Dreams Related To Doughnut

Eating doughnuts and other types of food

I dreamed that I had a large platter of doughnuts. I gave some away, and ate one, when I was eating the doughnut, I was also eating a little bit of greens with the doughnut. Then I was somewhere else and a lady made turkey or chicken wings, and I was eating one, she was giving them to anyone wanting to eat.

This vision seems to be a reflection of the value you place on having a comfortable family life and maintaining good connections with others. This makes sense with the recent Thanksgiving festivities and harvest events. The fall months often bring people and families together for various activities, which seems to be the catalyst for this vision. As for its interpretation, the doughnut you shared and ate is a positive symbol associated with happiness that grows and expands as the years progress. Not only would you feel satisfied and happy with those around you, but those you have shared the years with would also maintain a strong, happy connection with you. The turkey or chicken that you ate with others also suggests other improvements in both your life and the lives of those you care about, such as improved financial situations or the healing of old wounds.