Dreams Related To Dragon

A dragon with three heads

A dream which features a three-headed dragon suggests a dilemma. You may be faced with a problem that would require you to choose between rationality and emotions. Letting your practical side reign would mean undermining your gut feel. Conversely, going by your instincts may not be the most pragmatic choice. Unfortunately, your hand is forced in this situation as remaining indecisive may put you in more problematic terrain, so weigh your options carefully.

A giant red dragon in the sky

It was a clear day. I was walking with my family and we walk by this huge skyscraper that reflects the Sun's beams and as I look up to the sky I see a huge red dragon, and I mean this dragon was taking up the sky and it was flying through the clouds. Then I wake up.

Dreaming about being with your family may reveal that one member, either yourself or someone else, may decide to leave soon. This could be a simple change of location, like moving for work or school, or something much more serious. In either case, you probably feel some anxiousness over the departure. This sad feeling is opposed with the image of the red dragon, a symbol tied to success and getting ahead of others. If you are the one moving, it is likely you would have good luck with this choice. On the other hand, red is a color with strong ties to emotion and passion, so it may be wise to rely more on rational thinking than what you feel in the heat of the moment.

A sleeping dragon

A sleeping dragon in dreams alludes to unharnessed potential. So if you see yourself looking at or standing next to a sleeping dragon, it means that you are gearing up to chase after long-held dreams and aspirations. The legendary and fearsome image of a dragon means you have a great chance of making all your dreams come true. Finding the courage and determination to succeed would bring you a great deal of joy and sense of fulfillment.

A flying dragon

A flying dragon or a dragon in flight in a dream is an allusion to the success well within your reach. If you have been gunning for a promotion at work, for instance, then this vision points to the possibility of getting closer to this goal. On the other hand, if the dragon flies into a hole in the ground or enters a dark cave, then the journey towards achieving your goals would entail more challenges and obstacles. You would still be able to succeed, but not without the hardships.

Meaning of dream of a dragon or other magical creatures

Seeing a dragon

Seeing a dragon in a dream is a very auspicious vision. Since dragons are often associated with good luck, you may be blessed with wealth and prosperity in the near future. Perhaps the welcome boost in your personal finances and overall wealth may come from winning a lottery or a competition. There is also a possibility that you would receive an inheritance from a rich relative or generous benefactor.

A dragon for pregnant

Pregnant women who dream of a dragon bodes well for the future of the child they are carrying. It means they are going to give birth to a child with a bright future. Perhaps this child would go on to become an influential and respected figure or a famous personality. Whichever field the child may choose in his or her adult life, this dream vision portends the child would make a memorable mark.

An agitated dragon

Dreaming of encountering an agitated or restless dragon alludes to a temperamental personality in your social circle. This domineering figure may be a client or boss who is adding a lot of pressure to your work. It could also be a controlling relative who tries to influence and manipulate your important decisions so that it would work in their favor. Either way, this toxic relationship is bound on have adverse effects to your physical and mental well-being.

A dragon on your doorstep

Opening your door to see a dragon on your doorstep signifies blessings. Opening your door to this dragon means you and your family are attracting positivity and good luck to your household. Dragons symbolize wealth and happiness, so expect to receive surprisingly pleasant news that could bring a lot of joy and financial success to your family.

A dragon in general

A dream vision containing a general image of a dragon could be a representation of the dreamer's tendency to lose his or her temper. Perhaps due to passion about certain subject matters, you could inadvertently sound arrogant and condescending. In turn, your harsh words may end up hurting others, including your loved ones. As such, this dream may be your mind's way of reminding you to be more considerate and circumspect in your communication, lest you end up alienating those around you and ending up isolated from your social and professional circles.

Seeing a dragon in my dream what is the meaning

An image of a dragon

Seeing an image of a dragon, as an illustration or picture, heralds a more auspicious period. If you have been struggling to make ends meet or suffered a series of disappointments, then this dream marks the upcoming turning point of all your troubles. You would soon resolve all your problems and start fresh with exciting new opportunities on your horizon.

A snake turning into a dragon

A dream where a snake turns into a dragon alludes to an unlikely ally. A powerful or influential personality may come through for you just when you need help the most. Initially, you may have reservations about this individual because of his or her status or reputation. However, over time you would come to find this personality to be dependable and trustworthy. It could be a particularly difficult period for you to place your full trust in him or her.

