfort you during trying times, as well as a way to keep her memory alive. While you are yearning for her sage advice, you are actually channeling a part of your mind that has absorbed lessons and wisdom from her and from this chunk of collected information you will find your answer.

Driving with someone who becomes ill

My friend and I were driving in a car. She was the driver. She asked me to hold her head because it hurt so I did.

To dream of riding a car reflects your journey in life. Being the passenger and not the driver means that you may be going through life passively instead of actively pursuing your goals. Perhaps you are letting your friend lead the way and you are merely following suit. Or maybe you naturally prefer assuming a more passive role and entrusting your friend with the important decisions. This kind of interpersonal dynamics could be taking its toll on your friend, which is why her head hurts in the dream. Your subconscious behavior may be telling you to take a more active role in real life to avoid becoming a burden to other people.

Unable to drive a car

I always remember driving a car, and even though I've never crashed or dented the car, I always feel not in control of my driving. I go in reverse a lot, and the brakes don't always seem to work when I want them to.

The act of driving in a dream refers to how you navigate your existence, making decisions and solving problems. Based on the scenario in your dream, you seem to be prone to second-guessing yourself and maybe lack confidence in your abilities. Not feeling in control of your driving alludes to uncertainties about the path you are taking. Going on reverse points to your hesitations and a likelihood of not following through on promises and personal goals. Faulty brakes, meanwhile, is a reflection of your worries when it comes to taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions. This dream is a wake-up call for you to take control and be more self-assured.

Driving when you can't drive

Driving a car during the course of a dream vision is a common symbol to perceive in sleep even for those who either do not know how to drive or do not have a license. Driving a car is a metaphor for the path we choose to follow in reality. Therefore, if you felt like you were in control of the vehicle, you likely have all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed at your disposal. However, if you felt the car was out of control or that you really did not know what to do, it implies that you do not have all the answers you need to make an informed decision about your future. As such, you should metaphorically put on the brakes and redirect your attention towards matters that would help you get your life on track.

Driving someone else's car

Driving someone else's car during the course of a dream vision may often reflect a situation in which you have been influenced, forced or manipulated into accepting an alternative or living out someone else's dream life. For instance, you may see videos on YouTube or pictures on Instagram putting the idea into your head that you need to dress a certain way, have your house look a certain way, do certain things in your morning routine and so on. However, the interpretation of this symbol reveals that all these things meant to "increase your wellbeing" are actually giving you anxiety. Instead of living your life according to someone else's standards, find the things that make you happy.

Driving up a vertical road

The act of driving up a steep, almost vertical road in a dream carries an interesting interpretation according to Jungian philosophy. This symbol is used by the subconscious mind to represent a number of things related to ambition, creativity and change. Those who experience this vision often have a high level of achievement and always seek to better themselves physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. They also have the drive and willingness to overcome obstacles that would set normal people back. No matter if they are facing a hill or a mountain, those who dream of driving upwards would be able to come up with and enact a plan in a matter of seconds.

Driving in snow

Dreaming of driving while it is snowing or during a snow storm can be associated with the beginning of a challenging or unfamiliar activity. It suggests that while the journey may be difficult, there is a fortunate aspect to it, as snow symbolizes purity and transformation. Psychologically, this dream reflects a current or upcoming relationship or project that requires perseverance and adaptability, but if navigated successfully, it can lead to great success and personal growth.