Dreams Related To Donkey

A donkey in the backyard

I dreamt that I was a young child and I looked outside my house and on my property was a donkey standing there. I asked my brother to come to the window to look at the donkey.

Seeing yourself as a child suggests that some of your words or behavior in waking life may be inappropriate or ill-advised. You could be annoying the people around you or making them feel uncomfortable. However, looking at a donkey through a window may reveal that you do not think your shortcomings come close to other people's in your life. The donkey could be the manifestation of people you consider to be vile, headstrong or unpleasant to deal with. Together, these symbols show how you favor pointing out other people's problems rather than being accountable for your own. If you want to improve your relationships with those around you, you may need to start considering the effects of your words and actions more.

Donkeys giving birth

I was dreaming seeing donkeys passing in front of me, all of a sudden I saw the first donkey giving birth then the second one and the third one, all giving birth at the same time. In the same dream I saw other donkeys grazing on the green pastures and they were looking beautiful and smooth.

Donkeys, as they do in wake life, usually represent obstinate, stubborn people, most likely members of your own family. Watching these donkeys give birth, then, predicts upcoming domestic bliss when these individuals (like siblings or kids) finally give in and become more pacified and manageable. Their more compliant nature should improve the quality of your interactions with them as well as help the household run more smoothly.

A donkey in general

A dream in which a donkey strikes you as an important detail, regardless of any related circumstances or events, is often interpreted as a harbinger of unfavorable developments and displeasing situations coming your way. Although it is impossible to predict their specific nature or cause, it is very likely that they would result in significant hardships and doubts for you. Additionally, such dreams could be foretelling that you would be faced with intimidating challenges and significant obstacles in the upcoming future, circumstances that would try to prevent you from achieving your aspirations and reaching your goals.

A donkey chasing you

A dream in which you picture yourself trying to escape from a donkey or even a herd of donkeys vigorously chasing you around is widely interpreted as a vision indicating there could be a plethora of gossips revolving around your persona at the moment. As it often is in such cases, these rumors stem mainly from the ignorance of individuals who do not really know you and may have never had the possibility to discover who you truly are. Unlikely to be of great magnitude for your life in general, these gossips could still be rather bothersome and emotionally exhausting, so perhaps it could be wise to clarify the situation among those people who spread the faulty news.

A donkey crossing a stream

Watching a donkey crossing a shallow stream or river, especially if it was doing so while carrying the weight of a bulky package or heavy load, may predict soon being asked to perform or volunteering to do some difficult, time-consuming task. In this case, the weight of the cargo and difficulty of the crossing are directly proportional to the magnitude of the task at hand and the obstacles you would have to overcome during this period of time.

Feeding a donkey

If you happen to see a dream in which you are feeding a donkey or even a herd of donkeys, be aware that this could be an alarming sign pointing to a very specific personality trait you may have. This vision hints that you could have an inclination towards helping people who are often not even close to being worth the time and efforts you invest into aiding or supporting them. It is possible that these individuals perceive your sympathy as a good opportunity to use your resources for their own needs, and thus may exploit your kindness for the sole reason of fulfilling their own aspirations.

Leading a donkey

A dream in which you picture yourself being followed by a donkey as if you were confidently leading the animal’s way, is considered to be a rather favorable omen. It foretells that in the upcoming future you would be faced with a challenging situation or task but would have no problem in successfully keeping it under control. An alternative interpretation of such a dream states that the described vision could be foretelling a serious argument or conflict between you and the person with whom you are currently engaged in a romantic relationship. However, regardless of this approaching conflict’s magnitude, it is very likely that you would successfully defuse it quickly and painlessly for both parties.

A dead donkey

A dream vision in which you happen to see a dead donkey is usually interpreted as an alarming and unfavorable omen regardless of any related details, such as the circumstances that have led you to the animal’s body. This sign foretells that in the upcoming future you could commit a wrongful or even unlawful act, either on your own or while being a part of a group of people. This questionable attitude would eventually bring a lot of emotional turmoil and significant disappointments both for you and to the people you care about.