A winged dragon

Seeing a winged dragon in dreams, especially if you were fixated on the wings, means you may be aided by a poweful or influential personality. However, the helping hand may have some strings attached. Perhaps this personality would try to use your gratitude in order to get your participation in their plans. You may become an instrument or pawn in some of the power plays and motives in advancing their personal or political ambitions. So be cautious when accepting seemingly generous offers.

Asking for power from a dragon

If I want my powers back I have to respect the dragon.

Dragons symbolically represent arrogance or pride of the dreamer's personality, so it is possible that respecting the dragon means understanding your tendency to put yourself above others and working on overcoming this part of yourself. In that way, you can become more powerful with the support and cooperation of those around you. Your true power lies in your ability to coexist with others rather than working solo and doing things your way.

A dragon spewing fire

A fire-breathing dragon in dreams portends relaxation and leisure in the near future. The symbol of a dragon spewing fire means you would have the time to reinvigorate your senses and reignite your passions. This may mean spending quality time with your friends and family or going on a trip where you would meet different types of personalities. These encounters and experiences could inspire you to become more productive and refocus your energies on the things that matter. Alternatively, if it is a multi-headed dragon in your dream, then the number of heads may represent the number of grandchildren you may have in your future.

If the fire-breathing dragon in the dream vision is antagonistic or attacking you, then there is a likelihood that you would figure in a minor skirmish while traveling overseas. You would get to visit and immerse yourself in other cultures, however misunderstandings from cultural differences and language barrier could cause complications and confict along the way. Fortunately, if you keep your wits about you and avoid losing your temper, you may be able to resolve the issues without getting into any serious trouble.

A dragon with many heads

Seeing a dragon with many heads in a dream means you may fall prey to your own inflated ego. You may unintentionally speak out of turn, especially when it comes to subject matters you are passionate about. For instance, you may end up turning simple conversations into matters of debate or contention. This passion may be viewed as insensitive attitude and may push others to start nasty rumors about you.

Defeating a dragon

Dreaming that you defeat a dragon means that something from your past would likely come back to haunt you. Perhaps you have made some mistake or did something wrong thinking that you would get away with it. Maybe you thought it was not a big deal, but the day of reckoning is coming and you would have to face the consequences of your actions.

Riding on a dragon

Riding a dragon in a dream denotes power and significant influence. Usually, this means that the dreamer enjoys a respectable status in his or her social circle. As such, you may be riding high in your current existence, being looked up to with high esteem by your contemporaries. If this is currently not the case, then this vision may be an allusion to your impending rise to power and popularity among your peers.

A dying dragon

Witnessing the death of a dragon or seeing a dying dragon in a dream alludes to overcoming tremendous obstacles. There may be a challenging task at hand or a seemingly unreachable goal that you have been trying to accomplish. As such, this dream vision is a highly auspicious message about your inevitable success. All your hard work and dedication would finally pay off as the stars align in your favor. You may get promoted at work or be rewarded with a hefty bonus as a result.

A dragon and a mountain

The combination of a dragon and a mountain in a dream carries a very auspicious message. Whether the dragon is perched at the summit or flying over the peaks, this type of dream vision alludes to the fulfillment or realization of your wildest dreams. It would not be easy, but with the right attitude and dedication, your mind is telling you that you have an enormous potential to succeed in your chosen field.

Dragon protecting something

Witnessing a dragon that is guarding or protecting something valuable alludes to a positive turn of events. Perhaps you have been experiencing problems lately or you are at risk of losing prized possessions or a loved one. In that case, this dream vision bears happy tidings. If you have been ill lately, then you would soon recover. If you have financial problems, then you would find lucrative opportunities to boost your income.

A dragon in a cave

Encountering a dragon inside a cave in your dream bears a bittersweet message. It means you are closer than ever to achieving your goals, but you would have to overcome even more obstacles. The darkness of the cave points to a sense of hopelessness that may start to creep in on you as a result of personal and professional struggles. But if you hold on and continue trudging along, your hard work and determination would finally pay off.

Turning into a dragon

I keep turning into a black dragon to help or rescue others.

