Dreams Related To Dress

A green or blue dress

Seeing yourself wearing a green or light blue dress within a dream vision is an extremely positive symbol associated with achieving your goals. In particular, it points to your most desired and longed for dream coming true in the near future. Blue and green dresses also symbolize the completion of assignments and successful achievements.

A red dress

Wearing a red dress within a dream, whether it is a simple day dress or an evening gown, predicts witnessing or participating in some important, momentous occasion. This may be a generally important date, such as a special party or holiday, or it may be something related to your life, like watching two friends get married or going through an event which may significantly change your life. Looking at another person wearing a red dress in a vision suggests that this person is experiencing some big changes in their life and that you should be a part of it.

Mad at the lover for wearing white dress

I am male. I have seen a dream in which my lover was married to another guy, she was in a normal white dress like the ones girls wear in school as their uniform whereas we Muslims don't wear white dress during a wedding. Then came to a thread and began to worship it, which we Muslims don't do. And I was very upset and angry in my dream and was continuously eating feces or shit.

When you dream that your girlfriend has become involved with another man, it could be a manifestation of your frustration with work or everyday household tasks and responsibilities. It could allude to having a lot of difficulties achieving your goals and completing your duties within the established time frame and you could be feeling you are lacking the resources needed to take care of things properly. The notion of eating your own feces, on the other hand, could reveal your tendency to look at things with a rather negative perspective and this kind of outlook on life could be detrimental to you, maybe even leading to thoughts of self-inflicted harm or suicidal tendencies.

A white dress

Seeing white dresses in a dream vision, whether you or someone else is wearing it, suggests you may be involved in or witness some upcoming nuptials or wedding-related ceremony. White dresses may further predict becoming engaged and married yourself.

A black dress

Wearing a simple black dress in the context of a dream is often interpreted as a sign that you are about to receive some sad, unfortunate news. This news may be related to work and school, such as a job or experiment not going the way you had hoped, or something connected to you and your relations, such as someone moving away or passing.

Putting a dress on

Putting on a dress in a dream vision, whether it is a light sundress or a full-length evening gown, represents your status within your group of friends, namely that you are well-liked and respected. Your peers tend to think highly of you and enjoy your presence in their group and activities. Additionally, putting on a dress suggests ambition and a go-getter attitude in wake life, meaning that you are open to new ideas and have big goals for the future.

A dog clawing a new dress

Hi, I was walking and came across four stray dogs that were indifferent but one were happy to see me. It jumped up at me for pats but it was clawing my new dress, so I was trying to make it stop by saying "No, sit". I remember pointing at the other dogs and they would snarl at me and want to bite my finger. When I woke, my initial feeling or thought was that my new sundress was ruined.

Dogs in dreams are commonly associated with the people we know and communicate with on a daily basis. Therefore, the image of one dog that was happy to see you while the rest of the group seemed indifferent suggests you have some good friends in reality but a number of enemies or rivals as well. Your efforts to control the dog that liked you may reveal your desire to impose your will on others, possibly explaining why there is only one friendly dog. Your ruined sundress at the end of the vision may predict conflict, most likely with someone you consider a friend. Even though they like you and treat you well, their lack of malleability is frustrating for you, making this the cause of your troubles. Until you learn to stop pushing your agenda on others, you may have trouble developing strong, meaningful relationships.

Colors of dress in my dream interpret symbolic meaning

A blue dress

Trying on or wearing a dress in a dream that is blue, whether it is a light sky blue or a deep navy, predicts emotional distress caused by issues in your closest relationships. This is most likely related to someone you are dating or in a committed relationship with at the moment and may include problems such as episodes of cheating, infidelity, or out-of-character behavior. This suffering you experience may cause you to feel depressed or sad.

A yellow dress

Envisioning yourself trying on or wearing a yellow dress in a dream is a sign of unpleasantness which may exist in real life. Namely, there is someone you interact with on a daily basis who is hiding their jealous nature from you. This person may try to trick or sabotage you in some way in the future in order to get ahead of you in the workplace or in life. You should be on the lookout for people who might want to damage your reputation and be cautious so that you are not taken advantage of by them.

Being half dressed

Being half-dressed in the dream world often refers to the erosion of trust between you and another individual due to your own bad behavior. Perhaps you were gossiping about a friend behind their back or secretly took advantage of something your friend did not know to get the upper hand. In either case, your "friend" is likely aware of your actions and may not take kindly to this continued behavior.