Kicking a donkey

Dreaming of yourself using physical force on a donkey, such as when beating it with a stick for its ruthless and stubborn behavior or when kicking the animal in a sudden burst of anger, could be a vision reflecting your attitude regarding the closest members of your family and household. Most likely, you are keen to control all of their steps and actions, seldom providing the independence and space for self-organization that they may want or need. Perhaps, such an attitude on your part could often be the cause of conflicts and arguments, even when there is no objective basis for said confrontations.

A bray of a donkey

If you happen to see a dream featuring a donkey braying, regardless of the specific events and circumstances that resulted in the animal’s cries, be aware that such a vision could be an omen foretelling you could be publicly shamed or humiliated by a rude and ignorant individual in the upcoming future. The person in question could end up being in your social circle almost accidentally, but the direct opposite is also possible when this individual could have been carefully making his way to you with a long-harbored intent of insulting you in the most painful way available. An alternative interpretation of such a dream indicates you could start a whole new and extremely complex project in the nearest future. This undertaking would demand a lot of physical and emotional resources on your part and cause a multitude of minor troubles before finally reaching its successful completion.

The described vision, however, has a different interpretation if in your dream you have heard the donkey's bray coming from a distance. This is considered be a favorable sign indicating that you would be able to finish your projects and fulfill your goals in a rather quick and effective manner. Additionally, the said undertakings are likely to result in a solid financial reward once finished, besides any other related types of profit like a social status improvement, for example. Although it is hard to predict whether these accomplishments would be lasting and consistent, they would surely improve your general quality of life for a while.

Riding a donkey

Regardless of any additional circumstances and details, a dream in which you see yourself riding a donkey is a sign foretelling you would soon acquire new skills and knowledge through a journey to a certain place you have never visited before, yet could have long desired to do so. For example, this could be related to a trip to a distant country in the pursuit of a profitable business opportunity or admission to some professional courses abroad. However, if you have dreamed of someone other than yourself riding a donkey, this could be a vision indicating that your closest family circle is currently experiencing certain hardships and minor problems that are unlikely to develop into something serious, no matter how troubling they may look at the moment.

The described vision of being mounted on a donkey could also be a reflection of your adamant personality and strong will. It is very likely that you are a natural born leader who knows how to inspire, motivate and guide others in the direction that would be the most beneficial both for their personal success and for the whole team. This is the reason why people readily follow your advice and are always happy to take part in any projects you may start. However, the main drawback of this otherwise great personality trait is that you have a certain inclination towards manipulating people even in cases when this could be easily avoided and absolutely not necessary.

Herding a donkey

Dreaming of yourself amid the process of herding a donkey, such as when guiding its direction to transport the goods attached to its back, is often considered to be an alarming sign. This vision could be an indicator that a certain individual may be currently trying to take advantage of you for the sake of his or her own good only, even if these intentions are masked by a pleasant facade. Therefore, this dream is also to be considered a recommendation to pay close attention to the events currently unfolding in your social circle and do your best to protect your good name and restore your reputation.

A donkey kicking

A dream in which you happen to see a donkey attempting to kick you, regardless of how successful the animal’s efforts turn out to be, is often interpreted as a reflection of your inner concerns regarding the current attitude and behavior of certain people in your surroundings. These individuals may have been causing you a lot of trouble recently or just treating in a rather unpleasant way either yourself or people you hold dear. However, it could be that you do not have any real ability to modulate or negate the actions of these oppressing individuals, and this fact is causing you significant turmoil.

Children on donkeys

A dream in which you envision a child or children riding donkeys, such as on a trip to a farm or as an activity at a petting zoo, is usually considered to be an exceptionally favorable sign. It foretells that you would be able to successfully defuse any delicate or challenging confrontations that soon may take place in your closest surroundings and include your friends or family, for example. The specific nature of these upcoming conflicts is hard to predict, so it is recommended to stay alert at all times and take action as soon as something starts spinning out of control. All in all, any long-term impact is unlikely to take place regardless of the events that may transpire.

