Dreams Related To Drawing

Someone drawing something

Experiencing a dream about somebody drawing something in front of you is an indication of a turning point in your life when you will have to make plans for the future.

You drawing

Seeing yourself drawing something in your dream is a sign of excessive idealizing things in your life despite all of the real facts. Your confidence may be undermined when something unexpected or negative comes into play.

This dream can also be an indication of your envy towards those who, in your opinion, have better chances in life. This may drive you to overlook and neglect your own goals and aspirations because of the way you think. Try to accept other people's achievements and successes and concentrate on your own ones instead.

Drawing tigers

I dreamed I was at work taking notes and I drew a tiger next to the notes in black and white, I was drawing a second one and film completing its stripes in the dream?

Being at work during a dream suggests you are carrying some weight on your shoulders in reality. Perhaps it is even your job itself that is causing you stress and discomfort. Taking notes reveals that you have a logical mind. You probably know that you need a break or a change. For instance, you may be considering calling out sick one day, taking an extended vacation or even quitting and looking for a new job altogether. The tigers you drew next to the notes reveal the need to negotiate with those above you in reality, specifically your boss or manager. Depending on the situation, they may be unwilling to give you the time off you desire unless it is absolutely necessary.

Someone drawing you

Dreaming about someone drawing you tells you about your longing to share your feelings with someone. Try to offer some positive feelings and attitudes to people around you. Single people experiencing this dream will have a chance to finally find their significant one.

This dream can also be telling you that the small things you invested in the past may bring great returns. Because of your timid nature and solitude, you may be better off engaging yourself in some social or cultural activity in order to change your lonesome existence to something you will be genuinely excited and happy about.

Seeing many drawings

Having a dream about looking at a collection of drawings in front of you predicts receiving a lot of good news and experiencing pleasant and uplifting things as a result.

Looking at a drawing of you

Seeing a drawing of you in your dream is a sign that somebody really loves and cares for you. Try to reciprocate by giving back.

A drawing pencil

Having a dream about holding a drawing pencil or working with it signifies positive outcomes and respect coming to you because of your efforts and time devoted to something you're trying to accomplish.

A very vivid drawing

Having a dream about drawing something vivid or colorful means that your dreams or aspirations will come true. The object depicted in this drawing is a symbol of your dream you are after, for example if you are seeing yourself drawing a house in vivid colors, your living conditions will improve considerably.

Drawing landscapes or objects

Having a dream about yourself drawing landscapes or distant objects is a good sign of addition to your property or material possessions.

A drawing depicting others

Dreaming about looking at a drawing depicting other people foretells meeting new people and making new friends or establishing connections along the way.

Drawing a portrait of someone you know

Seeing yourself drawing a portrait of a person you know signifies joyful and happy feelings as a result of meeting this person, it can equally mean a marriage proposal offered to you.

Receiving a drawing as a gift

Dreaming about receiving a drawing as a gift signifies possibility of becoming a very famous and respectable person.

Drawing a tree in the field

Drawing a tree in a open field of grass then sitting under that tree in the same setting.

A tree in a wide, open field represents loneliness or some separation between you and others. You may spend a period of time by yourself or even cut yourself off from the outside world to focus on yourself and your life mission. The drawing you created at the beginning of the vision could reveal that you are already subconsciously aware that this is your destiny.

Colorful drawings

Jungian sources suggest that a particularly colorful or vibrant drawing in the dream realm may point towards its themes or contents manifesting in wake life. In essence, whatever you saw in the drawing would come to life. Therefore, a bright, colorful drawing of a family may allude to a happy marriage for single people or the birth of a child for those who are married. An image of a multi-colored park could refer to an upcoming vacation or the buying of a fancy new house in an upscale neighborhood. If the images on the drawings were not memorable or remarkable, you would probably just experience an overall improvement in the happiness and prosperity of your daily life.

Viewing a drawing

Seeing yourself viewing a drawing in your dream, for example at an exhibit or as a reproduction, is a sign of very pleasant news or surprises coming your way.

