Dreams Related To Dove

A white dove

The image of a white dove in the dream realm contains positive connotations for the dreamer. It is always seen as a sign of harmony and peace, usually among close companions. Families may get together for a friendly game night, or roommates may work out a fair and balanced chore chart that pleases all members of the household. For those who are single and still on the market, the symbol of a pure white dove can allude to finding love. However, it is more likely this person would be a partner or soulmate rather than a frivolous fling or booty call.

Dove turning into a chicken

I looked up and saw a white dove, looked back up and it was a chicken that laid out a black ball. And a big man try to fight me for it, but I wasn't scared of him. My brother also said in the dream that the dove was in the wrong weather which was cold weather.

Based on dream symbolism, the image of a white dove transforming into a chicken could mean that you currently could have high hopes or aspirations for something which is important to you or something you want to change in your life. However, you could be just beginning to realize that it is a wrong time for you to make it happen (the notion of cold weather in this dream). Among other reasons preventing you from making your hopes come true could be members of your family or other people in your everyday life who, because of their needs and wants, keep shifting your focus and attention from this goal or dream you may have.

A dead dove

A dead dove in the dream world is an ill omen to behold. In some cases, this symbol is seen preceding a major conflict among close friends and family members. For instance, parents may threaten to disown a child over a partner they disapprove of, alcohol abuse or drug use. Alternatively, this symbol can also represent the death of love. For those in a relationship, this means you could learn something about your partner that prevents you from seeing them as anything than a monster, such as that they have a disturbing criminal record or that they have a strange, unnerving fetish that makes your skin crawl.

Accidentally killing a dove

Whether you shot it while hunting or ran into it with a car while you were driving, accidentally killing a dove during a dream is considered a negative dream symbol. It represents making a mistake or hurting someone, either physically or emotionally, because you are more concerned with taking care of your own needs. By selfishly ignoring or disregarding others, you could lose friends and put yourself at a disadvantage later.

Doves in different situations

I had a dream I saw a white dove and horse mixed together. Me and my sister were scared, so we started running. Then I saw two white doves, my sister kept running and I stopped, then one dove landed on my shoulder and I started speaking in tongues.

Doves represent peace and innocence, while horses are associated with vitality and sexuality. These seemingly opposing symbols point to your struggles with the complexity of your emotions. Perhaps you are battling your personal desires and urges in order to remain in control, this is why you and your sister are running away from the animal hybrid in the dream. The end of the dream wherein a dove lands on your shoulder suggests that you may be able to allow peace and harmony to finally prevail and let that side of you rein in your impulses.

The presence of evil and doves

I woke up with a feeling of a presence in the room, looked around and went back to sleep. It happened again and I went to sleep again. This time as I drifted off I looked up and saw about 7 beautiful white doves flying. I woke up smiling.

Doves in dreams represent innocence and serenity. The notion that you seemed to feel their presence but went back to sleep suggests that you are at peace with your current existence but could be overlooking certain aspects of it which are working against you. The flight of the doves can be interpreted as an auspicious sign. It signifies that you would eventually find tranquility and harmony which have been missing. You would find happiness with the help of family and close friends paving the way to a period in your life free of any disagreements or confrontations.

A white dove leaving a baby

A white dove fluttered down and left a baby. I am a man.

The symbolism of a dove fluttering down in a dream often refers to the onset of sorrow and depression. In that context, the human baby which the bird left in your dream vision portends a deeper understanding of the cause of your stress and anxiety. Finding out and discerning the origin of your emotional turmoil may come as a surprise, yet this newfound awareness may be exactly what you need to resolve your issues. Armed with the knowledge of your flaws and weaknesses, you can begin to embrace a happier and more fulfilling future.

Doves landing on trees

I was seeing a bunch of doves flying over my head, it was beautiful. Then I saw them land on two trees standing by one another and filling up the branches. They were just watching.

Doves in dreams typically symbolize peace and harmony. In your case, perhaps the doves represent your desire to find peace and serenity. Have you been having problems recently? If so, this vision may be the signal of a turning point. You may finally find the clarity and resolution you need to move forward. In addition, the doves may be diplomatic friends and wise colleagues who are looking out for you as indicated by the branches and the trees. They may provide the guidance and support you need to deal with your interpersonal or professional matters.