A man wearing a dress

Dreaming about a man who is wearing a dress intended for a woman usually means you are about to find yourself in a situation where you could easily be deceived or tricked by someone. Specifically, this vision points toward fraud, identity theft or some other serious crime. This dream can be considered a warning to look out for news and deals which are too good to be true, as they might lead to you being taken advantage of.

A dress from your wardrobe

Wearing a dress or gown in a dream that you own in wake life is often interpreted as a sign that you are soon going to join a large social gathering. During the course of this party or event, you may meet a very interesting, unusual character who catches your attention and influences your thinking in some way. This person may even impact your life permanently. In addition, if you notice that this dress does not belong to you or that you do not own a dress of that style, it suggests this meeting is to come about in a sudden, totally surprising way.

A silky dress

Dreaming about buying a soft, smooth dress, such as one made of the finest silk, is an ill omen associated with some important task or goal you currently are working on. This sign means you may become the puppet of some dangerous, scary person or group, most likely because of a mistake you made or a risk you took while trying to meet your target. You should be on the lookout for overbearing people who try to coerce you into doing things you don't want to do.

A wrinkled dress

Seeing yourself wearing an obviously wrinkled or creased dress is often interpreted as a sign of experiencing difficulties and troubles in real life. More specifically, it suggests that some task you are currently working on is destined to be met with serious issues or obstacles that would make its completion more challenging. This could cause some frustration and stress in your life.

A green dress

Trying on, wearing, or purchasing a green dress, whether it is pale olive or a deep forest green in color, is often interpreted as an auspicious sign associated with contentment and pleasure. It predicts an upcoming period of joy and happiness in you life. For young women in particular, it represents special luck with romantic endeavors, including finding a new partner or experiencing improvements in current relationships with either a boyfriend or spouse.

A wedding dress

Wearing a wedding dress in the context of a dream suggests you have a deep internal desire to become married or be in a long-term, committed relationship with someone. You may also be looking at your current partner as a potential husband or wife, wondering about what your life together would be like. However, some interpretations of this dream indicate that wedding dresses are a sign that someone in your family may become seriously ill in the near future.

A fancy and fashionable dress

Having a dream where you own an especially fancy piece of couteur among your collection of clothing and accessories represents you life, specifically that you are well off and independent from others. This means you have a stable, high income which allows you to do the things you want, usually without the need for other people's opinions or participation. On the other hand, owning a particularly fashionable dress may indicate some haughty attitude on your part, which may cause disagreements with people you normally get along with, like family and friends, if left unchecked.

A grey dress

Trying on or wearing a grey dress in a dream vision is usually interpreted as a sign that you are about to embark on a new project or endeavor. However, the job itself is likely to be tedious or time-consuming, causing some stress and displeasure while working on it.

Sewing a dress

Dreaming about sewing a dress means you are about to be rewarded for your hard work, time, and effort in various aspects of your life. This gift or present is likely something you have been looking forward to receive for a long time and knowing it should inspire you to continue doing your best.

A very long dress

Wearing an exceptionally long, flowing dress in a dream vision, especially one that is so long that it causes difficulty walking or moving, predicts being surprised by unexpected news. This news is likely to be related to someone close to you, like friends or family members. This information could be positive, like an engagement or pregnancy, neutral, like moving house or getting a new job, or negative, including committing a crime or losing a lot of money.

Dress on a woman

Seeing a woman wearing or trying a dress on in a dream vision is a projection of your tendency to compare yourself with the people around you. These might be your friends or colleagues whom you admire or who possess qualities that you desire. Although your friends think highly of your qualities, you still tend to feel like you are lacking something. This attitude will drain you, so it is better to work on your perceived flaws and start embracing who you are than desiring what you do not have.

Many dresses

Finding a large collection of dresses in a dream, whether they are in a shop, a closet, or just strewn about, is an ominous sign indicative of people acting badly against you. This could include being the butt of some unflattering joke, being the subject of gossip, or being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people. You may want to take precautions to safeguard your reputation and look out for ways to stop bad rumors from spreading before it is too late.

A dress of light or bright colors

Wearing a light, brightly colored dress in a dream vision is often interpreted as a positive sign associated with personal growth and achievement. This means you may find yourself breaking bad habits and growing physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. In addition, these positive changes are likely to garner the respect and admiration of those around you. This sign also predicts growing wealth and financial stability.

