Dreams Related To Drain

Unclogging a drain

Unclogging a drain in the dream realm, whether it was a sink, a bathtub or some other pipe, is considered a metaphor for finding an outlet for some of your stronger emotions. Recently, you have probably been struggling with big emotions, both positive and negative. Finding a person to talk to and express yourself, be they a regular person or an expert, is a great way to work through what you are feeling and refresh yourself.

Pulling hair out of a drain

Pulling out clumps of hair from a blocked drain suggests you are feeling stress from important events in your life. However, you may not be in a position to express your true emotions. For example, you may be on the verge of graduating, and while everyone else thinks you should be excited, you may actually be scared of change or what the future holds. This lack of control could be a source of frustration and stress, but it is also an opportunity for growth. Some things may change quickly, but there are probably aspects of your life that do not change and would allow you to stay grounded.