Drinking donkey's milk

Envisioning in a dream yourself drinking milk and eventually realizing it came from a donkey could be a sign indicating a significant flaw in your personality. Namely, you could often be quenching your whims and wishes at the cost of some important tasks and responsibilities bestowed upon you by your superiors. For example, you could be a person who often opts to party instead of finishing a college assignment or who watches TV shows instead of writing the yearly report your boss asked you to. Although such an attitude is not exactly evil or immoral, it could be compromising your career and depriving you of opportunities that would otherwise bring you a lot of benefits eventually.

A donkey in your backyard

A dream in which you happen to see a donkey standing in your backyard has different popular interpretations, but they are all quite favorable. If you are currently not engaged in a romantic relationship, such a vision could be foretelling you would soon be. Most likely, this upcoming alliance would be a pleasant, fruitful and rather beneficial for you either in terms of material goods or otherwise. Another common interpretation of the described dream indicates that you would achieve significant victories in pursuing your current aspirations, leading your projects and undertakings to exceptional success. However, this vision does not indicate how lasting or consistent these victories would be, so relaxing and laying back is not recommended.

A donkey running away

A dream in which you happen to see a donkey fleeing from you, even if you have not done anything to induce such a behavior, may be a sign indicating your keenness or inclination to take part in passionate arguments or discussions with people who are often overemotional and naive, maybe even infantile to a great extent. The motivation behind the described behavior may vary. For example, you could be feeling superior when pointing out the mistakes of these people or support your own confidence by compromising their opinion. Most likely, such an attitude could be a way for you to attest your self-worth, even though this is rarely a good approach.

Trying to push a donkey

A dream in which you envision yourself having trouble moving a donkey from the place the animal is standing or lying, such as by pushing or pulling it with little success, could be a symbol of a specific question, issue or problem you are currently trying to solve for yourself. The multitude of factors that could have caused the status quo in the first place is vast, but the most likely options could be a certain degree of laziness or procrastination on your part. Your inability to properly analyze the situation and take action as soon as something starts going the wrong way could be the reason why the issue escalated into its current magnitude.

Someone riding a donkey

A dream in which you envision someone riding a donkey, regardless of whether you are familiar with this person in waking life or not, could be a symbol hinting at your inclination to ignore and diminish the successes and victories of other people. Instead of acknowledging their achievements and sharing their joy, you could be often looking for flaws and imperfections in their accomplishments. As a result, you could be missing a lot of favorable opportunities and fruitful connections, both personal and business-related, as people may become keen to avoid your company due to such an attitude on your part. Moreover, the described status quo could be significantly compromising your reputation in general, so it is important to address the matter as soon as possible.

Sitting on a donkey

A dream in which you envision yourself mounted on a donkey yet not moving anywhere, regardless of whether there is an objective reason for this stop or not, could be a vision symbolizing the current state of affairs throughout your current tasks or projects. Most likely, you are going through a period resembling a standstill. No matter how hard you try, your work seems stuck in one place, and your undertakings do not progress as you would like them to. The described vision indicates that it could take significant time and efforts on your part to overcome this time of stagnation and flawed productivity, and thus finally make your aspirations a success.

A donkey with red fur

A dream in which you see or interact with a red-furred donkey, regardless of any additional details whatsoever, is often interpreted as a warning. This vision suggests you ought to be extremely careful and pay a lot of attention to what would be happening around you in the upcoming future, as it is likely that certain people could try taking advantage of you and cunningly use you for the sake of achieving their own success. Although their actions would not seem significantly harmful at the moment, the long-term effects could bring tremendous suffering into your life.

Donkey meat

A dream featuring yourself finding, cooking, eating or otherwise interacting with donkey meat could indicate that in the upcoming future you would be likely to find a certain object that is someone else’s property. Whether you decide to return your findings to the legitimate owner or keep the goods for yourself should be based on the specific circumstances related to this event, but it is usually recommended to follow your heart and moral principles without giving in to materialistic and selfish urges. Even though the situation may seem an innocent and minor one, remember that it could lead to long-term consequences of great magnitude, so weigh your actions carefully.