A woman in white dress

According to dream interpreters like Freud, envisioning a woman wearing a white dress can be a complicated symbol. White dresses on females often symbolize youth and a carefree spirit, but usually only if she was young. An older woman in a white dress could represent having a positive outlook on life even after experiencing hardships or trauma. The meaning of this symbol might depend on your personal circumstances or the other symbols in your dream.

Trying a dress on

Seeing yourself trying on a new dress, either inside a store or in the comfort of your own home, is usually interpreted as a sign that you tend to spend a lot of time scrutinizing yourself and comparing your life to the lives of your peers. By spending so much time and energy lamenting over things you lack or your bad habits, you may miss out on something important and wonderful within your own life. Admiring yourself in a new dress may also symbolize becoming privy to some important information that you did not know before. It is likely that this information is very important for your future and may indicate about an upcoming rival or someone who is jealous of you.

Buying a dress

Buying a new dress within the confines of a dream vision indicates being envious of someone you see or interact with on a daily basis. Your constant communication only makes your jealousy for their lifestyle and popularity all the greater. This preoccupation may have some negative affects on your life if you spend too much time dwelling on them. The purchase of a new dress or gown may also symbolize making peace with someone whom you recently had an argument with, meaning both parties are contrite and willing to forgive the other.

A dress made of mat

Envisioning yourself wearing a dress made out of mat in a dream vision portends disappointment and dissatisfaction. The cause of these negative emotions is most likely your own actions and behavior, meaning you did something you regret or let something happen that you could have prevented with a little foresight.

A golden dress

Seeing a beautiful golden dress, whether it was worn by someone in the dream vision or as it is, portends some mysteries along your way as you try to reach your goals in life. Yet, this journey will be filled with joy, for you might meet some people who might help you and make a significant impact on your situation. Ultimately, envisioning golden pieces of clothes bring good promises to the dreamer.

A dress with many colors

Wearing a dress of multiple colors and patterns predicts interaction or communication with people from various cultures and backgrounds in the context of a dream vision. Specifically, it means you are soon to embark on multiple trips to different parts of the world or country, allowing you to expand your horizons. This traveling may be part of your job or just for pleasure.

A mini-dress

Dreaming about wearing a short mini-dress is often interpreted as a negative sign associated with trouble in your wake life. You may run into some obstacles while working on a project or may experience some bad luck in your personal life. These unlucky, unpleasant situations may cause some sadness or stress until they are resolved.

A new dress

Dreaming about adding a new dress to your wardrobe or closet is often interpreted as a positive sign meaning you are about to make some big gains or achieve excellent results from a project you are currently working on. You may have been working very hard to see this task through, and its completion is likely to leave you feeling satisfied and content. Additionally, new dresses tend to predict the beginning of a new stage of your life, such as getting a promotion, moving, or starting a family. This could come about through some unexpected, but fortuitous experiences in your wake life.

Looking for a piece of a pink dress

I had an expensive 2-piece pink dress. I feel asleep and when I woke up, the top half was gone. A friend was supposed to watch it, but she went out with a guy and got drunk. I went to look for the dress. I was in a large hotel. I asked the lady at the desk, she didn't have it. I went through glass doors to an outside area. I was younger and I could hear my shoes on the sidewalk. While outside, 4 men came, 2 in uniform. They looked at me and said "Not her", and started shooting people. I covered my eyes.

The pink dress could be an allusion to love and affection. Hence, losing the top part likely means that you are unable to fully commit yourself to someone for reasons that are known only to you. This tendency to hold yourself back from falling head over heels in love may be a reflection of your straight-laced ways. Similarly, the men in uniform represent discipline and order. In that case, perhaps you feel like you need to be more organized and settled. You could be looking for a sense of stability, yet the men's decision not to shoot you suggests your inability to achieve your goals and targets. You may have a clear image of the kind of life you want to lead, yet time and again fate does not seem to be on your side. Personal or professional fulfillment has always seemed to evade you.

No dress to go to a party

I dreamt that a friend suggested we can also go to a function in the evening. I agreed, but did not have enough money to buy evening dress. I looked all over but still could not find it. Woke up like that.

Dreaming about planning to attend or getting ready for a party is indicative of your current situation when you are socializing or networking with a lot of people who you think could be helpful in achieving your dreams and aspirations. However, not being able to afford or find appropriate attire signifies your distrust in or doubts about certain individuals you have been interacting with, either because of their personalities which are different from yours, or because you feel apprehensive of their true motivations behind the facade they are maintaining while communicating with you.