Drawing a sacred icon

Seeing yourself drawing an icon depicting symbols of religion is a bad sign of fast approaching death.

This dream warns you about some idealistic entity you have created in your thoughts, which will disappoint you very soon. You are about to undergo some kind of a test that will prove you're wrong.

Drawing tools

Experiencing a dream about handling or working with drawing tools foretells possible career advancement or promotion at your workplace.

Looking at a drawing as illustration

Experiencing a dream about looking at an illustration in a book or a magazine depicted as a drawing is a good indication of your career growth or getting promoted at workplace.

Unable to create a drawing

Having a dream about yourself failing to create a drawing of something or someone you trying to make a picture of warns you about the possibility of your cheating being revealed to others.

Drawing someone

I dreamed about me drawing someone and the person I was drawing was infront of me.

Drawing someone in the dream realm has interesting implications in reality according to Freudian philosophy. It suggests that you are literally painting an idealized version of that individual in reality. If you recognized the man or woman you were drawing, the meaning is more straightforward. However, if you did not recognize your subject, you would have to focus on the drawing itself to see what features stand out and, from there, determine who you may be looking at with rose-colored glasses in wake life.

A single drawing

Being exposed to a single drawing which grabbed your attention in your dream is an indication of a very complicated conversation or discussion you will be drawn into by others.

Being unable to see a drawing

Dreaming about being unable to see what a drawing contains or having troubles in discerning what's depicted means that your dreams and aspirations will not come true because of some circumstances beyond your control.

Posing for a drawing

Seeing yourself posing or modeling for a drawing symbolizes additions to your immediate family or in the family of your close relatives.

Someone drawing symbols on the back

An unknown person was tracing someone's name into my back with their finger. There was no blood, only a soft touch and I was laying in bed with my back turned at the time. The bed I was on was not mine.

Dreaming of being in bed with a stranger is a positive sign. You may soon receive some good news in the form of an opportunity, a possible work promotion, or getting that deal you have been trying to close. Waking up in an unknown bed also corresponds to a new perspective or fresh outlook on life. Whatever good fortune it is that is coming your way, it will influence other aspects of your existence. Please note that another interpretation of the bed in dreams has to do with the consequences of your actions. Whether the bed is neatly made or in disarray could signify what you make of the chances you take in life.

Someone drawing pictures on a sidewalk

I'm a male and I have pondered over this dream for a while. It started with me walking down a sidewalk. My surrounding was covered in fog. There was no one there from what I could see until I saw her on the sidewalk drawing a butterfly with white chalk. I walked up behind her and whispered something in her ear. It was in Latin and I don't know what it means. Then she turned her head and stared at me, nodding her head. She leans to the butterfly, kisses it and stands to walk away.

The fog in this dream represents your state of mind. It seems as if you are plagued with confusion, worry and uncertainty. Your troubles may be related to the woman in the dream and what she represents. Oftentimes, women in dreams signify love and caring. Perhaps you are looking for someone to love and you are having a hard time finding the object of your affection because of your hesitations or interpersonal barriers. Fog can also signify acts of hiding, possibly a secret or while trying to protect a loved one. You have likely been holding back your affection, but you may soon gather enough courage to confess your feelings. In this respect, the image of a butterfly symbolizes the search for the other half, hence the woman kissing the butterfly is a sign of future mutual affection.

Drawing symbols with animal blood

I had a dream that I cut up animals in halves such as cats and dogs and I drew 666 in a field with the animals' blood.

This vision has a very clear interpretation regarding your future. Cutting and dissecting multiple animals during a dream vision, especially for ritualistic purposes, is the manifestation of your curiosity about the unknown, especially about your future and the possibilities it holds. The number 666, however, clearly answers the question for you, although possibly not in the way you may have hoped. The devil's number predicts you have been making the same mistakes over and over again. You cannot hope to achieve your full potential until you complete this level and move on to the next.