A packed donkey

If you happen to see a dream featuring a packed donkey ready to embark on a journey and fulfill its duties to transport goods and baggage, be aware that this is considered to be an exceptionally favorable sign. This vision foretells approaching victories, acknowledgment and success resulting from your current projects or tasks. Regardless of the niche or direction of your undertakings, they are very likely to bring you a great amount of fame and admiration in the upcoming future. Nevertheless, this dream does not contain any hints regarding how durable and consistent your ascent would be, so it is recommended to restrain from resting on laurels and continue with the fabulous work you have been doing so far.

A donkey pulling a cart

A dream in which you envision a draft donkey pulling a cart or carriage, whether the vehicle itself is loaded or not, is a symbol predicting you would bear extra duties and tasks in the upcoming future. It is even possible that you would stand against these unasked and unwanted work tasks, but eventually accept your fate after realizing you lack the authority to delegate or dismiss them. It would be extremely important to complete these duties timely and effectively, otherwise, you would be putting at risk your reputation by jeopardizing the people whose success depends on the outcome of the projects you would be entrusted with.

Buying a donkey

A dream in which you come into possession of a donkey, either through purchasing the animal, receiving it as a gift or even just finding a stray and adopting it, is considered to be a vision imbued with favorable predictions. It foretells that in the upcoming future you could deservedly acquire an impressive social status and authority thanks to such personal traits as fairness, kindness and ability to embrace the opinions and beliefs of other people. The described attitude is fit for a leader, but remember that such a status inevitably comes hand in hand with the burden of responsibility for your followers, people who have put their trust and love into your persona.

A donkey lying on the ground

If you happen to dream of a lying donkey, be aware that this vision is widely interpreted as a strong recommendation to apply more determination and perseverance into seizing your goals and aspirations. Perhaps, you could be often acting in an unconfident and overly gentle fashion, thus giving way to individuals who are naturally more straightforward or even unstoppable in fulfilling their ambitions. This interpretation is especially true if the donkey in your dream has risen and started walking. In this case, the vision foretells you could experience significant success in a relatively short time if you manage to correct your usual attitude according to the recommendation hidden in this dream.

A woman riding a donkey

A dream in which you happen to see or interact with a woman riding a donkey could be a vision foretelling that in the upcoming future you could meet an exceptionally careless person. This easygoing and frivolous individual would not be likely to make a positive or pleasant first impression, and yet, in the long run, you could find that his or her impact on your waking life would truly be a tremendous one. Although it is impossible to say whether this influence would be a positive or hurtful one, its significance would be undeniable nevertheless.

A donkey attacking a lion

A dream in which you come across a donkey attacking a lion, regardless of the reason behind said behavior or the final outcome of this unfair fight, is often considered to hint at an extremely self-centered attitude in life that you may have. The magnitude of this trait could even be so dramatic that your egotism transcends from a traditionally negative quality into something comical and hyperbolized, thus resulting in people not taking you seriously or even laughing at you. An alternative interpretation of this vision foretells meeting an individual who would have a tendency to brag and show-off his or her allegedly outstanding abilities while, in reality, lack any of them whatsoever.

Whipping a donkey

Envisioning yourself whipping a donkey in a dream, such as when the animal starts behaving in a stubborn way, is widely interpreted as a vision foretelling hardships and troubles in the upcoming future, most likely related to your work. Perhaps, your superiors may have entrusted you with a certain task or project that was later compromised by the faulty approaches or lack of competency on your or your colleagues' part. As a result, your superiors may have come to be displeased by what they thought to be your underperformance or general attitude.

Killing a donkey

The troubling dream in which you envision yourself killing a donkey for whatever reason, such as to end the animal’s misery when it becomes too old and weak to carry out its work, is considered to be quite an ominous sign. It foretells that you could find yourself unable to escape the abusive and rude attitude from your bosses towards you even after such drastic steps as switching careers or moving to another town. It is possible that you would have to resort to the assistance and protection of a third party in order to finally resolve this issue.