A dress made with golden threads

Envisioning yourself wearing a dress sewn with golden thread is a highly auspicious symbol associated with higher powers and beings influencing your waking life. In particular, it indicates that you are under the protection of this higher power and that they are carefully watching over your well-being. This can be tied to religion, such as a god or spirit, but may also include bosses and other mentors in your life.

A torn dress

Seeing yourself in an old, torn dress is often interpreted as a sign of upcoming conflict within the context of a dream. This is likely to be a disagreement or fight with someone you see or interact with often, such as an immediate family member, roommate or coworker. You may wish to be more tolerant and accepting of others in the near future to avoid these problems.

A stained dress

Envisioning yourself in a dirty, stained dress suggests you are about to experience some troubles maintaining your image or reputation. In particular, a dress covered in stains means other people might threaten your rapport with friends and co-workers by sharing some unflattering information or starting a malicious rumor.

Tearing a dress in pieces

Tearing or rending a dress within a dream means you should be more careful with your finances and money. You may currently spend more than you earn or make unwise decisions with your investments. You should consider becoming more economical and save as much money as you can lest you fall into poverty or go completely bankrupt.

An old and dirty dress

Dreaming about an old and dirty dress, whether you come across it in a store or are wearing it, is an ominous sign indicative of facing challenges or hindrances in a large endeavor you currently have underway. If this sign is seen in a dream vision, it predicts a high probability of complications, challenges and roadblocks on the way to the completion of this project. Additionally, a dirty old dress could also mean experiencing some financial difficulties in the future, such as loss of capital or material possessions, in the upcoming days or weeks.

An old-fashioned dress

Wearing an old-fashioned dress or period costume is often associated with relationships and communication. In particular, it usually means that you are soon to be invited to a large party or get-together, though other social gatherings, such as conferences, meetings, or group dates, are also possible. Older style dresses in a dream vision can also mean you are about to experience some extraordinary or surreal event which would make a strong and lasting impression on you.

Wearing someone else's dress

Envisioning yourself wearing or borrowing a dress that belongs to someone else in a dream vision is a manifestation of the way things are currently going in your life. Specifically, this sign carries the interpretation that you often take on more work than you need to, doing jobs and tasks that actually belong to other people. Your tendency to do other people's work for them may lead to you being taken advantage of or being coerced into doing even more work without compensation.

Taking your dress off

Taking off your dress in the context of a dream is a harbinger of evil surrounding you in real life. More specifically, this sign can be interpreted to mean you are on the brink of some terrible illness or disease. If precautions are not taken and you fall sick, you may have difficulty completing your tasks and achieving the goals you have set out for yourself.

A designer dress

Having a designer dress, whether it hangs in your closet or has a special place in your room, is associated with social gatherings in the context of a dream vision. If you see this sign, it indicates being invited to a large-scale event, such as a reunion, conference, or dinner party, where you can meet and interact with many people at the same time.

Someone tearing a dress in pieces

Watching someone else tear a dress in a dream vision, either in rage or frustration, indicates you are currently being suspected of inappropriate or lewd acts. While accusations may not have been made directly to your face, others have heard rumors of your involvement in indecent situations and are judging you, whether these accusations are well-founded or false. This gossip may have been rooted in some questionable behavior you have recently partaken in.

A dress on fire

Wearing a dress that is on fire or smoldering along the edges has a number of harmless but unpleasant possibilities. In some cases it is associated with a long period of boredom in which you would feel uninspired and dissatisfied with your life. Another interpretation reveals that a burning dress means you might be insulted or made fun of by people whom you associate or interact with relatively often. Another prediction suggests you may be involved in a large-scale conflict, like a fight or court case, which could negatively impact your relationships with people you would be dealing with.

Losing a dress

Envisioning yourself in a dream where you have lost or misplaced a specific dress is a negative sign associated with bad reputations. This vision suggests you have acted poorly recently or made a decision that other disagreed with. Your behavior and attitude may have left a bad taste in the mouth of those you hurt by your actions and may cause the spread of some unflattering talk or rumors unless you take measures to undo the damage.

A dress with holes

Wearing a dress that has numerous holes, whether those holes were caused by moths, an accident or normal wear and tear, predicts finding yourself at a disadvantage in the near future. In particular, seeing this sign suggests being duped by someone you cared about and trusted until recently, though it is also possible that a friend is planning to turn on you and treat you poorly.

