Dreams Related To Doors

Doors and windows of the house broken

I had a dream that many glass windows and few doors of my house were broken and rain water came through the broken windows and doors drenching several winter jackets and overcoats. My two daughters and wife saw it, but were not very moved. When I complained that they didn't notice, they didn't seem to care much. I was feeling a bit concerned about our security as the doors were also broken.

This dream is a reflection of your worries and anxieties in the waking world. However, your apprehensions could be for nothing. The rain seeping into your home means that troubles and sorrows are very rare occurrences in your household due to the presence of harmony and understanding within your family circle. This is why your daughters and wife were not troubled in the dream. On the other hand, perhaps you are the only one privy to your financial standing and you are worried about losing your source of income, as symbolized by the broken doors and windows. In this case, perhaps you need to communicate your concerns with your wife, so you can deal with the situation together.