A donkey dropping a heavy load

A dream vision featuring an exhausted donkey becoming unable to carry his heavy load any longer and thus dropping it to the ground is considered to be an unfavorable omen. It predicts that in the upcoming future you could find yourself being dragged into a delicate and dangerous situation resulting from your previous dishonesty and scheming or even some unlawful deeds you have decided to commit in order to outrun your rivals and outwit your competitors. The eventual outcome of this situation is impossible to foresee, but in the worst case scenario, it has a good chance of reducing your recent victories to naught.

A donkey unable to carry a load

If you happen to see a dream in which a donkey forsakes its load either because it is unbearably heavy or the animal itself has gradually grown exhausted, be aware that this vision could be warning you that a close friend, family member or some other person who is dear to your heart could be in extreme need of your aid and support at the moment. Although it is impossible to be more precise in terms of who this individual is or what circumstances had caused his or her trouble, it is likely that you could significantly alleviate the situation in question. An alternative interpretation of the described dream suggests to restrain yourself from demanding your debtors to repay their debt, as this could result in some highly unpleasant consequences if you choose to rush the matter.

Taking a load off a donkey

A dream in which you envision yourself liberating a donkey from its load is usually interpreted as a reflection of your inclination to evaluate and judge other people based on how they initially approach and start a duty or project and neglecting the eventual outcome of their undertakings. Such an attitude could be regularly causing you trouble at work, such as when you hire a seemingly enthusiastic person who turns to be laid-back and unreliable, and yet you avoid firing him due to the initial impression. The same scenario applies to situations when you find someone to help you with other routine duties like household tasks or personal errands.

A donkey as a pack animal

A dream in which you happen to see a donkey being used as a pack animal to carry some sort of load or baggage on its back is considered to be an omen foretelling you could be entrusted with a dull and bothersome task in the upcoming future. Although this project would most likely be an extremely rewarding one when finally completed, the efforts, emotions and time you would have to invest into its fulfillment would be borderline gargantuan and utterly exhausting. It is recommended to carefully weigh all the pros and cons before accepting this burden.

Falling from a donkey

Dreaming of yourself riding a donkey and eventually falling from it to the ground is often interpreted as a troubling sign of approaching hardships and challenges. Most likely, they would be related to a certain project or task you had been working on recently, and result in yourself having an exceptionally hard time finishing everything within the time and scope originally planned. Such a dream should be considered to be a friendly warning to stay alert and step aside once things start getting chaotic or clearly spiraling out of control. When the turmoil subsides, you could return to the fulfillment of said projects and would be much more likely to achieve success in these aspirations.

A donkey sitting in a human pose

The peculiar dream featuring a donkey sitting in a position resembling one a human would assume is interpreted as a harbinger of bothersome and exhausting projects or duties you may have to deal with in the upcoming future. Most likely, these tasks would require significant efforts and energy on your part and take a lot of time to be successfully finished. A minor alternative to this interpretation affirms that the described dream foretells an upcoming increase in your usual workload without the addition of any duties that would be fundamentally new for you.

A donkey eating food off a table

A dream that contains the image of a donkey eating food off of the kitchen table may reveal that your current job or field of work is not what you were meant to be. To keep slugging away at a job that has no future or pretend you are someone you are not could kill your spirit, cause depression and leave you feeling uninspired and dissatisfied with life as you know it. This vision signals that now is the time to look for something more in line with your true goals and ambitions.

A lame donkey

A donkey that seems to have trouble walking or a gimp leg is closely tied to the idea of upcoming travel woes. If you have a vacation or business trip planned in the near future, you may have difficulties keeping your schedule, making your flights or getting things done during the course of your excursion. This effect may be amplified the longer you plan to be away from home.

A donkey killing a wolf

The image of a donkey killing a wolf during a dream vision, especially if it kicked its powerful legs to do so, is often interpreted as a negative symbol. It warns you to avoid paths or tasks where you would be out of your depth, unprepared or inexperienced enough to handle the work and situations presented to you. Ignoring this warning may result in grievous accident or terrible disappointment. This applies to small acts of deception, such as lying on a resume, or volunteering for a project you are not quite ready to handle yet.