Dragons in dreams represent certain aspects of one's personality. Dreaming that you turn into a black dragon, even with the notion of helping others, points to your explosive and somewhat arrogant attitude. While you are working on something with your peers you may find yourself treating them like they are less than equals, or behaving rashly without taking their feelings or opinions into consideration. This could lead to friction and resentment which would end up being detrimental for you in the long run.

Becoming a dragon and a lizard

In my dream, I'm back in my hometown, but I'm with my cousin who isn't a good influence on me. I'm helping her search for someone or something. After going into someone's house, we go outside heading towards the river, but she somehow ends up ahead of me and turns into a dragon. As I get closer to the river, I turn into a lizard and she is flying ahead of me while I chase her. And she lands at my uncle's home. I'm struggling to get up the river bank and before I could get up and over I wake up.

The dragon and the lizard in your dream represent your respective perception of your cousin and of yourself. Perhaps your are drawn to her despite knowing quite well that she could likely get you in trouble. She appears as the dragon in your dream because you probably see her as someone who is temperamental and impulsive. You, on the other hand, embody these characteristics as the lizard, and yet you try to curb your rebellious streak for fear of being punished. It is also possible that you tend to clean up her mess by covering up her wrongdoings in front of your relatives, or other people who may try to hold you accountable.

A silver dragon at school

Lady revealed that the head start school could not open, then she went into the crowd as she told me nothing, I find her in a crate in an ally where a silver, I released a silver dragon, she ran and I grab the dragon tail and swing him around telling the teachers don't mess with me now.

Symbolically, dragons are considered fiery creatures. Thus, this dream of a silver dragon points to your explosive and arrogant nature. Perhaps due to your overwhelming passion for something that you deem important, you could be looking down your nose and treating others with contempt and disrespect. Grabbing the dragon by the tail and swinging it around reveals your tendency to bully others in order to get your way. Therefore, the dream serves as a warning to be more accepting and considerate if you do not want to be left in complete isolation.

An orange dragon and cattle in the sky

I saw that I am standing and suddenly saw an orange-color dragon image in the clear night sky and it was causing no harm and I was making a wish on seeing it and was happy. I too saw a large herd of cattle all healthy ones are moving. Please interpret my dream and let me know its meaning.

Dreaming about an image of a dragon is an auspicious sign predicting that your existing troubles and hardships are about to end, paving the way for new exciting opportunities and fresh beginnings. This is the reprieve you have been waiting for. If you have been struggling in the waking world, the suffering would soon come to an end. Likewise, the healthy cattle in your dream alludes to prosperity and wealth. You could be getting close to achieving your goals.

Blue dragon

Envisioning a blue dragon flying over an ocean or rising above the horizon in a dream has a positive interpretation. Typically, the blue color is associated with peace and emotional comfort, whereas a dragon of the same color would be a medium for giving you hope about a prosperous future. There is a strong likelihood of good news coming your way very soon.

Black dragon

Envisioning a black dragon flying in the sky in a dream is analyzed as a positive omen according to research by Carl Jung. Black color in the dream represents fortune and success. This dream is a powerful indication by the universal forces of bestowing upon you the spiritual wisdom to defeat your weaknesses, fears, enemies and opposition. You should feel more confident and bold in your approach towards day to day tasks as well as special projects you are working on.

Red dragon

To see a red dragon in a dream vision is a sign of arrival of great times in your spiritual journey. The red color of the dragon is a representation of your love for learning, passion of achieving greatness and the ability of seeing things differently. Whereas according to ancient biblical scripts, the dragon is a representation of good fortune. Someone, a counselor or your spiritual healer, is about to bestow upon you their special attention and wisdom which will take you afar and atop your destiny.

A dragon chasing you

Dreams about being chased, pursued, or attacked by someone or something can be very unsettling and often leave us feeling anxious and scared. Firstly, when you see a dragon chasing you, it represents a powerful force or aspect of yourself that you feel is out of control. This could be a physical or emotional force, such as anger, fear, or a desire for change. The fact that dragon is chasing you suggests that you feel threatened by this force and are trying to avoid or escape it. Furthermore, sometimes feeling followed also suggests that you are being pursued by something from your past, or that you are being watched or judged by others in your waking life. It also emits a sense of paranoia or suspicion and the feeling that you are never truly going alone or safe.