Dreams Related To Double

Seeing things doubling up

What does it mean to have two sets of different looking twins in your dream? I also remember a scene where I was cooking two pieces of Filet Mignon?

Seeing double in a dream vision symbolically represents fears becoming a reality in wake life. If you have a phobia or have been concerned about a certain situation recently, you might want to plan for and expect the worst from it. While there is little to nothing you can do to stop this from becoming true, worrying and stressing is not likely to help. You should focus your energy on mitigating as much damage as you can and, after the fact, cleaning up the mess.

Seeing someone double

Seeing someone's double in a dream realm could have several different interpretations. Furthermore, the interpretations vary in either cases of seeing people that you know of as twins in real life or seeing total strangers. In case of known twins, this symbolizes a feeling of your strong friendship with either of them. Other interpretation, in case of seeing your own doppelganger represents a reflection of the aspects of your own personality that you are unaware of. Further interaction with the doppelganger will determine how good or bad these aspects are.