A donkey falling into a swamp

The image of a donkey stumbling and falling into a murky swamp may reflect your submissive or gullible nature. You lack of initiative, drive or ambition may cause you to falter and give up where others easily overcome and succeed. You may even feel overwhelmed or frustrated by these small inconveniences. You should focus on improving your endurance and willpower so that you can find success in future endeavors.

A donkey as a toy

Seeing a child's toy or stuffed animal that resembles a donkey may be a sign that someone in your social group has been taking advantage of everyone else's good will and patience. This individual could be making rude comments and observations or making life difficult for other members of the group. Your continued association with this ornery man or woman may cause others to distance themselves from both of you because they find you guilty by association. While you may have no difficulty discovering who the party at fault is, breaking your connection with them may prove more difficult.

Donkey's ears

Envisioning a donkey and focusing on the movement of its ears may reveal that there are embarrassing rumors or vicious gossip going around about you. In particular, this vision may point toward close friends or family members discussing you behind your back. Another interpretation on this same image may reflect your tendency to do the same to others, sharing private information that is unflattering or purposely revealing secrets with the intention of hurting someone.

A black donkey

Seeing a donkey that appears to be black is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the dream world. It is associated with material gain and profit, meaning you would be financially secure in the future. This may be achieved through your own efforts and success or through some random, auspicious set of circumstances that bless you with wealth and fortune. You would likely be relieved and pleased with this outcome, using the extra money to gain new experiences and live out your greatest dreams.

Many donkeys

The presence of a group of donkeys in the realm of dreams is often interpreted as a positive symbol. It is associated with a simple, pleasant lifestyle that is full of contentment and satisfaction. This situation would allow you to let go of the worries and doubts that have plagued your mind until this point. You would find a deep, abounding happiness that would last for many years to come.

Riding a donkey backwards

Facing the back of a donkey while riding upon it is often interpreted as a positive symbol, especially in regards to business or your career. It is often thought to predict upcoming promotions within your company or a lucrative deal or offer that would earn you the admiration and praise of co-workers and higher-ups alike. Your success on projects and current responsibilities would make your boss feel comfortable giving you more important and serious tasks.

A female donkey

Dreaming about a jennet or a donkey that you perceive to be female in nature may reveal some latent fears or anxieties you hold in reality. The presence of a female donkey in the dream world could be a subconscious message that threats are lurking in your reality, setting off for fight or flight instincts. Further insight can be gained by analysing your relationship with this symbol in the vision itself. For example, riding a female donkey is more likely to indicate some great tragedy striking your family or close friends, such as death or semi-permanent estrangement. Kicking a jennet carries a slightly different connotation, indicating that others would judge your life choices or shun you, possibly leading to a change in career or living situation. Not all dreams associated with female donkeys are bad though. Watching a female donkey carry a heavy load is often thought to predict financial success and loving adoration.

A miniature donkey

Donkeys commonly represent a person's stubbornness and unyielding character. It could also symbolize one's endurance to any hardships in life. Yet, a specific dream of a small donkey, whether you are riding or just looking at it, points to your tendency to judge people based on their appearance and cultural differences. You have a penchant for being biased and think everyone outside your culture needs to improve some aspects of their personality.

Donkey attacking

An animal represented by a donkey attacking you in a dream represents the great force or energy that would be required to make things happen in wake life. You may have to exert more energy or pressure than usual, using stricter actions to get those around you to cooperate and support you in your goals. For example, during this period, it may be more difficult to get your spouse, children or flat mates to do their share of the cleaning, requiring you to nag at them until they give in and do what you ask.

Baby donkey

According to biblical dream workers, the image of a baby donkey or foal represents being able to grow into a specific role. While you may not know what that special something in your life would be, you should be assured that you are learning what you need to fulfill your purpose on this Earth, just like the donkey that carried the Holy Mother into Bethlehem.