A dress made of paper

Dreaming about wearing a dress made out of paper, whether it is a single sheet or multiple ones connected together, is a lucky symbol associated with wealth. Paper dresses are usually interpreted as a sign that you are soon to become wealthy beyond your wildest imagination or that some venture you are involved in is likely to become extremely profitable. With this newfound prosperity, you can afford whatever luxury items you have been dreaming about owning.

A mourning dress

Envisioning yourself wearing a dress intended for mourning, such as the simple black dresses worn at funerals, is actually a fairly happy sign which represents companionship. This vision means you are about to meet or be introduced to someone who, if you take the time and effort to learn about them, might become your best friend or a life-long companion.

A dress with decollete

Dresses with decollete or a long, high neck are often associated with household affairs. Wearing such a dress or garment in a dream predicts some major changes taking place inside your home. This could be about the house itself, like remodeling or an insect infiltration, domestic responsibilities, such as cleaning, or the people in your family, like conflict between family members or disruptions to the normal schedules and routines.

A pink dress turning into a wedding gown

I saw myself being with my friend and in the store. I took a short pink dress to wear, but when I saw myself, I had worn a wedding dress, maybe it was a short one, I'm not sure about this.

The color pink signifies love, happiness and affection. It could also be associated with being in love. A wedding dress, on the other hand, could indicate some concern or anxiety on your part about an upcoming important life event. Hence, your dream may be suggestive of an imminent occasion involving your current partner or someone you like, even if they do not know it, causing you distress and emotional pain. This is the way for your subconscious mind to remind you not to be overly concerned because if you set your mind to it and do your best in whatever endeavor you take on, you will likely achieve success.

A dress made for two

I had a dream that my mother and I were putting on a long white dress that was made for two people with backs touching.

A white dress signifies purity, honesty and transparency. Perhaps you could soon become involved in a wedding-related ceremony or get married yourself. Aside from that, wearing this long, white dress with your mother reveals your mother-daughter bond built upon honesty and mutual support. It further points towards the amount of faith you have in each other, knowing that you have each other's back. On the other hand, having your backs turned against each other is also a sign of disagreement or misunderstanding. There is a superior-subordinate connotation at play here as well, however, it is unclear which of the two of you dominates the relationship.

A wedding dress which is too big

I had a dream where l was wearing a wedding dress, but it was very big, so l tried to pin it in order to fit me, but it didn't.

Dreaming of wearing a wedding dress suggests a dormant desire to settle down or find a partner for life. You may also be evaluating your current relationship whether or not you are both ready to move on to the next level. Perhaps you are beginning to look at your current partner as a potential spouse, wondering about what your life together would be like. However, the fact that the dress does not fit could mean that there are hurdles in your path which are holding your back. Maybe you are not yet financially ready to get married or some people may not be as optimistic about your partner as you are and keep telling you about this.

Setting an old wedding dress on fire

I was in my grandmother's bedroom. And she had this mannequin-type thing that had an old wedding dress on it. For some reason I had this want to burn the house down. So I struck a match and lit the dress on fire. Then I started to gather my things before the fire got too big. But before I knew it the fire was out. And the only thing that actually burned away was the dress. I began to feel horrible because then I realized that the dress was my grandma's mother's old wedding dress.

The mannequin in your dream is likely a representation of yourself and the vintage wedding dress alludes to your past, including childhood and family affairs. As such, the act of setting it on fire suggests the possibility of cutting off connections from your past or severing ties with some of your loved ones. Some unexpected news or surprising information could feed your increasing resentments and frustrations towards your kin. Committing arson also reveals rage. Perhaps your inability to unburden yourself of certain issues would stoke the fire of anger inside of you and when you do let your anger get the best of you, you may end up hurting your loved ones and possibly damage those relationships.

Two colored dress

Envisioning a two-colored dress symbolizes future interactions that would be brought by traveling to different places. For one, this represents making connections with people of various cultures and forming amicable bonds that would expand your network of people. On the other hand, this also suggests a romantic affair. You would meet someone along the way, and this affair will bring you temporary happiness. Yet, it is best not to attach yourself to this fling, for doing so could lead to heartbreak.

Purple dress

Seeing or wearing a purple dress denotes a connection to creativity and a spiritual presence. It makes you feel fortunate and can be seen as an omen of positive experiences and opportunities related to your innovative endeavors. Embrace this symbolism by exploring your ingenious side and seeking inspiration from others to further enhance your spiritual growth and personal expression.